All about RV jacks and stabilizersAll about RV jacks and stabilizers

RV Jacks & Stabilizers

One of the common mistakes made by RV owners is confusing RV leveling jacks with stabilizing jacks, or stabilizers. Leveling RV jacks are specifically intended to level your RV from side to side or front to back. When used properly, they can handle the weight of your trailer and get it appropriately leveled based on the terrain where you’re parked.

RV stabilizer jacks should never be used for leveling a camper. They are made to merely support portions of your RV to absorb the shifting weight caused by movement inside your RV. When used correctly, stabilizers make a noticeable difference when owners are walking around inside their rigs, but they cannot eliminate all movement.

Using stabilizers as leveling jacks can cause damage to your jacks and your RV! Make sure you know the difference between them before purchasing.


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Types of RV Jacks

Electric Tongue Jack Options

Electric tongue jack on RVElectric tongue jack on RV

Power Tongue Jack

The Power tongue jack lets you take a break from manually lowering and raising your A-frame trailer. Engineered with 30 amps of power, this electric jack is fully equipped with four LED lights that light up your coupler for nighttime operation, quiet and efficient helical-cut gears, a textured casing for protection against damage, a 3,500 lb. lift capacity and a powder coated finish.


Bobbie E. | Verified Buyer | 5 Star Rating

“Arrived on time, and packaged properly. Instructions were simple and installed within 30 minutes. Operates perfectly. I am well pleased.”

Lippert smart jack on RV a-frameLippert smart jack on RV a-frame

Smart Jack™

Our Smart Jack lets you lift and lower your A-frame with just the push of a button. This trailer jack combines all the great features of our Power tongue jack with innovative updates. The Auto-Hitch Memory Function remembers the exact hitch height needed for your trailer, the backlit control panel is easy to operate, the integrated LED lights shine down on your coupler for nighttime use and the battery indicator lets you know the status of your RV battery life.


Gretchen W. | Verified Buyer | 5 Star Rating

“We recently had our original jack go out on our RV. We contacted Lippert and were set up with the Smart Jack. We received it in a timely manner and in under 30 minutes we had a new jack installed and ready to go. We are impressed with how sturdy the jack is and even makes our RV more stabilized just by having a larger footing.” 

Lippert Power Stance electric tongue jackLippert Power Stance electric tongue jack

Power Stance™ Tongue Jack

Engineered with all the same great features as our original Power tongue jack, the Power Stance can be operated with an industry-first 2-way to 7-way plug powering system. The Power Swap Auxiliary Cord™ can be added to any Power Stance — allowing you to easily connect your jack directly to your tow vehicle without worrying about draining your RV power. This trailer jack comes standard with an integrated safety chain storage ring and a storage inlet to tuck away your 7-way connector.


Dan S. | Verified Buyer | 5 Star Rating

“This was an easy upgrade from my old Lippert power jack on my travel trailer. 3 bolts and 1 wire. Took about 20 minutes to install. The power swap feature is a great addition, making it possible to operate the jack if the trailer battery fails or you don’t have an onboard battery. You simply plug the cord into the 7 way plug on your tow vehicle and into the jack and you are operational. It also comes with a hand crank so it can be operated manually if there is no power availability.” 

Quick Drop trailer jackQuick Drop trailer jack

Quick Drop® Tongue Jack

The Quick Drop tongue jack gives you the best of both worlds with manual and power options. Uniquely designed with a 3/4” hex nut at the top of the crank, you can conveniently use a power drill to raise and lower your A-frame RV trailer — especially helpful when you’re parked away from a power source or need a break from manual cranking.  If you'd prefer the manual option, you can use the top-wind, ribbed crank handle to get the job done. This trailer jack comes complete with a 14” vertical range, 2,000 lb. load capacity, durable, powder-coated finish and a footpad.


Josh M. | Verified Buyer | 5 star rating

“Excellent trailer jack and super quick and easy if using a drill. Even without a drill it is super easy to use!” 

Manual RV Jack Options

More Manual Trailer Jacks

Types of RV Stabilizers

PSX1 high speed power RV stabilizer jacksPSX1 high speed power RV stabilizer jacks

PSX1 Power Stabilizer

With a PSX1 high-speed power stabilizer, you can stabilize your RV in a fraction of the time it’d take you to manually operate your scissor jacks. With the flip of a switch, this quick and convenient electric stabilizer takes care of all the hassle, sweat and frustration that comes along with adjusting jacks. Plus, each leg individually adjusts to uneven, bumpy terrain, giving you optimal stabilization, no matter where you set up camp. Constructed out of heavy-gauge steel and equipped with embossed legs and a durable, powder coated finish, every detail of our PSX1 is designed to withstand the wear and tear of travel and the great outdoors.


Robert S. | Verified Buyer | 5 star rating

“Great product, easy installation. Makes setting up trailer a snap.” 

RV scissor jacks stabilizing a rigRV scissor jacks stabilizing a rig

Scissor Jacks

Lippert scissor jacks help stabilize your rig, eliminating unwanted and potentially dangerous rocking and swaying that can be caused by improper or poor leveling. These manual jacks are designed with a bow-tie base for stabilization on soft, uneven surfaces, are constructed from heavy-gauge steel and are finished with black powder coating to inhibit rust. The easy, bolt-on design of our scissor jacks helps to streamline the installation process, so you can quickly stabilize and get back to your adventure.


Fred G. | Verified Buyer | 5 star rating

“These scissor jacks are splendid. They are beefier than the ones they replaced, so the whole system is now more stable. The installation was a breeze too. Also, it was a great value for the dollars spent.” 

RV Leveling Accessories

Any time you level your RV, it’s important to have the right accessories to complement your leveler system. Shop our most popular RV leveling accessories. 

Never Crank a Jack Again with an RV Auto Leveling System!

We’ve developed a range of automatic leveling and stabilization solutions to make it faster and easier than ever to level and stabilize your 5th wheel RV or travel trailer at the campsite — all the while maintaining a safe, stable foundation for your camper.