Lewmar® Axis Shallow Water Anchor

Unlock precision positioning in up to seven feet of water, all with the push of a button. The Axis shallow water anchor by Lewmar is a fully electric anchoring solution that provides convenient and effortless boat positioning in any bottom, under any condition.

Gain Power Over Your Positioning





Hassle-Free Anchor Deployment

The Lewmar Axis shallow water anchor provides quiet, stealthy anchor deployment in just eight seconds. With the push of a button, you can experience the convenience and precision of our shallow water anchor, effortlessly securing your spot even in strong currents or gusty winds. Say goodbye to struggling with traditional anchors and focus on what really matters – reeling in your catch.

No Bulky Hoses or Pumps

This electric linear actuator replaces hoses and pumps, simplifying your setup, and its lightweight design suits boats up to 26', offering unobstructed 360-degree fishing.

Versatile Mounting Options

Secure Mounting AssistanceSecure Mounting Assistance

Included Mounting Plate

The shallow water anchor features a sturdy and reliable mounting plate, ensuring secure and stable installation. Designed for durability and easy attachment, the mounting plate provides a solid foundation for your anchor, giving you peace of mind while enjoying your time on the water.

Secure Mounting AssistanceSecure Mounting Assistance

Optional Quick Release Mounting Bracket

The user-friendly quick-release mounting bracket, sold separately as an add-on accessory, features a slide into place design, allowing for easy attachment and detachment. Conveniently transport, store or transfer your shallow water anchor to another vessel for ultimate versatility.

Quick & Quiet Deployment

With the included remote control, anchor deployment is effortless, requiring just a simple push of a button for added convenience.

See the Lewmar Axis Shallow Water Anchor in Action

Shallow Water Anchor Anatomy: Explore the Inner Workings

Lewmar Axis Shallow Water Anchor Benefits

The Complete KitThe Complete Kit

The Complete Kit

The shallow water anchor comes with everything you need for a seamless installation. You'll receive the shallow water anchor, mount hardware , RF module/control box, auto resetting fuse with waterproof fuse holder and remote.

Two Striking ColorwaysTwo Striking Colorways

Two Striking Colorways

Make a statement on the water with our shallow water anchor, available in two sleek and stylish colors: white and black. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, the Axis will not only keep you secure but also add a touch of sophistication to your boat.

Fully Electric AnchoringFully Electric Anchoring

Fully Electric Anchoring

Experience the ultimate convenience with our shallow water anchor's 12V battery design. Say goodbye to the noise and hassle of hydraulic pumps as our compact design ensures straightforward installation without the need for additional maintenance.

Secure Mounting AssistanceSecure Mounting Assistance

Built to Weather the Waves

Engineered with precision and tested rigorously, the Axis shallow water anchor guarantees reliability in the face of harsh waves and unpredictable weather. The powder coated aluminum finish and IP68M-rated harsh environment actuator are built to resist corrosion, impact and wear over time.

Axis Shallow Water Anchor FAQs

How do shallow water anchors work?

The primary purpose of a shallow water anchor is to provide stability to a boat in water depths of up to seven feet. Instead of relying on traditional thrown or dropped anchors, it serves as a reliable substitute by effectively stopping and securing the boat in one spot in shallow waters. These anchors extend outward and downward from the back of your boat, reaching several feet underwater, and firmly hold the boat in place with a fiberglass anchor spike that pins it to the sea floor.

Capable of swiftly stopping boats up to 26 feet in just a matter of seconds, these anchors operate with minimal noise, making them perfect for fishing enthusiasts. However, they are also highly versatile and come in handy when anchoring at sandbars or shorelines. Operators have full control over the anchor's deployment and retrieval using a convenient remote control, which precisely determines the movement of the anchor pole.

How do I install my shallow water anchor?

Installing the Lewmar Axis shallow water anchor system is simple, requiring a flat surface on your transom that measures at least 6 inches in height by 6.25 inches in width. To complete the installation, you'll need marine sealant, wire cutters, heat shrink connectors and basic tools, as the anchor comes with the necessary mounting bracket and hardware.

Step one is to mount the anchor on your flat transom surface. Once the anchor is securely fastened, step two is to mount the RF module box inside your vessel and connect to 12V power. Lastly, step three is to connect the anchor to the RF module via the quick connect Deutsch plug.

For added convenience, we offer a quick-release mount, sold separately, that allows you to easily remove the anchor when trailering or switching to a different boat.

While we currently do not offer additional mount adapters, most aftermarket shallow water anchor mount adapters should provide a universal fit. If you have specific questions or need recommendations, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team for assistance.

How deep does a Lewmar Axis shallow water anchor pole go?

With the Lewmar Axis shallow water anchor, you can trust that your boat will remain securely held in waters up to seven feet.

What happens if the anchor spike breaks?

The spike has a lifetime warranty and is easily replaceable with basic tools. Simply contact Lippert Customer Service to order a new one.

Do I need one or two shallow water anchors?

For most situations, a single anchor is typically adequate. However, if your fishing style demands precise placement or if you frequently encounter challenging conditions like swift currents or high winds, opting for two shallow water anchors can further minimize your boat's movement and grant you complete control to position the bow precisely where you desire. With the installation of two anchors, you can conveniently control both using a single remote, simplifying your anchoring process and maximizing your maneuverability on the water.

What type of boat do I need for a shallow water anchor?

The versatile Lewmar Axis shallow water anchor is designed to effortlessly install on various boat styles, as long as there is a vertical mounting surface that exceeds the dimensions of 6" x 6.25". However, if you have a different type of application or require an adapter plate for installation, these can easily be obtained from a wide range of marine dealers or reputable online retailers.

Lewmar Anchors

Lewmar anchors redefine excellence. With an unwavering commitment to precision, durability and innovation, Lewmar anchors have earned their reputation as the choice of discerning boaters worldwide. From the sleek design to the meticulous craftsmanship, every aspect of a Lewmar anchor reflects the brand's relentless pursuit of quality and performance. Whether you're navigating calm waters or braving challenging conditions, you can trust that a Lewmar anchor will hold fast, providing you with the peace of mind and confidence to explore and enjoy the open seas. Experience the difference that a Lewmar anchor brings to your boating adventures and embark on a journey where reliability and excellence are truly anchored together.  

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