2023040017: Hub & Brake Assembly Replacement on Brinkley Model Z 5th Wheels

This document refers to Brinkley Model Z Series 5th Wheels and the requirement to remove and replace the  hub and brake assemblies with new. 

NOTE: It is important that ALL NEW parts are ordered using KIT PN 2023040017. Utilize ALL NEW 
parts. Do NOT reuse the old parts, even if the old parts do not appear to be compromised.

We suspect that some hub and brake assemblies used on the Curt axles installed on Brinkley’s Model Z 5th  Wheels may have been damaged in the production and/or inspection process at Lippert. As a result, Lippert  has elected to replace all hub and brake assemblies on certain units. This will affect dealer inventory as well  as retail owned vehicles. See the specific affected VIN’s in the table below. 

Below you will find work instructions, parts ordering information and details to file a claim for reimbursement. Within the next couple of days, Lippert representatives may call your dealership to help facilitate parts ordering. Communication will be provided to retail customers and we ask that you provide priority scheduling to perform the TSB. Lippert has a field service team who may be able to help you, should you need it. 

Lastly, as part of the investigative process, we ask that you return the hub and brake assemblies back to Lippert tagged with the last 6 of the VIN. 

NOTE: After completing the hub and brake replacement it is important that the customer perform the burnishing process in order to properly seat the new brake assemblies and achieve optimal brake performance. See the last page of this document for full burnishing instructions. For convenience, we have also placed a link to our instructional video here: Proper Way to Burnish your Trailer Brakes

Axle Information

Top level Curt axle variant 2022325350

PART TO ORDER: PN 2023040017


Send parts orders with Brinkley VIN included to: 
BrinkleyModelZTSB@lci1.com or log into the Dealer Portal at lci1.com (instructions on Page 2).

One kit (PN 2023040017) is required to perform 
the TSB. Individual part numbers are included under 
resources required on Page 3 for identification purposes.

Labor Rate

2.5 hours per axle

VIN Information

Units with VIN ending in 000559 and higher are not affected by this TSB.

Affected Vehicle Identification Numbers (ending with)

000004 - 000512
000516 - 000518
000521 - 000526
000528 - 000535
000539 - 000540
000542 - 000543
000545 - 000547
000551 - 000555
000557 - 000558

Dealer Portal for Parts Ordering

1. Log into the Dealer Portal at lci1.com. 
2. Search for Part Number 2023040017 and choose Brinkley Model Z 45B-001-2023 TSB.
3. Enter affected VIN and click Add to Cart. 

NOTE: The kit will be shipped free with the appropriate VIN number entered.


All completed work orders with requests for reimbursement, including any freight expenses, should be 
emailed to dealerclaims@lci1.com .

Required information for immediate reimbursement processing includes:

Full 17 digit VIN, Retail Name 
if retail sold, Dealer name, address, phone number, dealer hourly labor rate and a work order detailing the 
work performed and labor time.

NOTE: Dealership or repair facility forms are accepted or CS-028 Lippert Warranty Claim Form can be used 
to request reimbursement. 
CS-028 can be found at: https://lci-support-doc.s3.amazonaws.com/forms/ccd-0004000.pdf

Claims submitted with all requested information are issued payment within 30 days.

Shipping Address for Parts Return

Lippert Warranty
Attn: Warranty Lab
2020 Blakesley Parkway
Bristol IN 46507