True Course electronic sway control systemTrue Course electronic sway control system

True Course™ Electronic Sway Control System

Improper travel trailer weight distribution, low tire pressure, crosswinds and road conditions can all cause trailer sway. The CURT True Course electronic sway control system is a plug-and-play solution that mitigates trailer sway by acting independently of the driver to maintain control of the vehicle using the trailer brakes.

Control your sway with True Course

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Additional Protection Beyond Your Weight Distribution

A good weight distribution hitch can help compensate for minor sway events. But in a major sway event that causes a wider range of side-to-side trailer movement preventative action must be taken before the sway event gets out of control. This can happen before a driver even has time to react. That’s where True Course comes in. 

Advanced Towing Safety

The CURT True Course electronic sway control system gives you peace of mind while towing your trailer. Our sway control device immediately corrects an out-of-control tow vehicle when a side-to-side movement occurs from emergency maneuvers, wind conditions or tire pressure by bypassing the normal brake controller and applying the trailer brakes independently of the driver.

Independently Controls Trailer Brakes

Our state-of-the-art sway control system is capable of bypassing the trailer braking controller, functioning independently of the driver to restrict trailer sway in emergency scenarios. It features unique motion-sensing technology that detects trailer movements not controlled by the weight distribution hitch. Our advanced patent-pending microprocessor technology can quickly and safely activate the trailer brakes to minimize sway, providing a safer towing experience. 

Bluetooth® Connection

Our system is compatible with the OneControl RV and Auto apps that link to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth. This allows the driver to receive real-time updates and notifications regarding the system's status on their smartphones. The Bluetooth connection of the app transmits critical alerts to the driver, keeping them informed of the system's operation.

Real-World Tested

To ensure the dependability and effectiveness of our system, we have tested it extensively on various vehicles from several manufacturers. This testing guarantees compatibility with original equipment trucks, providing drivers with peace of mind that our sway control system is a trustworthy and secure solution for their towing needs. With True Course's cutting-edge technology and thorough testing, drivers can have confidence in a safer and more secure towing experience. 

Perfect solution for any trailer

Travel Trailers

Enclosed Trailers

Horse / Livestock Trailers

Vehicle / Motorcycle Trailers

True Course Support

For installation instructions and further support for the CURT True Course electronic sway control system, check out the True Course installation and owner’s manual.

CURT Towing Accessories

CURT manufactures and supplies a complete line of towing products to equip nearly every vehicle on the road today for safe, successful towing. The CURT towing and hitches line of products offers the broadest selection of receiver hitches, 5th wheels, weight distribution and gooseneck hitches, as well as tow bars, electrical components, cargo carriers, bike racks and more. For everything from passenger cars and vans to full-size pickups and SUVs, CURT is 'The First Name in Towing Products.'

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Get the True Course Sway Control System

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Sway Controllers

If my RV already has Lippert ABS, do I need the True Course sway control system?

Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) optimizes trailer control under braking conditions by using sensors at each wheel which monitor for locking brakes while stopping. The ABS system works specifically to prevent loss of traction, whereas True Course works to prevent a different issue — trailer sway. True Course provides anti-sway technology for trailers. The system monitors and detects side-to-side movement of your trailer and actuates brakes to prevent trailer sway in realtime to prevent a trailer sway event as you drive. 


What amount of pitch or sway does it take to actuate the trailer brakes?

The sway activation is calculated against the yaw rate of the trailer, but is also impacted by multiple factors including road conditions, hitch angle, suspension travel, etc. Essentially, the device has a moving threshold for activation.

A real-life example would be the lower the vehicle/trailer’s speed, the larger the sway event would need to be in order trigger the brakes. The opposite would be true as the speed of the vehicle/trailer increases.


Does the amount of sway determine the amount of braking applied?

Yes, the amount of braking power applied is proportional to the magnitude of the sway event. Minor sway event = lighter brake application; major sway = stronger brake application.


Is it a one-time actuation of the trailer brakes, or gradual until the sway is stopped?

The first sway event sets a window timer that monitors all subsequent sway events. Once the system determines the sway event has ended, the brakes release until a subsequent sway event OR the tow vehicle brake signal is activated. The True Course system defers to tow vehicle brake application.  


Does True Course contain a microchip?

Yes, True Course has a PCB with two main Microchips – one that controls the brake and a second that transmit a Bluetooth signal to a mobile device with the OneControl RV or Auto apps.


Are there a list of any specific vehicles or trailers that the True Course does not work with?

We have no evidence that True Course in incompatible with any specific vehicle. True Course was tested on over 30 aftermarket controllers and on 25 different truck/trailer combinations of different year/make/models


What is a Trailer Sway Controller?

A trailer sway controller is a device that helps stabilize a trailer by reducing sway or fishtailing. It functions by applying the brakes or adjusting the towing vehicle's throttle to maintain control. It is essential for towing safety, especially when handling large or heavy loads.
How Do I Know If I Need a Trailer Sway Controller?


Are trailer sway controllers important during bad weather?

If you are towing a trailer that is prone to swaying, especially at high speeds or poor weather or in windy conditions, a sway controller is recommended. It's essential for trailers with significant weight or those towed frequently.

How Do I Choose the Right Trailer Sway Controller?

Choosing the right sway controller depends on the type and weight of the trailer, as well as the towing vehicle's capabilities. Consult the manufacturer's recommendations or a professional installer to find the best fit.


How Do I Install a Trailer Sway Controller?

Installation varies by model and may require professional assistance. The OneControl trailer sway controller involves mounting the controller, connecting it to the brake system calibrating it for your specific trailer. Instructions are provided.

How Does Weather Affect Trailer Sway and the Controller's Performance?

Weather conditions like wind and rain can increase sway. Some controllers may have specific adjustments for weather, while others automatically adapt.
Can I Use a Sway Controller with Any Hitch Type?

Compatibility depends on the specific hitch type and controller model. Always consult the manufacturer's guidelines.


What Maintenance Does a Trailer Sway Controller Require?

Regular inspections for wear, proper adjustment occasional professional servicing are typical maintenance requirements. However, trailer sway controllers require low maintenance and are typically hassle free.


How Does a Sway Controller Affect My Vehicle's Handling?
A sway controller can enhance stability and control, improving the towing experience. It should work in harmony with the vehicle's existing systems. Overall a trailer sway controller will dramatically improve your vehicles handling during an emergency maneuver by preventing the trailer from losing control.


Is a Sway Controller the Same as a Weight Distribution Hitch?
No, they serve different purposes but can work together. A sway controller minimizes lateral movement, while a weight distribution hitch balances vertical loads.