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Flow Max™ RV Plumbing Products

Keep the fresh water flowing wherever your adventures take you. Flow Max RV plumbing products, like the fresh water pump, kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets, provide premium water solutions to your rig when you need it most. Additionally, the Flow Max RV toilet offers a comfortable, clean and sustainable bathroom solution that campers love. With a name like Flow Max, you can have peace of mind knowing your fresh water appliances and plumbing needs are taken care of.


Ready to Refresh Your Outdoor Adventure?


Popular Flow Max Products

RV Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets

Flow Max RV faucets by Lippert allow you to reimagine and refresh the kitchen or bathroom in your rig. Each Flow Max faucet in our lineup is made from durable, 304-grade stainless steel that was built to last, year after year.

Flow Max RV Kitchen Faucets

Our coiled and pull-down kitchen faucets are designed to give you versatility with a flexible, pull-down head. The head comes complete with a toggle that allows for an effortless transition between spray and stream modes. Designed for single-handle operation, our square and curved gooseneck RV faucets come with an arched gooseneck design that helps to maximize the vertical space in your kitchen sink.

Flow Max RV Bathroom Faucets

The Waterfall bathroom faucet provides an easy, single handle operation with a stylish, open head that will add a touch of modern to any bathroom sink. The Luminary lavatory faucet features a low-profile design with single handle operation. For each RV bathroom faucet in our collection, we offer a matching color in kitchen faucet configurations, so you can have a consistent look throughout your RV.

RV Faucet Replacement Cartridges

We make it easy for you to repair and maintain your kitchen and bathroom faucets with our replacement cartridge valves! These easy-to-install valves are available in two styles, A or B, for compatibility with all our faucet selections.

Flow Max RV Toilet

The Flow Max RV toilet has everything you want from a residential toilet, in a design specifically built for your home on wheels. The deep bowl's 100% ceramic construction ensures a better look and feel than plastic camper toilets, while making it durable for years to come. The residential seat size, easy-close seat and lid and standard seat height make this RV camper toilet comfortable, convenient and just right for the whole family.

The Flow Max camper toilet also features a foot pedal to activate the bowl’s powerful flush. The fully enclosed rim prevents spills to keep water and waste in the bowl where they belong. The toilet uses less water than other models – just one pint per flush – making it an ideal option for campers who are concerned with sustainability.

Flow Max RV Toilet Features

      • 100% white ceramic elongated bowl
      • Standard profile and full-size residential seat for user comfort
      • Convenient, easy-close plastic seat and lid
      • Fully enclosed rim design prevents spills
      • Powerful and efficient flush with full bowl coverage
      • Intuitive foot pedal flush
      • Easy-to-maintain gravity flush system
      • Easy to install

Flow Max Water Pump for RVs

With the Flow Max RV water pump, you can get fresh water when you need it. Lippert’s water pump delivers a steady flow of water to your RV and offers superior pressure performance, outdoing the competition at an average of 50 PSI and over three gallons per minute. This is especially important on larger RVs that have extended plumbing running between the source point and the pump.

Available in 12V or 115V configurations, the Flow Max fresh water RV pump features a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant motor and a quiet, disturbance-free operation. We also offer a replacement screen filter and connector kit to keep your Lippert Flow Max water pump operating at optimal conditions.

Flow Max Water Pump Features

      • Available in 12V or 115V configurations
      • Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 by CSA
      • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant motor
      • Self-priming
      • Quiet operation
      • Pump can run dry without incurring damage
      • 2-year limited warranty

What Our Customers Say About the Flow Max Water Pump


Kenton D. | Verified Buyer | 5-Star Rating

“Same footprint as old pump, fittings screwed right on. 2 wire connections & it's ready to go!”

See how the Flow Max water pump stacks up to the competition in the charts below. It’s a better fresh water system when it comes to average gallons per minute, average leading pressure and freeze/thaw cycles.

Flow max water pump chartFlow max water pump chart

*Compared to SHURflo® Revolution™ 4008 Fresh Water Pump

Independently tested by Progressive Engineering, Inc, Goshen, Indiana USA.

Performance Test Results

See the Flow Max Water Pump in Action

The process of choosing a fresh water RV pump is easy! Watch our informational video about the Flow Max water pump, and find out why it's the fresh water system your RV needs.

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