10 Instagram accounts you should be following

10 RV Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Looking for the Best RV Influencers & Instagram Accounts?

Love the RV lifestyle? Looking for some RV inspiration? Want to up your camping game? Then these Instagram RV Influencers are more than worthy of the Follow button. In no particular order, go ahead, follow them all!

Why should you follow Less Junk More Journey? This full-time RV family is all about getting rid of clutter and embracing life. In addition to amazing photos, they offer lots of videos and excellent advice on RV upgrades and fixes, including why they recently opted to switch RVs. At the time of this post, they’re exploring Michigan. Follow them to see where they go next…

Why should you follow Finding Our Someday? In the fall of 2017, Corey and Jessie sold their home in Maine, packed up their girls, and lived their dream — becoming full-time RVers! Since that time, they’ve circled the US twice, including Alaska, while volunteering at wildlife refuges, ranches, farms, and the local communities they visit. Color us impressed (and we’re not just talking about their incredible Instagram shots)!

Why should you follow Wandering Weekends? Lots of us can identify with this family, who spend their weeks in the workaday world, but then get out and RV on the weekends. Their Instagram is all about inspiring you to get out too and create your own adventures. And, if you want to hop on over to Facebook, they’ve even organized a group where they make it easy for you to share your family’s camping trip as well!

Why should you follow Subpar Parks? Okay, do you like a good laugh? Amber Share offers real one-star (yes, you read that right, 1-star) reviews of US national parks. Truth is that Amber is a fantastic artist and designer who (don’t tell anyone) actually loves America’s national parks. That’s why she makes fun of them in light and eye-catching illustrations. Once you start flipping through her Instagram, you won’t be able to stop!

Why should you follow RVLove? Marc and Julie Bennett are not only authors who love writing about RV life. They are also fantastic photographers sharing beautiful scenery with their Instagram followers. And, we don’t need to tell you how much we love this, “We’re both big believers in waiting for ‘the right one’ – that goes for RVs as well as life partners!”

Why should you follow Chief Wild Crew? Christy and Amick Cutler’s family of five have a motto: RV Living, Faith, Family. Besides that, Amick is an alternative-folk-indie singer-songwriter that works on his craft from their RV while on the road, which we think is pretty cool.

Why should you follow the National Park Service? Billing themselves as “The official Instagram for America’s Best Idea!” We’re not sure we need to say much more. Still, we will add that their magnificent and stunning photography makes us want to jump in our RV and check off America’s National Parks one-by-one! Pronto!

Why should you follow Love That RV? Because you have style. Because you love interior design. Their Instagram collects photos of the coolest, coziest, most comfortable tiny spaces across vintage trailers, fifth-wheels, million-dollar motorhomes, and more. Do you want to change your perception of what an RV interior can look like? Check this out!

Why should you follow Mavis the Airstream? Whether you love them, hate them, or are indifferent, there’s no denying that Airstreams are iconic among RVs. Jason and Sheena showcase their 1975 Airstream renovation in a delightfully artsy and crafty way, offering remodeling tips and tricks. Their renovation adventures are well worth following because… there’s just something about an Airstream.

Why should you follow Ditching Suburbia? Maybe you’ve heard similar stories before [re above]? Matt and Tabitha Best have seven kids. Their family traded the suburbs for simpler living, richer education, closer family relationships, and uncommon adventures. It’s just that they do it so well! Plus, Tabitha writes a super-interesting blog, and they go the extra mile with their Instagram account and often repost photos and stories of other RV families using #ditchingsuburbia. As the saying goes, good people! Follow them.

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