Meet the CURT Rebellion™ XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch

For too long, towing a trailer has been associated with jerking, jarring, metal-on-metal contact with the vehicle. It’s an indisputable fact, right? Not anymore! The CURT Rebellion XD adjustable cushion hitch ball mount was designed to change that thinking.

Rebellion XD is a revolutionary cushion hitch solution that flies in the face of uncomfortable, uncertain trailering. In fact, this unique ball mount is all about comfort, control and confidence. At its heart is ShockDrop™ technology, a cushioned isolator system that adsorbs chucking, vibrations, stress and noise at the coupling point, resulting in more driver control, increased passenger comfort and extended vehicle longevity.

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Experience the Difference with ShockDrop™ Technology

The CURT Rebellion XD is built with a clean, effective, no-maintenance solution called ShockDrop. The ShockDrop mechanism consists of a polyurethane isolator, tested to thousands of cycles, that dynamically adapts and combats jerking and jarring from the trailer.

Unlike other cushion hitch options, ShockDrop is simple and virtually maintenance-free. There are no airbags to service, no complicated components to worry about and no bearings. The design is simple, intuitive and extremely effective.

ShockDrop offers a host of benefits for your vehicle-trailer setup, including dampening of jerks and jarring from bumps and potholes, reduced rattling and vibrations, improved trailer control when sudden braking is required, and less stress on the tow vehicle’s suspension and brakes.

ShockDrop Technology in Action

Features & Benefits of the Rebellion XD

3 Reasons to Upgrade to Rebellion XD

1. Improved Comfort

When you tow with the Rebellion XD cushion ball mount, you can feel the difference! Instead of constant chucking, vibrations and jerking from the trailer connection, Rebellion absorbs that interference, giving you and any passengers a quieter and more comfortable journey.

2. Greater Control

Rebellion XD gives you back control while towing heavy loads by dynamically reacting to the abrupt movements of the trailer. The cushion hitch connection minimizes stress on your vehicle’s systems, such as the suspension and brakes, and it promotes better control over your trailer during sudden braking.

3. Virtually No Maintenance

Unlike other shock hitches and torsion hitch options, Rebellion XD is virtually maintenance-free. Rather than using an airbag that’s subject to puncture, or intricate components that are prone to wear and failure, Rebellion XD has a simple design. Plus, it features a single grease zerk underneath the shank to provide consistent lubrication as needed.

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More Benefits of Rebellion XD

Flexible Height Adjustment

The Rebellion XD is an adjustable hitch, meaning it is designed to adapt to different trailer heights to ensure level towing. Whether you drive a stock SUV or a lifted pickup truck, you can adjust the hitch height to accommodate the trailer coupler. This also means you only need one hitch for all of your trailers, saving you extra costs and storage requirements.

Rebellion XD Height Adjustable with Tongue LockRebellion XD Height Adjustable with Tongue Lock

High-Strength Cast Steel

To provide the necessary towing strength to keep up with big jobs and big adventures, the Rebellion XD is constructed from cast steel. This allows the hitch to not only pass SAE J684 specifications but also our own rigorous in-house fatigue testing. Rebellion XD is available in various weight capacities, ranging as high as 20,000 pounds gross trailer weight.

Premium Powder Coat

This hitch is not just strong, it is also built to last and is crafted to be a professional-grade towing accessory. It is covered in a dark grey teridium powder coat finish that protects against the elements and provides a premium look on your vehicle. The hitch itself features sleek lines and intentional angles to be a premium-looking piece, instead of an unsightly add-on at the back of your vehicle.

Hassle-Free Fit

The CURT Rebellion XD hitch is engineered to integrate with your existing towing system. It is made with a standard shank size – choose from 2” or 2-1/2” – and it is equipped with standard trailer ball sizes, including 2” and 2-5/16”. This allows it to be installed into your existing receiver with ease and to fit most trailer couplers.

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How to Install Rebellion XD

The simple, intuitive design of the Rebellion XD makes this adjustable hitch extremely easy to install and adjust as needed. Following the steps below, you can quickly and easily set up your hitch for virtually any vehicle-trailer combination.

Step 1: Insert the Shank into the Receiver

Begin by installing the horizontal shank of the Rebellion XD assembly into the trailer hitch receiver at the back of your vehicle. Secure it in the receiver with a hitch pin and clip or anti-rattle pin (not included).

Step 2: Find the Required Ball Height

First, use the trailer jack to make sure your trailer is level. Then, find the proper ball height for your Rebellion XD by measuring from the bottom of the trailer tongue to the ground. Next, find the hole closest to that measurement on the adjustable shank. The trailer ball platform will be centered on that hole.

Step 3: Attach the Dual Ball

Based on the determined ball height, position the dual ball onto the vertical shank and line up the holes. Insert the pins, starting with the top pin first, and then secure each pin with the included clip.

Rebellion XD FAQs

1. Does the Rebellion XD need regular maintenance?

Rebellion XD is engineered to be virtually maintenance-free. The design is deliberately simple to reduce the tendency for excessive wear and the need for complicated repairs. Each hitch is equipped with an easy-access grease zerk for lubrication of the shock-absorber mechanism.

2. Can the Rebellion XD adjustable shank be flipped for rise?

No, the vertical shank cannot be flipped over to provide additional rise. It is designed only for the drop position.

3. Does Rebellion XD have an airbag?

No, Rebellion XD does not have airbags. Instead it is equipped with an integrated, flexible, polyurethane isolator. The design is engineered to last longer, require far less maintenance and maintain a high level of effectiveness.

4. Does Rebellion XD come with any other attachments?

The Rebellion XD is available as a complete kit with the dual ball attachment. Additional attachments are also available, including a pintle mount and a plain tongue.

5. Is the Rebellion XD difficult to install?

The Rebellion XD is as easy to install as any adjustable ball mount. The shank simply inserts into the trailer hitch receiver, and the tongue attachment can then be mounted, inserting the top pin first, followed by the bottom pin. Pressing down on the tongue while installing the bottom pin will ease the process.

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