Furrion RV Tankless Water HeaterFurrion RV Tankless Water Heater

Furrion RV Tankless Water Heaters

Built for the Road to Feel Like Home

Tankless RV water heaters by Furrion allow you to travel without sacrificing the comfort of home. Able to handle the demands of running hot water in all your faucets, our tankless water heaters for campers maintain water pressure while delivering consistent temperatures.

What Our Customers Say About Furrion RV Tankless Water Heaters

Robert M. | Verified Buyer | 5 star rating

R verified buyer 5 star ratingR verified buyer 5 star rating

All i can say if hot water is a problem for you, then you are nuts for not purchasing this furrion water heater. Mind blowing...

Matt | Verified Buyer | 5 star rating

M verified buyer 5 star ratingM verified buyer 5 star rating

The Furrion tankless water heater truly does provide unlimited hot water. We haven’t run out yet!

What Makes Furrion Tankless Water Heaters Superior?

Endless Hot Water on Demand 

Just because you are on the road does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy the comforts of home, such as hot water for showers, laundry and dishes. Furrion RV tankless water heaters for motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers endlessly deliver consistent hot water to all your RV taps. The output capacity of 2.4 gallons per minute and heating capacity of 60,000 BTUs translates to an RV water heater that is made to keep up with the hot water demands of a busy family on the road. Plus, the water stays consistently hot even when outside temperatures dip below 32°F.

Furrion Hot Water Heater Door LatchFurrion Hot Water Heater Door Latch
Furrion Water Heater ThermostatFurrion Water Heater Thermostat

Touch-Button Thermostat

Our RV tankless hot water heaters include a modern wall thermostat with LED temperature display and softly lit touch-button screen. The sleek module allows you to set water to your desired temperature and view the time. The flame indicator lets you know the burner is lit and running. The built-in, intelligent flow meter sensor monitors your water and sends an alarm if low pressure occurs.

Vortex + Anti-freeze Protection

Unlike traditional limited-capacity tank systems, your hot water supply will not run out. Our Vortex technology prevents cold spots by mixing the water prior to delivery, preventing inconsistent water temperatures. With the new antifreeze protection feature, our RV tankless water heaters will be sure to deliver hot water during any camping season.

Furrion Vortex and Anti-freeze ProtectionFurrion Vortex and Anti-freeze Protection
Auto Shut Down Furrion RV Gas Water HeaterAuto Shut Down Furrion RV Gas Water Heater

Designed with Safety in Mind 

Furrion RV gas water heaters are engineered with advanced safety features, including a pressure relief valve, over-temperature protection, blower block protection and automatic shut off. They are also equipped with Furrion Vibrationsmart™ technology to help withstand shock and vibration that come with life on the road. We make it easy to upgrade your old traditional limited capacity system to our tankless RV water heater by including a retrofit door so you can enjoy unlimited hot water and numerous safety features instantly!

Retrofit Installation

Need to install a new Furrion water heater into an existing opening on your RV? Our retrofit door installation kits are designed to work with a Furrion tankless water heater and provide a clean, finished look that fills any gaps in your opening. Multiple door sizes are available to perfectly suit your water heater needs.