Crosswing 20K Lightweight 5th Wheel HitchCrosswing 20K Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch

CrossWing™ 20K Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch

The CURT CrossWing 5th wheel hitch gives you the best of both worlds by packing extraordinary strength into one lightweight hitch.

With the main body weighing as little as 60 pounds, it is 65% lighter than most traditional 5th wheel hitches while still offering a 20,000-lb. weight capacity. To add to its superior strength and integrity, it is made with high-grade steel instead of aluminum to ensure uncompromising durability.

Perhaps its most unique feature is the CrossWing’s intuitive coupling mechanism. The coupler has a visible contact surface, meaning it eliminates the guesswork that similar hitches require when backing up to the trailer.

CURT CrossWing 20K Lightweight 5th Wheel HitchCURT CrossWing 20K Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch

Hooking Up Has Never Been This Easy!


Comparing the CURT CrossWing Lightweight 5th Wheel HitchComparing the CURT CrossWing Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch

The visible striking surface makes it easy to back up to the trailer and perfectly line up the hitch without multiple attempts.


The Competitor's Lightweight 5th Wheel HitchThe Competitor's Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch

Other lightweight 5th wheels have a hidden striking surface that creates guesswork and hassle in the coupling process.

Experience the CCrossWing Difference

CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch Tested for 20KCrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch Tested for 20K

Tested for 20K

Unlike other light-duty 5th wheels, CrossWing is built with steel versus aluminum, allowing it to provide a 20K rating, tested to SAE J2638 specifications.

CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch 65% LighterCrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch 65% Lighter

65% Lighter

Even with its robust 20,000-pound rating, CrossWing is still much lighter weight than traditional 5th wheel hitches, with the main body weighing as little as 60 pounds.

CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch Larger Coupling SurfaceCrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch Larger Coupling Surface

Larger Coupling Surface

The king pin attachment and hitch funnel design provide a larger coupling surface for easier, stress-free hookup of the 5th wheel trailer.

Features & Benefits of the CURT CrossWing Hitch

Diagram of CrossWing 20K Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch FeaturesDiagram of CrossWing 20K Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch Features

Crosswing Installation Options

For 5th Wheel Rails

If your pickup truck is equipped with industry-standard 5th wheel rails, we offer the CrossWing with industry-standard mounting points. This hitch quickly and easily drops into the rails and can be secured with the included pins.

CURT CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch for 5th Wheel RailsCURT CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch for 5th Wheel Rails

For Gooseneck Hitches

If your truck is equipped with a gooseneck hitch, the single-point CrossWing hitch is ideal. It securely mounts over the top of virtually any standard 2-5/16” gooseneck ball and allows convenient coupling to your 5th wheel trailer kingpin.

ShockDrop Rubber Isolator on CrossWing 5th Wheel HitchShockDrop Rubber Isolator on CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitch

Did You Know CrossWing is Shock-Absorbing?

The CURT CrossWing lightweight 5th wheel hitch is equipped with patent-pending ShockDrop technology. This integrated tech uses a cushioned isolator to provide a smoother towing experience by reducing jerking and jarring.

The structure also allows fore, aft and lateral head articulation, so you can be comfortable and confident in your ride no matter what type of rugged roads you encounter.

ShockDrop Rubber Isolator Vibration Reduction ChartShockDrop Rubber Isolator Vibration Reduction Chart

Featured CrossWing Accessories

CrossWing FAQs

1. Is it Compatible with Sidewinder* pin boxes?

The CURT CrossWing hitch for industry-standard rails is currently compatible with the old-style Sidewinder (rotates at chassis mounting point) and Turning Point pin boxes. We are currently developing a solution for the new-style Sidewinder.
*Sidewinder is a trademark of Horizon Global

2. How does the offset compare to a roller system?

The CrossWing for industry-standard rails has 5” of offset, and the single-point version has nearly 8.5” of offset from the gooseneck ball. Most roller systems adjust for 12” of added clearance.

3. Will this work with a puck system?

If you have a puck system, the CrossWing for industry-standard rails can fit into the CURT puck system adapter rails #16027. The single-point CrossWing version can attach to a gooseneck ball.

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