CURT RockerBall Cushion Hitch BallCURT RockerBall Cushion Hitch Ball

Meet the CURT RockerBall™ Cushion Hitch Ball

The CURT RockerBall is a first-of-its-kind trailer ball with built-in shock-absorption. Equipped with ShockDrop™ technology by CURT, this innovative trailer ball allows you to take your existing, traditional ball mount and turn it into a cushion hitch. It dynamically reacts to jerking, jarring and vibrations for more comfortable, controlled towing.

RockerBall is engineered to easily retrofit onto most class 3 ball mounts, and it is available in a complete kit with a ball mount included. Also, look out for our RockerBall for gooseneck hitches!

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What is ShockDrop™ Technology?

ShockDrop technology is a cleaner, simpler, more effective approach to the cushion hitch solution. Instead of the traditional methods of using an airbag or complicated bearings, at its core, ShockDrop uses an integrated polyurethane isolator. This shock-absorber promotes a much smoother and more controlled towing experience versus a traditional metal-on-metal connection. The technology is much simpler than alternatives, resulting in less stress and a virtually maintenance-free system.

ShockDrop has been tested to rigorous standards and thousands upon thousands of cycles to ensure long-lasting fatigue resistance.

Features & Benefits of the CURT RockerBall

RockerBall Features and BenefitsRockerBall Features and Benefits

3 Reasons to Upgrade to RockerBall

Vibration Reduction with ShockDrop TechnologyVibration Reduction with ShockDrop Technology

Enhanced Comfort

Unlike a traditional metal-on-metal towing connection, RockerBall absorbs unevenness in the road to maximize comfort.

Improved Towing Comfort with RockerBallImproved Towing Comfort with RockerBall

Improved Control

The CURT RockerBall dynamically reacts to jarring, limiting its effects and giving you increased control on the road.

RockerBall Exploded ViewRockerBall Exploded View

Unmatched Confidence

Unlike a cushion hitch with an airbag or bearings, RockerBall is virtually maintenance-free and is tested for thousands of cycles.

RockerBall Reviews from Real Customers

RockerBall for Receiver Hitches

The original CURT RockerBall is engineered to easily retrofit onto most class 3 ball mounts, instantly turning your existing hitch into a cushion hitch. It is available in multiple ball sizes and capacities, and can also be purchased as a complete kit with a ball mount included.

RockerBall for Receiver HitchesRockerBall for Receiver Hitches

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Receiver-Style RockerBall FAQs

1. Does the RockerBall cushion hitch ball need regular maintenance?

RockerBall is engineered to be virtually maintenance-free. The design is deliberately simple to reduce the tendency for excessive wear and the need for complicated repairs. Each unit is equipped with an easy-access grease zerk on the bottom of the trailer ball stem for lubrication of the shock absorber mechanism.

2. Will the RockerBall fit my existing ball mount?

RockerBall is specifically designed to fit existing ball mounts, instantly turning them into a cushioned ball mount. The RockerBall fits most class 3 ball mounts.

3. Is RockerBall compatible with the CURT Rebellion XD ball mounts?

No, RockerBall cannot be installed on the Rebellion XD. It is intended for fixed, class 3 ball mounts only.

4. Does RockerBall have an airbag?

No, RockerBall does not have airbags. Instead it is equipped with an integrated, flexible, polyurethane isolator. The design is engineered to last longer, require far less maintenance and maintain a high level of effectiveness.

5. Is RockerBall difficult to install?

RockerBall is as easy to install as any traditional trailer ball. The shank inserts into the ball mount hole, and anti-swivel tab design on the base of the RockerBall needs to be aligned with the tongue. Then, the included nut can be torqued into place following the specifications noted in the manual.

CURT Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion HitchCURT Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch

RockerBall for Gooseneck Hitches

The RockerBall gooseneck trailer ball is a first-of-its-kind solution, allowing you to add shock-absorbing capabilities to your existing gooseneck hitch. We offer options to fit various gooseneck models, including those from CURT and B&W, as well as popular OEM puck systems.

The gooseneck RockerBall features a 30,000-lb. capacity and is stringently tested to SAE J2638 specifications for safety.

RockerBall for Gooseneck HitchesRockerBall for Gooseneck Hitches

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