Campoholics Recommend All-Time Best RV Gifts

The Campoholics Recommend the All-Time Best RV Gifts

What was the best gift you ever got? Because we’re RV fanatics (and we’ll assume you are too), we wanted to know what the all-time best RV gifts are – the best thing an RV has ever gotten as a gift, whether it’s a holiday, a birthday or just a Tuesday. So, we asked real RVers and Lippert Brand Ambassadors Mike and Missy Cook – a.k.a. The Campoholics (yep, they’re fanatics too) – what they recommended. Here’s what they said!

1. Lippert Axles with Disc Brakes

As full-time RVers, we knew we eventually would need to make a big upgrade to our Grand Design Momentum toy hauler factory-installed axles. As we were making our travel plans to head west, we knew we were not comfortable having only 7K axles and electric drum brakes. As full-timers, we knew we had to make a change for negotiating and having the stopping power in the mountains out west, especially when it comes to steep and windy roads alongside mountains on an 8% grade and no guard rails. We needed load and stopping power.

That's where the Lippert 8K axles and disc brakes came into play. After careful consideration and weighing the pros and cons, we decided this upgrade would provide us with the safety and confidence to take on the west, knowing we had the payload capacity and the ability to slow down and brake on the steep grades in the mountainous terrain.

2. Center Point® Suspension System

There are many options for suspension upgrades on the market. We researched some of the best out there and the Center Point suspension system was high on the list.

More than 85% of all semi tractors on the road today have some kind of air ride suspension. This is old-school technology that has stood the test of time.

The abuse of our standard suspension system was being transferred to our RV as we traveled. Items would be thrown about in our unit, trim falling off, refrigerator door being popped open.

The Center Point suspension system has made a BIG improvement in the RV. Items are not moving as much and things are actually "staying put," and when we open the cabinets, items are not falling all over the floor! When traveling, we can witness the dramatic change as well. As I look in the mirror, the RV looks as if it's floating, as the Center Point airbags provide comfort and stability to our RV on America's highways.

3. Level Up® Leveling System

Now hear this! We had a travel trailer prior to our 5th wheel toy hauler. The trailer had stabilizing jacks, but I would have to unhook and spend so much time getting the camper level. I would even have to break out a carpenter level and put it on the floor of the camper and walk back and forth making small adjustments getting the camper level.

Then, the Lippert Level Up automatic leveling system came into our lives as a standard on our 5th wheel. The Level Up leveling system is pure gold! Now, we simply unhook, press a button, and BAM! It's level!

4. Screen Assist

We are here to tell you, walking out of an RV onto the steps can be dangerous! I, Michael, have fallen twice, slipping on the steps because I was not paying attention to my footing as I was opening the screen door of the RV. All the attention was focused on the little screen doorknob and what I had in my hands.

Well, Lippert has developed the Screen Assist door opener; that is, a bar that you can strike anywhere and open your RV screen door. Did we mention it's easy to install? We love simply striking the bar, anywhere on the bar, and the door opens!

5. Thin Shade

Good morning, sunshine! Oh, my goodness, when we first took delivery of our RV, we did not notice that the window in the door was the only window in the RV that did not have a shade. It took a few mornings to figure out why it was so bright in the RV when all the shades were pulled down. Well, it was the "shadeless" window in the door! The RV door window was the only window in our RV that did not have a blackout shade.

Then, the lightbulb went off! Everyone on the outside could also see in! We immediately went and purchased the Thin Shade to solve that problem. We installed ours "upside down" so that we could see out the top of the window and still provide shade in the RV. The Thin Shade gives us shade and security on the interior of our RV. It also provides a morning sunblock, allowing us to sleep in!

Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner's Manual.

Campoholics RV Couple Missy Michael CookCampoholics RV Couple Missy Michael Cook

The Campoholics

Missy & Michael Cook

Hello! We are Mike & Missy, we are empty nester retirees from Delaware that sold it all and hit the road for full time RV life. We travel in our Grand Design Momentum 5th wheel toy hauler with our 2 dogs, Echo and Buzz. We love chatting with fellow RV'ers at campgrounds across America. We fly our Lippert Scouts flag proudly. Stop by and say hi!