Must Have RV Accessories

10 Must-Have RV Accessories & Upgrades for Your Rig

Psst…you don’t have to break your bank to snag these inexpensive must-have RV accessories!

Believe it or not, upgrading your RV doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In fact, there are plenty of camping accessories out there that are guaranteed to enhance your travel experience without crushing your budget. From entryway RVing essentials to upgrades that’ll take your on-road comfort to the next level, we’ve got the RV must-haves you and your wallet will both appreciate.

Budget-friendly, RV Entry Door Installs

Add privacy and convenience to your RV’s entry door with these inexpensive accessories, one under $50, the other a little over that mark.

The Screen Shot® automatic RV door closer is a must-have for RV owners. It helps keep bugs out, warm or cool air in, and gives you a break from telling your kids and family to close your entry door.*

For an entryway shade that’s easy to install and even easier to raise and lower, check out the Thin Shade™. This integrated fits seamlessly inside your window frame.*

*Compatible with Lippert entry doors only.

Comfy Outdoor RV Accessories

There’s nothing like kicking back and getting cozy after a long day of travel. Whether you’re hanging by the campfire or catching a few zzz’s, these high-quality upgrades.

Take your outdoor arsenal and time relaxing around the campfire to the next level with Lippert's Double-Wide Padded Chair.

Moisture-wicking, and fiberglass-free, the all-new Thomas Payne® Premium Mattress is designed to give you a cool, comfortable sleep all through the night.

Easy Cargo and Storage Upgrades

More gear means more fun. Haul extra camping equipment, bikes, and keep your rig organized with these cargo and storage carriers that are around $300.

Is your rig equipped with Solid Step® entryway stairs? Then don’t miss out on the Solid Step Storage Box that mounts in place of where your old, manual stairs used to live.

When it comes to must-have RV accessories, a bike rack that fits your needs and lifestyle is essential for hitting the trails! Take your bikes along for the adventure with a Jack-It® Double Bike Carrier System that mounts over your travel trailer’s tongue jack directly on the A-frame.

RV Travel Tech You’ll Love

Got tech? Travel smarter and safer in your rig with these savvy RV gadgets that stay below $300 and keep you ready for the road ahead.  

With the Echo®Mobile Trailer Brake Controller, you can monitor and control your trailer brake activity, right from your phone — allowing you to tow safer on the road.

This is a must-have RV accessory for techies and everyday RVers alike. The Tire Linc® Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously right from your smartphone with the OneControl® app.

RV Equipment That Gets the Dirty Jobs Done

Entryway steps are a big deal to RV owners, because they can make it really easy or really difficult to get in and out of a camper. If your RVer has made the nice list this year, then you can reward them with steps like the Solid Step®, that are easy to use, store, and come with a ton of add-on accessories so you can have even more gift ideas for years to come.

Empty your black tanks with the Waste Master® 20’ Hose Kit and Cam Lock. This RV accessory helps you check this unwanted task off your to-do quickly with less hassle.

For a really inexpensive, refreshing RV upgrade, check out the 360 Siphon® Roof Vent Cap that helps eliminate odors by creating an updraft through your RV’s roof vent.