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Furrion RV Air Conditioners

Furrion RV air conditioners are meticulously engineered for the mobile lifestyle. We combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge cooling technology to deliver a complete RV AC system that keeps up with your adventurous spirit every step of the way.

Compatible with a wide variety of travel trailers, 5th wheels, motorhomes and other campers, our RV air conditioning products are available in several different configurations, including single-zone or multi-zone, electronic control or manual, black or white. Also, be sure to explore the benefits of our HE rooftop units!

Ready to stay cool, calm and collected?

Retrofit Made Easy

It’s important to remember that Furrion air conditioning parts are designed for easy upgrading and integration with your existing RV system. Whether your current model is a Coleman™, Dometic™ or Advent™, you can easily replace components with Furrion parts.

Learn more about how to select the right system.

Parts of an RV AC System

Furrion RV air conditioning systems are comprised of four primary components. You’ll need all four to have a complete, working system that cools down your rig. You can purchase these components individually or in complete kits. You can also buy individual AC parts to supplement your existing system. 

Vibration Reduction with ShockDrop TechnologyVibration Reduction with ShockDrop Technology

Rooftop Unit

An RV rooftop AC unit is the primary module that works to cool down the air. It does this using a condenser, fans and other components powered by your RV’s electrical system. As the name suggests, this type of unit mounts on top of your RV roof, though other mounting options are also available.

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Air Distribution Box

An air distribution box, or ADB, serves as the conduit through which all of the freshly cooled air gets dispersed inside your RV. The ADB mounts on the ceiling and is connected to the rooftop RV AC unit through an opening in the roof. It also contains an air filter and can be purchased with various features, such as multiple fan speeds.

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The thermostat is the control panel or user interface that allows you to adjust settings and provides information about your AC system and temperatures inside your RV. It features a digital display, interactive buttons and a variety of features to choose from.

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An AC controller is essentially a computer that communicates with the other components in the system to control RV interior temperatures. It tells the rooftop unit and ADB how much or how little cool air is required to reach the desired temperature settings, based on input from the thermostat.

Types of RV AC Systems

Single-Zone vs. Multi-Zone

Furrion air conditioners are available in single-zone and multi-zone configurations. A single-zone AC system provides temperature control based on a single room or space within your RV. Normally, this space is the central living area. Cool air output will be increased or decreased, based on whatever the temperature of that room is.

Multi-zone AC systems control temperatures based on more than one room. This could be your primary living space as well as your RV master bedroom. Cool air will be distributed to both of those rooms, helping to reduce the possibility of hot or cold spots.

Furrion HE AC Thermostat DisplayFurrion HE AC Thermostat Display
Furrion AC Air Distribution Box VentFurrion AC Air Distribution Box Vent

Ducted vs. Ductless

Furrion also supports both ducted RV air conditioning systems and ductless. Ducted air conditioning means that the system uses an arrangement of ducts or channels to distribute cool air throughout the RV.

Ductless RV air conditioners simply distribute the cool air from a single entry point and rely on natural circulation to cool down the entire space. The advantage of a ductless system is that it is much simpler to install and easier to maintain.

How to Select the Right AC System for Your RV

Consider Your Existing Equipment

Before purchasing any air conditioning equipment, it’s important to take inventory of what your RV already has. In some cases, if you already have certain components, a complete kit may not be necessary. You may be able to install individual components, using a conversion kit.

Determine the Size Requirements of Your RV

You need to shop for an AC unit that can keep up with the size of your RV. The bigger the space, the more power you’ll need to keep it cool. Air conditioner cooling power is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units).

If you have a small-to-medium-size RV, a 13,500-BTU unit offers powerful cooling at less amperage. If you have a larger RV, consider upgrading to a 15,000-BTU unit. You can also install two rooftop RV air conditioner units to ensure proper cooling capacity.

Choose Single-Zone or Multi-Zone

If you have a smaller RV with only one main living space, a single-zone AC system is all you need. A single-zone system will use just a single controller to moderate the temperature and keep you comfortable.

However, if you have a larger RV with multiple rooms, especially if there is a separate bedroom or a particularly large bathroom, a multi-zone system will better serve your needs. A multi-zone system will cool each space individually, based on input to the thermostat.

Benefits of the Furrion Chill® HE Air Conditioner 

The Furrion Chill line of HE air conditioners provides high-efficiency cooling for your RV. The rooftop unit delivers more cooling power, using less energy, and it is compatible with a complete HE system that’s built for life on the road.

Vibration Reduction with ShockDrop TechnologyVibration Reduction with ShockDrop Technology

High Capacity & Efficiency

The Furrion Chill HE small RV roof air conditioner has dual fans to provide a 50% increase in cooling capacity and 40% more energy efficiency compared to single-fan designs.

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Quieter Operation

With two fans to circulate air more effectively, the HE unit is actually quieter overall, requiring less power and effort to produce greater results.

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Modern Aerodynamics

Like all Furrion RV accessories, the HE air conditioner is built for a modern look. The design not only adds a sleek accent to your RV roof, but it’s also aerodynamic for less wind resistance.

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Road Ready

The Chill HE is fully equipped with Furrion’s Vibrationsmart™ and Climatesmart™ technologies, protecting the internal components from road vibrations and outdoor temperature fluctuations.

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Furrion AC Support Documentation

Questions about your Furrion AC system? Access all of our manuals and support literature at! Please contact us if you need further support.

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