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30" Double Tread Lite® Power Step w/switch, harness

30" Double Tread Lite® Power Step w/switch, harness

Upgrade to the lightweight Tread Lite Power Step with upgraded mechanics!

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The lightweight Tread Lite Power Step's Newly upgraded mechanics allow it to automatically extend and retract faster and provide more stability than other power steps on the market. The tread Lite Power Step also features obstruction-sensing technology for added safety.


  • 8.5" step rise and tread depth
  • LED lighting improves visibility at night
  • Anti-slip coated step surface for sure footing
  • Anodized step links available in various colors
  • 13 pounds lighter on average than the competition
  • Rigorously tested to provide more efficient operation
  • Step automatically retracts when vehicle ignition is triggered
  • Hold cycle switch allows step to remain extended at campsite
  • Safety shut-off diagnostics sense obstruction, preventing damage
  • Anodized aluminum links and step treads hold up better against the elements
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Lippert Components®
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