CURT PowerRide 5th Wheel Hitch Truck Bed 30KCURT PowerRide 5th Wheel Hitch Truck Bed 30K

Meet the CURT PowerRide 30K 5th Wheel Hitch

The CURT PowerRide 30K 5th wheel hitch offers exceptional towing capacity while being easy to install and operate. It was uniquely engineered to be the best of both worlds.

While other 30K 5th wheels can be clunky, awkward and downright ugly, PowerRide is intuitive, ergonomic and agile. Plus, its 30,000-lb. rating is fully tested to SAE J2638 specs for safety, providing you with one of the most dependable 5th wheel hitches available.

Ready for professional towing power?

CURT PowerRide 16594 Ford Puck System LegsCURT PowerRide 16594 Ford Puck System Legs
Award Winning CURT PowerRide Hitch RV ProAward Winning CURT PowerRide Hitch RV Pro

Need a Professional-Grade 5th Wheel Solution?

Very few 5th wheel hitches on the market today are rated for 30,000 lbs., and those that are can be difficult to install and a hassle to operate in your day-to-day work or play.

When you demand the highest in towing power, you need a hitch that’s tested and rated to handle the workload. But why can’t a high-capacity 5th wheel hitch be as easy and ergonomic to operate as its lightweight counterparts?

Feel the Power

Superior Performance from PowerRide

Curt PowerRide 5th Wheel FeaturesCurt PowerRide 5th Wheel Features

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Streamlined 5th Wheel Installation

CURT PowerRide 5th-Wheel Puck Mount HandlesCURT PowerRide 5th-Wheel Puck Mount Handles

No Welding or Fab

Unlike competitor options that require tedious welding and fabricating for installation, PowerRide conveniently mounts into most factory puck systems or industry-standard rails (40K rails #16205 recommended). This also provides the option for removal and relocation of the hitch as needed.

PowerRide Head RemovalPowerRide Head Removal

One-Pin Head Removal

To make moving the PowerRide faster and easier, the head attaches to the body using a single, solid pin. Once the pin is removed, the hitch easily breaks down into two smaller, lighter pieces. PowerRide also has strategic grip points for easy carrying.

CURT Multi-Height Head PowerRide 5th WheelCURT Multi-Height Head PowerRide 5th Wheel

4" Height Adjustment

PowerRide is highly adjustable to fully accommodate your unique truck bed. It offers 4” of height adjustment, making it much more versatile than 3” options. This allows for clearance of the truck bed wall, bed rails and other potential obstructions.

Tested PowerRide 3000 Pound 5th WheelTested PowerRide 3000 Pound 5th Wheel

Stringly Tested to SAE J2638

A 5th wheel hitch is nothing without the proper strength to back it up. That is why PowerRide is stringently tested to SAE J2638 specifications for safety. We test to rigorous protocols so that you can hitch up and tow with confidence, wherever the job takes you.

PowerRide is tested and rated for 30,000 lbs. gross trailer weight and 7,500 lbs. vertical load.

Compatible with CURT 40K Base Rails

A 30K 5th wheel hitch requires a solid foundation and none is more solid than CURT 40K base rails #16205.

These industry-first rails are tested and rated for up to 40,000 lbs. gross trailer weight. They are constructed from 80,000-PSI alloy steel for superior strength, and they feature industry-standard mounting points to accept most 5th wheel hitches, including standard PowerRide legs.

PowerRide Installed on 40K RailsPowerRide Installed on 40K Rails

Intuitive PowerRide Operation

Ergonomic, Self-Resetting Handle

The PowerRide 30K 5th wheel makes coupling easier by eliminating an extra step from the process. The ergonomic handle self-resets to the ready-to-couple position after uncoupling, meaning you can hitch up to your trailer again without getting out of the truck cab.

PowerRide Coupling IndicatorPowerRide Coupling Indicator

Three-Position Coupling Indicator

PowerRide is equipped with an integrated, color-coded coupling indicator that clearly shows the coupling status. It makes it easier to know if the connection is ready to couple, uncouple, or if it’s ready to tow.

Adjustable Head Tilt CURT PowerRide InstallAdjustable Head Tilt CURT PowerRide Install

Multi-Directional, Cast Yoke Head

For a smooth ride while towing the largest of 5th wheel trailers, PowerRide features a high-strength, cast yoke to allow the head to tilt in multiple directions. This enables the connection to adapt to bumps and variations in the road while maintaining excellent stability.

PowerRide Fifth Wheel Wear PlatesPowerRide Fifth Wheel Wear Plates

Integrated Wear Plates

PowerRide is equipped with an integrated, color-coded coupling indicator that clearly shows the coupling status. It makes it easier to know if the connection is ready to couple, uncouple, or if it’s ready to tow.

Crosswing Lightweight 5th Wheel BannerCrosswing Lightweight 5th Wheel Banner

CURT PowerRide FAQs

Are the wear plates replaceable?

Yes, the wear plates on top of the PowerRide hitch head can be replaced as needed with part #19269.

Can PowerRide be mounted onto my existing 5th wheel rails?

To support the 30K rating of PowerRide, we recommend installing CURT 40K base rails #16205. They have industry-standard mounting points and are compatible with the existing under-bed brackets.

Will PowerRide increase my towing capacity?

Towing capacity is always limited to the lowest-rated component, whether that’s your truck, trailer, hitch or something else. PowerRide is rated for 30,000 lbs. GTW, but that doesn’t mean your truck is necessarily rated for the same.

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