Awnbrella™ Fabric Support Kit - Various Options

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Give your RV's awning the fabric support it needs with help from Lippert™.

Quick Facts

  • Available in 8’ (standard awning projection) or 10’ (XL awning projections)
  • Choose bundles of 2 or 3 awning bows
  • Adjustable rust-resistant aluminum bows
  • Keeps fabric from flapping in the windr
  • Increases clearance over entry door
  • Prevents awning fabric from sagging
  • Helps prevent water from pooling
  • Enhances awning appearance

The Durable Support Your Awning Needs

Does your Solera® RV or trailer awning need a lift? The Solera® Awnbrella™ Fabric Support Kit can do just that. Compatible with most 8’ standard and 10’ XL projection awnings and Solera Screen Rooms and Family Rooms — our kit gives awnings and canopies the lift they need for a more enjoyable camping experience. Featuring a unique, patented design, it includes two adjustable, rust-resistant aluminum tension bows that help keep the fabric on your patio awning taut and secured in place. No more awning sagging. No more worrying about water pooling in the center and causing damage. Our bows are uniquely designed to lift your awning to a better angle so water and debris can easily run off. This kit also helps to keep your fabric tight — preventing wear and tear from the wind. Plus, it improves clearance over the entry door and levels out your awning’s pitch for an even, enhanced appearance. Give your awning the extra support it needs with the Solera Awnbrella Fabric Support Kit and improve your patio’s look and functionality. It’s easy to install and is the perfect awning addition for campers who enjoy leaving their patio set up for extended periods of time.

What's Included

Our Awnbrella kits are available in two sizes for compatibility with 8’ (standard awning projections) or 10’ (XL awning projections). You can also choose from 2 or 3 awning bows. Two bows are ideal for awning widths between 10’-14’ (additional bows are recommended for every 4’ of fabric beyond that). This kit comes with 2 or 3 Awnbrella arms and all necessary mounting hardware for installation.

Solera Awning Accessories

From shade rooms and lighting solutions to replacement awning fabric and automated awning arms, Solera is every RV owners go-to brand when it comes updating or upgrading your awning and patio space. Our top-quality awning solutions help you make the most out of every camping trip with added ease, convenience and reliability.


  • ADDED SUPPORT - This kit provides a better angle for water and debris to easily run off of RV and trailer awnings instead of pooling in the center where it can cause damage
  • PATENTED DESIGN - Built for the long-haul, the kit comes with two adjustable, rust-resistant aluminum bows engineered to be extended for long periods of time while withstanding the elements
  • MORE PROTECTION - By keeping awning fabric taut and secured in place, this kit helps prevent wind damage that can cause wear and tear to your awning's vinyl
  • EXTRA HEIGHT - The tension from the bows prevents patio awnings from sagging and improves clearance over the entry door — allowing campers to go in and out with ease
  • ENHANCED AESTHETICS - This kit helps keep both sides of the awning level at the same height — delivering an overall improved appearance of the RV or trailer patio

**Works with most 10’ projection awnings and is compatible with Solera® Screen Rooms and Family Rooms

***Includes a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

More Information
Brand Solera®
Series Awnbrella™
Unit of Measure EA
Warranty Term 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
Quantity In Package 1
What's Included Fabric Bows

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