Furrion Outdoor TV Outside Patio EntertainmentFurrion Outdoor TV Outside Patio Entertainment

Experience the Difference with a Furrion Outdoor TV

Whether you throw the most legendary football watch parties on the block, or simply enjoy watching the morning news poolside, the Furrion outdoor TV provides an enhanced viewing experience for premium outdoor entertainment.

Choose from a variety of options to find the right weatherproof outdoor TV for your unique setting – everything from full-sun to full-shade, smart or standard and a range of sizes. Each Furrion outdoor TV has an IP54-waterproof rating and ultra-high-definition picture.

Ready for ultimate outdoor entertainment?

What Our Customers Say About Furrion TVs

Smoknchip  | Verified Buyer | 5 star rating

S verified buyer 5 star ratingS verified buyer 5 star rating

The product fulfilled its promise as a partial sun tv where I had no problems seeing images and no glare in partial sun environment … At almost 1/2 price of competitors I think it's worth a look from consumers.

Linda D.  | Verified Buyer | 5 star rating

L verified buyer 5 star ratingL verified buyer 5 star rating

Very happy with this outdoor TV. Priced very fairly and we are enjoying watching our favorite programs from the swimming pool!

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Benefits of Furrion Aurora Outdoor TVs

Weatherproof television in Weather Shielded Tempered Glass ImageWeatherproof television in Weather Shielded Tempered Glass Image

XtremeShield™ Screen

Our partial-sun and full-sun TVs both feature our XtremeShield tempered glass to provide outdoor-grade protection for the screen. The glass is IK08-rated to withstand impacts and avoid scratches from debris, stray balls, pests, hail and variety of other threats in the outside setting.

Weatherproof Outdoor TV Patio Furrion SetupWeatherproof Outdoor TV Patio Furrion Setup

Weatherproof Design

Furrion TVs are built to provide a better outdoor entertainment experience, rain or shine and year-round. Each has an IP54-waterproof rating to withstand precipitation, UV rays, snow, dirt, dust, insects and humidity, as well as extreme operating temperatures from -24°F to 122°F.

Vivid Bright Outdoor TV GazeboVivid Bright Outdoor TV Gazebo

Vivid Picture

Each Furrion outdoor TV is calibrated for a specific setting – whether you need full-shade or full-sun exposure – to provide a rich viewing experience with vivid colors and deep contrast. Our TVs are anti-glare and HDR10 with ultra-high-definition picture.

Smart TV Streaming Apps ParadiseSmart TV Streaming Apps Paradise


Watch smarter with our collection of outdoor smart TVs. These models have integrated smart capabilities, promoting a strong WiFi connection without the need for additional streaming devices. Effortlessly stream your favorite apps, movies and shows while enjoying the outdoors.

3 Options to Fit Your Setting

Full Shade Outdoor TV Furrion AuroraFull Shade Outdoor TV Furrion Aurora

1. Full-Shade TVs

Our full-shade outdoor televisions are ideal for areas that are completely sheltered from direct sunlight, such as a covered gazebo or patio. These TVs have an IP54 waterproof rating and are available in standard or smart options in various sizes.

Partial Sun Outdoor TV Furrion AuroraPartial Sun Outdoor TV Furrion Aurora

2. Partial-Sun TVs

These anti-glare, waterproof TVs offer a bright picture and feature XtremeShield tempered glass for impact and scratch protection. They’re ideal for areas with some shade and sun exposure, such as a patio, deck or even a yard. Choose from standard or smart.

Full Sun Outdoor TV Furrion AuroraFull Sun Outdoor TV Furrion Aurora

3. Sun TVs

These smart outdoor TVs are engineered for maximum weather exposure while still providing a crystal-clear picture and comfortable viewing experience. They also feature XtremeShield glass for impact protection.

Setting up Your Furrion Outdoor TV

Installing and setting up your outdoor TV from Furrion is a breeze and need not be intimidating. It starts with the unboxing.

This helpful video shows just how easy it is to get your Furrion TV set up, step by step, from start to finish. We’ll cover what’s included in the box with your new TV, how to properly connect the various wires and how to get your TV turned on and ready to watch.

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Furrion Aurora Landscape SpeakersFurrion Aurora Landscape Speakers

Furrion Aurora Landscape Speaker Systems

High-performance audio for enhanced outdoor entertainment just got better. Furrion Aurora 4.1 landscape speaker systems deliver balanced sound quality for outdoor spaces with four satellite speakers and a multi-mount subwoofer designed to be connected to any 2-channel receiver or amplifier.

Connecting the Aurora Outdoor Soundbar