The best camper accessories of 2023

The 50+ Best Camper Accessories of 2023

Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the camping world, this comprehensive rundown of the best camper accessories of 2023 is your ultimate guide to a hassle-free, cozy and utterly delightful journey. From lounging essentials and tech-savvy gadgets to pet-friendly solutions and maintenance must-haves, get ready to elevate every aspect of your outdoor escapades.  
Let's dive into a world where relaxation meets innovation, where setup is a breeze, and where your camping haven becomes a personalized paradise. Gear up, because your next outdoor excursion is about to be transformed! 

1. RV Maintenance Products for DIY Campers 
2. Hassle-Free Leveling & Stabilization Products 
3. Convenient RV Entry Door Upgrades 
4. Innovative RV Step Products 
5. Electronics for Tech-Savvy Adventurers 
6. Products That Make RV Interiors Feel Like Home 
7. Refreshing RV Water Solutions 
8. Super Cool Shade Solutions 
9. Cozy & Functional Outdoor Camping Furniture 
10. Fun & User-Friendly Campsite Accessories 
11. Pet Travel Products for Your Four-Legged Friends 

RV Maintenance Products for DIY Campers

For those who love to take matters into their own hands, these RV maintenance products were essential to RV owners in 2023. From comprehensive tool kits and cleaners to power washers and extension ladders, these items helped keep RVs in tip-top shape. 

1. An RV Tool Kit

When you hit the road in your RV, being prepared for the unexpected can make all the difference. Enter the must-have accessory for every RV owner this year: the RV tool kit. This comprehensive kit is your go-to for tackling quick repairs and troubleshooting hiccups while on the go. 

Crafted with the needs of RVers in mind, this tool kit is a treasure trove of 15 essential tools designed to cover a wide range of maintenance tasks. From assorted screws to wire connectors and a fuse set, this tool kit covers a range of repair needs. 
Honestly, Lippert’s RV tool kit isn't just about the tools though; it's also about the freedom it provides. No need to stress about minor breakdowns or unexpected maintenance needs. With this kit in your arsenal, you're empowered to handle these situations efficiently, saving time, hassle and potentially costly repairs down the road. 

2. An RV Starter Kit

Embarking on your RV adventure for the first time can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. That's where the RV starter kit comes into play — a comprehensive set designed to ease the worries and uncertainties of new RVers, making the transition into mobile living a breeze. 

This kit is the roadmap to a hassle-free RV life, carefully assembled with items that address the common concerns and needs of RV owners, especially those just starting their journey. From basic tools to necessities that experienced RVers swear by, Lippert’s RV starter kit is a one-stop solution that covers the spectrum. 

3. A Telescoping Extension Ladder

Having the right tools and accessories can make all the difference when living the RV lifestyle, especially when it comes to reaching those higher points on your rig. That’s why a telescoping extension ladder is an indispensable accessory for any RV owner looking for stability, safety and convenience while navigating their vehicle. 

The Lippert On-The-Go™ ladder isn't your typical run-of-the-mill climb. Engineered for ease and stability, it's more like ascending a set of stairs than scaling a vertical surface. Unlike traditional ladders, this one extends at an angle, allowing you to navigate with confidence, step after step. 
What makes this telescoping ladder unique is its design, tailored specifically for RVs. With permanent mounting brackets that attach seamlessly to the receiver installed on your RV, it's always on hand when you need it. Simply secure it to your rig, extend it to the desired height and you're ready to climb. The segmented locks on each step ensure locked-in security, adding an extra layer of safety to your ascent. 

4. A Portable Pressure Washer

A portable pressure washer can transform your outdoor cleaning experience, and the Power Pro Max™ was a must-have accessory for campers in 2023. This power washer offers you unparalleled ease and efficiency in tackling outdoor cleaning projects, blasting away mud, dirt and grime while leaving surfaces looking brand new. 

What makes the Power Pro Max stand out is its exceptional portability and adaptability. You're not tethered to a power cord or reliant on specific water source options. Drop its water hose into a bucket, pool or lake, and you're set to start cleaning. This freedom to choose your water source empowers you to clean where you want, when you want, with minimal hassle. 
Equipped with a range of accessories, including a long and rotatable nozzle, a six-in-one sprayer, a 25-ounce soap bottle and two 40V lithium-ion batteries, this power washer is a comprehensive solution for all your outdoor cleaning needs. 

5. RV Cleaners

Keeping your RV in top-notch condition means having the right cleaners on hand to get the job done right. That's where specialized RV cleaners come in, designed to ensure your home-on-wheels keeps its sparkle and shine throughout your travels. 

From fabric to vinyl, Lippert's RV awning cleaner is tailored for the exterior of your RV, effortlessly lifting dirt, grime and stains caused by nature's elements. Bugs, leaves, bird droppings — you name it, this cleaner banishes it and restores your awning to its spotless best. With a bleach-free formula, it’s gentle yet effective, ensuring that your surfaces stay vibrant and free of discoloration.  
The signature black streaks that sometimes adorn RV exteriors can be a hassle, but fear not — Lippert's RV black streak remover is designed to tackle this challenge with ease. Formulated for various surfaces like fiberglass, gelcoat, glass and more, this cleaner swiftly eliminates black streaks, dirt, grease and oil, leaving behind nothing but a streak-free, radiant finish.  
Keeping the roof of your RV pristine is crucial, and Lippert's rubber roof cleaner is crafted just for that purpose. It targets stubborn stains like tree sap, bird droppings and general dirt buildup. Designed for use on multiple surfaces, including rubber, plastic, metal and painted exteriors, this solvent-free solution provides a thorough clean. With a simple application — spray, scrub and rinse — your RV roof emerges residue-free and shining bright, ready for your next adventure. 

Hassle-Free Leveling & Stabilization Products 

For a streamlined setup process, campers were looking for tools and equipment designed for convenience this year. Automatic leveling systems, stabilizer systems and electric tongue jacks made our list for ensuring a stable and stress-free campsite setup. 

6. An RV Automatic Leveling System

An RV automatic leveling system is a game-changer for any camper, offering the convenience of effortlessly stabilizing your rig with just the push of a button.  

The Ground Control® 3.0 automatic 5th wheel leveling system and Ground Control TT automatic travel trailer leveling system redefine the camping experience by eliminating the need for manual cranking of jacks and fumbling with chocks, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your adventures. 
The innovation lies in the Hall Effect technology, which accurately measures your jack leg's motor revolutions, guaranteeing precise and reliable self-leveling for your RV trailer. The automatic functionality, controlled by a wireless remote or touchpad controller, streamlines the leveling process.  
With auto-hitch memory functionality, these systems remember your camper's position when unhitched from the tow vehicle, automatically returning to that position when you're ready to hitch back up and simplifying setup for your next adventure. 

7. An RV Stabilizer System 

An RV stabilizer system is an innovative way to set up camp, and the PSX1® and PSX2 high-speed power stabilizers lead the charge in convenience and efficiency. Say goodbye to the laborious and time-consuming process of manually adjusting scissor jacks. With these electric stabilizers, a simple flip of a switch swiftly and effortlessly gets the job done. 

The PSX1 is a remarkable system designed to swiftly stabilize your RV, saving you time and effort. Each leg operates independently, allowing for precise adjustments on uneven or bumpy surfaces. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel with embossed legs and a durable, powder-coated finish, the PSX1 is engineered to endure the wear and tear of travel and outdoor excursions, promising reliability and longevity. 
The PSX2 shares the core features of the PSX1, but takes it up a notch with dual motors that independently control each leg. This advanced system offers enhanced control and stability, even on the most challenging terrains. Each motor operates separately, giving you unparalleled stability and adaptability, making it ideal for varying camping conditions. 
Whether you opt for the efficiency and reliability of the PSX1 or the enhanced control of the PSX2, these high-speed power stabilizers promise a hassle-free setup process and robust stability, ensuring a smoother and more secure camping experience. 

8. An Electric Tongue Jack

An electric tongue jack might just be the most underrated yet incredibly practical accessory for your camper. Imagine never having to raise and lower your A-frame trailer using manual labor again. The electric tongue jack is a product designed to bring ease and efficiency to your hitching and unhitching routines. 

The Power tongue jack stands out for its power-packed performance. With a robust 30 amps of power, this electric marvel boasts four LED lights that illuminate your coupler, making nighttime operation a breeze. Its helical-cut gears ensure quiet and smooth functionality, while a textured casing shields it from potential damage. What’s more, it offers a substantial 3,500-lb. lift capacity and is topped off with a durable powder-coated finish. 
If you thought that was impressive, the Smart Jack™ takes electric tongue jacks to the next level. Combining the incredible features of the Power tongue jack with inventive updates, the Smart Jack boasts an auto-hitch memory function that memorizes your trailer's hitch height, simplifying the hitching process. Its backlit control panel ensures effortless operation, especially in low-light conditions. And just like its counterpart, it includes LED lights to illuminate your coupler for nighttime convenience, all while providing an indicator for your RV battery life. 
Now, the Power Stance™ tongue jack elevates functionality even further with an industry-first two-way to seven-way plug powering system. But the real star here is the Power Swap Auxiliary Cord™, a brilliant addition that connects your jack directly to your tow vehicle, eliminating worries about draining your RV power. Plus, it's equipped with integrated safety chain storage and a handy storage inlet for your seven-way connector, ensuring everything remains tidy and easily accessible. 

Convenient RV Entry Door Upgrades 

Why did RV entry door upgrades make our list of the best camper accessories in 2023? It’s simple, really. RV owners wanted to secure and customize their entry points. From automatic screen door closers to Bluetooth® door locks, these additions enhance both security and functionality. 

9. An Automatic RV Screen Door Closer 

When you're on the road with your RV and juggling various tasks, keeping the door closed might slip your mind, especially if you're traveling with kids. An automatic RV screen door closer, like Lippert’s Screen Shot®, offers a clever solution to this common challenge.  

No more reminding each other to close the door — this device automatically pulls your screen door shut, putting an end to bugs sneaking in, pets wandering out and maintaining the perfect indoor temperature for your comfort. 
Installing the Screen Shot is a breeze, and it won't break the bank, making it an accessible upgrade for any 5th wheel RV or travel trailer. This simple yet effective accessory adds convenience to your journey by ensuring that your RV door stays closed without any extra effort. 

10. An RV Screen Door Push Bar 

Try to envision an accessory that offers both convenience and protection for your RV screen door. Oh, wait. You don’t have to, because it already exists! Lippert's Screen Assist™ RV screen door push bar is a nifty addition that not only makes exiting your RV effortless but also safeguards your screen door from wear and tear. 

Designed to provide ease and convenience, the Screen Assist cleverly functions as a lever handle push bar, making it a versatile addition to your RV setup. This unique articulating feature simplifies the process of opening your screen door — just a single push does the trick! 
Innovative in its design and practical in its functionality, the Screen Assist is an accessory that combines ease of use with screen door protection, making it an indispensable addition to any RV. 

11. An RV Screen Door Protector

Having pets along for the ride can make your RV adventures even more enjoyable. However, those adorable companions can sometimes get a little too excited at the sight of the great outdoors through the screen door. That's where Lippert’s Screen Defender comes in — a practical solution designed to safeguard your RV's entry door screen from the playful antics of your furry family members. 

Crafted from durable black, powder-coated aluminum, the Screen Defender is specifically engineered to fit Lippert RV screen doors. Its robust construction acts as a protective barrier, ensuring that your pets can't accidentally damage or break through the screen. This thoughtful accessory provides peace of mind, allowing your pets to enjoy the sights without the risk of compromising the screen door's integrity. 
With the Screen Defender in place, you can relax and enjoy your RV adventures with your four-legged companions, knowing that your screen door is well-protected against any playful pawing or curious nudges. It's a must-have accessory for pet-loving RV owners, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable journey for all. 

12. A Window Shade Kit for RV Entry Doors 

A window shade kit, like Lippert’s Thin Shade™, is perfect for RVers seeking added privacy and shade without compromising aesthetics.  

Bid farewell to cumbersome snap-on panels or bulky window shades that detract from your RV's sleek appearance. This shade solution is seamlessly integrated into your RV door's window frame, offering a minimalist and stylish alternative. 
Ease of use defines the Thin Shade — no handles or cords necessary. With a simple push-up or pull-down motion, you have instant control over the level of privacy and shade you desire. It's a hassle-free solution that lets you tailor your environment to your preferences effortlessly. 
Not only does the Thin Shade enhance privacy, but it also provides a shield from the sun's glare, giving you a more comfortable and shaded entryway. Its clever design ensures that when you want to enjoy the view, you can simply retract it discreetly into the window frame. 

13. A Hinge Kit for RV Entry Doors 

A Friction Hinge kit is a simple yet effective addition to your RV entry door, offering a new level of control and safety. This easy-to-install kit transforms your door from a free-swinging entity to a controlled and smoothly operating entryway, all without hassle or extensive installation procedures. 

Much like the mechanics of a laptop computer, these hinges provide a subtle resistance, effectively holding your door in place without the risk of it unexpectedly slamming shut in windy conditions. This feature not only prevents potential damage to your RV sidewalls caused by a swinging door but also adds an element of safety and convenience to your camping experience. 
By investing in this hinge kit, you’re not just adding a useful mechanism to your RV door; you’re enhancing its functionality and durability, providing peace of mind and smoother operation for your entryway. It's a small addition that significantly improves the overall experience of using your RV's door, making it a standout camper accessory for 2023. 

14. An RV Door Lock with Bluetooth® 

In the realm of essential RV accessories, an RV door lock with Bluetooth stands out as a cutting-edge innovation for enhanced security and convenience. Imagine being able to control and monitor your RV entry door effortlessly, no matter where you are around your vehicle. This keyless door lock integrates Bluetooth technology, elevating the safety and accessibility of your camper in ways that were previously unimaginable. 

This Bluetooth-enabled RV door lock offers an extensive range of up to 60 feet, ensuring that you can securely manage your entryway from a considerable distance. By using proximity sensors, this smart lock synchronizes with your location, allowing you to remotely lock or unlock your RV door using the intuitive OneControl® app. 
This system eliminates the need for traditional keys, providing a more secure and hassle-free way to access your camper. Forgot whether you locked the door before going on a hike or simply want to ensure your RV is secure from afar? With this lock, peace of mind is just a tap away on your smartphone. 
The integration of Bluetooth technology not only enhances security but also simplifies the process of securing your RV. Seamlessly blending technology with functionality, this door lock offers a level of convenience that aligns perfectly with the modern camper lifestyle. It’s a futuristic upgrade that transforms how you interact with your RV, making it a must-have camper accessory. 

Innovative RV Step Products

Safety and ease of access are paramount, and these RV step products catered to both in 2023. Stabilizer kits, fold-out steps, entry assist handrails and more were there to ensure a steady and comfortable entrance into RVs this year. 

15. A Step Stabilizer Kit

If you've ever experienced that unsettling bounce when entering or exiting your RV, you'll understand the value of a step stabilizer kit. That's why the Solid Stance by Lippert was an essential camper accessory this year. 

This kit is the antidote to the notorious "RV bounce." Designed to provide robust ground support, it transforms your entry steps into a stable foundation. Compatible with various double and triple entry step assemblies, including both steel and aluminum designs, it offers versatility to fit a wide range of RV models, not just specific brands. 
What makes this kit different is its easy installation and adjustability. With adjustable legs, mounting hardware and a quick-release spring-loaded pull pin, setting up your stabilizer becomes a breeze. Simply attach it to your existing entry steps, adjust the height as needed and you’re set for a more secure entry and exit from your RV. 

16. Premium Fold-Out RV Steps 

Okay, so you’re ready for a bigger change when it comes to enhancing your RV's entry experience. You got it! The Solid Step® by Lippert was a significant upgrade for 5th wheel RVs and travel trailers this year. This upgrade brings convenience, safety and simplicity to your journeys. 

One of the standout features of the Solid Step is its emphasis on comfort. With an extra-large top step, measuring a generous 13 inches in depth, entering or exiting the RV becomes effortless, even in low light conditions or when carrying items. The expanded total step reach ensures a more natural climbing and descending motion, making your transitions in and out of your RV smoother and safer. 
Stability is paramount, and the Solid Step excels here, too. Its adjustable foot pads allow for lateral leveling, ensuring that the steps stay parallel to the ground. No more wobbles or slips, even on uneven terrain. With the extendable legs neatly tucked behind the bottom step, there are no more tripping hazards around your RV stairs — finally! 
One of the most appreciated improvements is the Solid Step's "no bounce" design. Constructed to eliminate the typical bouncing and wobbling of traditional RV steps, it provides a level of stability and safety that's unparalleled. Regardless of sloped surfaces or uneven ground, the Solid Step's adjustable legs reach the ground for stable footing. 
Durability is another highlight. Unlike traditional steps that are susceptible to rust due to exposure to the elements, the Solid Step is protected. Stored inside the trailer and s

17. An Entry Assist Handrail

An entry assist handrail also stands out as an indispensable addition for your RV's Solid Step assembly. It gives you that extra support and stability you need when navigating your way up and down the stairs. 

This handrail is engineered for convenience and compatibility. It effortlessly pairs with Solid Step triple and quad assemblies, ensuring a seamless fit. The beauty lies in its adaptability: locking pins enable a 5" adjustment and can accommodate entry door widths up to 36". It's the perfect solution for various setups, offering flexibility and ease of installation. 
One of the most remarkable features is its practicality. The Solid Step handrail remains attached to your steps even when stored, eliminating the need for repetitive assembly and dismantling before and after each use. This means you can focus more on enjoying your journey and less on fussing with accessories. 
Safety and convenience take center stage with this entry assist handrail, providing essential support for your adventures. It's a simple yet significant addition that ensures smoother transitions in and out of your RV, making every step a secure and steady one. 

18. An RV Storage Box 

In the world of RV adventures, space is precious. That's where an RV storage box comes in as an ingenious solution for travelers looking to maximize their cargo room.  

This RV storage box is an easy-to-install accessory that effortlessly fits under your trailer steps, transforming the often-underutilized space into a practical storage area. 
The Solid Step RV storage box is designed for convenience and efficiency while serving as the perfect complement to your Solid Step upgrade. It offers a sizable capacity to accommodate various travel essentials, like tools and camping gear. 
This storage box is not just about additional space; it's about enhancing your travel experience. It's a seamless way to bring more of what you love on the road, ensuring that your adventure is not limited by space constraints.  

Electronics for Tech-Savvy Adventurers

In 2023, RVers were staying connected and entertained, even in the most remote locations, with these cutting-edge electronics. From outdoor TVs and soundbars to backup cameras and cellular upgrade kits, these gadgets are sure to enhance your camping experience. 

19. An Outdoor TV

When you're lounging with the family or hosting a lively gathering at your campsite, an outdoor TV can be the centerpiece of your entertainment setup. But not all TVs are built for the great outdoors. While your living room screen might excel indoors, it's not equipped to withstand the elements like rain, dust or extreme temperatures. That's where outdoor televisions like the Furrion Aurora® series step in to redefine your outdoor entertainment experience. 

These outdoor TVs are engineered to withstand nature's challenges. With an IP54-waterproof rating, they're designed to withstand precipitation, UV rays, snow, dirt and humidity. And let’s not forget about unexpected hazards — an IK08-rated impact-resistant screen on partial-sun and full-sun models means these TVs can handle more than just weather; think flying baseballs or Tim, your rambunctious friend who gets a little too excited during the big game. 
Clarity matters, especially outdoors, where sunlight can overpower screens. The Furrion Aurora series boasts excellent 4K ultra-high-definition resolution with HDR10, delivering vivid colors and deep contrasts for an immersive viewing experience. But it doesn't stop there. These TVs are intelligently calibrated for glare-free viewing, ensuring your outdoor oasis doesn't turn into a reflective nightmare. 
Adaptability is key. Outdoor conditions change, and your TV should, too. Furrion's outdoor TVs feature auto-brightness control that adjusts screen lighting based on ambient light levels. So, whether the sun’s blazing or clouds cast a shadow, your TV keeps up, delivering optimal viewing no matter the weather. 
It's the 21st century, and these outdoor smart TVs keep up with the times. Equipped with RangeXtend™ external antennas for boosted signal strength, these TVs also offer integrated smart functions. That means easy streaming of your favorite shows and movies without needing extra devices. 

20. An Outdoor Soundbar

Outdoor entertainment is just as much about the sound as the visuals. An outdoor soundbar is the secret ingredient for transforming your campsite into a cinematic soundscape. Imagine the thrill of your favorite movie or the pulse of your playlist resonating through the open air, creating an immersive experience that captivates everyone around. 

A Furrion Aurora outdoor soundbar is the perfect companion to your outdoor TV setup. Equipped with speakers and a subwoofer, it’s engineered to deliver crisp and clear sounds that fill large outdoor spaces with ease. Whether it's the dialogue of a movie or the beats of your favorite tunes, these soundbars amplify the experience, making every moment outdoors truly unforgettable. 
But it's not just about the sound quality. Convenience matters too. The Bluetooth functionality and RCA/coaxial inputs make it a breeze to connect your soundbar to your mobile devices. So, when the mood shifts from movies to music or vice versa, your sound system effortlessly adapts.

21. A Portable Power Station 

When you're out exploring off-grid or spending a day away from traditional power sources, having a portable power station like the Furrion Trekker becomes an absolute essential item. It’s not just a power source; it's your lifeline to keeping all your essential devices juiced up and ready for action. 

The Trekker power station is your personal powerhouse. It gives you the ability to recharge multiple devices simultaneously, whether it's your cell phone, laptop, mini cooler or even an electric grill. This portable station lets you charge up to five devices at once, ensuring you're equipped for any adventure or outing. 
What makes it even more appealing is its versatile charging options. Whether you're near a wall outlet, in your car, or harnessing alternative power like solar, the Trekker power station is adaptable and ready to refuel. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry along on any journey, seamlessly fitting in with your outdoor gear. 
The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) and pure sine wave inverter technology assure the safety of your delicate gadgets. With the LCD screen displaying battery levels, usage time, and estimated run time, you'll always be knowledgeable about your power supply. 

22. Solar Panels

Embracing the freedom of the open road often means leaving traditional power sources behind. But fear not, the Furrion kickstand solar panel is here to ensure you never run out of energy, no matter how far off the beaten path you venture. 

This 100W solar panel is your ticket to unbounded adventures. Just set it up in a sunny spot, and it becomes your personal power station. Designed for off-grid camping, it effortlessly charges your 12V appliances using the boundless energy of the sun. 
Its efficiency is unparalleled, thanks to high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells that optimize sunlight absorption in any condition. These cells are engineered for long-term stability and reliability, ensuring consistent output when you need it most. Plus, its high-transmittance, low-iron tempered glass makes it sturdy and impact-resistant, ensuring durability against the rigors of outdoor life. 
What’s even more impressive is its versatility. The kickstand solar panel can directly power up your Furrion ePod™ power station, supplying energy to your small electronics or even your eRove™ electric cooler (we’ll get to that in a little bit).

23. A WiFi Kit

In the world of modern travel, staying connected while on the move is not just a luxury — it's oftentimes a necessity. You’ll need some RV internet options to get the strong, stable connection you seek. That's where a OneControl Hotspot prepped RV WiFi kit comes in handy. 

What sets this kit apart from your average mobile hotspot is its tailor-made design for the rigors of travel. Engineered with Direct Link technology, it's not just about speed — it's about blazing speed. Offering up to 150 MBPS of 4G LTE connectivity, this kit ensures you're never waiting on the internet, no matter where your adventure takes you. 
And let’s face it — campground networks can be a headache. The OneControl Hotspot offers a secure, stable connection that's yours and yours alone. No more sharing bandwidth with everyone else nearby. It's like having your own dedicated network, ready to go anytime, anywhere. 

24. A Cellular Upgrade Kit

Staying connected and in control is even easier with a cellular upgrade kit. This upgrade, powered by OneControl Wireless™ technology, is the ultimate game-changer for managing your RV systems from virtually anywhere on the globe. 

Okay, so you’re out exploring, and the sun begins to set before you’ve made it back to your campsite. With a simple tap on your OneControl app, you illuminate your RV's welcoming lights, creating a cozy atmosphere to return to. Want to prep for your return on a hot day? Fire up the generator, adjust the HVAC system and ensure the interior is perfectly cooled for your arrival — all from your smartphone. 
Away from local WiFi networks, ConnectAnywhere™ ensures you're not tethered to unreliable connections. By leveraging cellular technology, you gain unparalleled control and monitoring capabilities, backed by robust and secure internet connectivity. No more relying on finicky local networks or dealing with the difficulties of guest access WiFi — ConnectAnywhere provides the stability you need for seamless remote management. 

25. An RV Backup Camera

Investing in an RV backup camera, like the Furrion Vision S®, is all about enhancing safety and peace of mind on the road. It has up to four different camera angles displayed on a high-resolution monitor, giving you a comprehensive view around your RV. It’s like having eyes in every direction, effectively minimizing blind spots, maneuvering and reversing a breeze. 

One of the standout features is the wide viewing angle, which ensures you have visibility all around your RV, extending right down to the bumper. This means you can spot blind spots and hidden obstacles effortlessly, making every movement in reverse safer and more controlled. 
Also, this system isn’t just for daytime use. The high-resolution camera technology comes equipped with clear, clean infrared night vision. The camera can function as a motion-activated security feature, ensuring a watchful eye even when you’re asleep in your camper. The built-in microphone further elevates safety, adding an additional layer of awareness to your surroundings. 

26. A Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS)

One of the most crucial aspects to consider is your tires once you’re ready to hit the road. That's where an RV and trailer TPMS like the Tire Linc® by Lippert comes into play. 

This system is designed to keep you informed and your tires in top-notch condition, ensuring your journey is smooth and safe. What makes the Tire Linc unique is its ease of use and constant monitoring capabilities. Integrated with the Lippert OneControl® app, it puts the power of tire management right in the palm of your hand. No more wrestling with separate dashboard interfaces; you can effortlessly monitor tire pressure and temperature directly from your smartphone. 
The setup is straightforward: four sensors, easily screwed onto your existing tire valves, provide comprehensive monitoring. And for those with certain RV models prepped for Tire Linc, installation is even easier with a preinstalled docking station. But don’t worry if your camper isn’t prepped; installing the repeater into the RV’s 12V power system ensures that your tire pressure monitoring system is effectively communicating pressure and temperature wherever you are.

27. A Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor is a must-have addition to any RV equipped with a refrigerator or freezer. This sensor, compatible with Lippert's OneControl technology, delivers peace of mind and convenience right in the palm of your hand. 

Gone are the days of guessing or dealing with outdated temperature monitors in your RV fridge or freezer. This sensor brings you into the modern age, providing real-time temperature notifications directly to your phone. Whether you're on-site or miles away, you'll have 24/7 access to keep an eye on your RV appliances

28. A Propane Tank Sensor

When you're out there on the road, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of propane unexpectedly. A propane tank sensor is a little device that ensures you're never caught off guard by low or empty LP tanks during your adventures. 

The beauty of this sensor lies in its simplicity and convenience. Imagine having the ability to monitor your RV's propane levels right from your phone or smart device, no matter where you are in the campground. Integrated with cutting-edge technology like OneControl, this sensor keeps you in the loop 24/7, even while you're soaking up the serenity of the great outdoors. 
Bid farewell to unreliable gauge readings or the hassle of manually checking your tanks. With this sensor, you'll receive real-time updates straight to your phone, eliminating any surprises while allowing you to plan and enjoy your camping experiences to the fullest.

Products That Make RV Interiors Feel Like Home

Being a modern nomad calls for transforming the interior of your RV into a cozy haven with carefully selected mattresses, fireplaces and air conditioners. These appliances all made RVers feel right at home — all tailored to provide comfort and functionality on the road. 

29. An RV Mattress

Finding a mattress that truly fits the bill for a good night's sleep in an RV can feel like a quest for the holy grail. That’s why the Thomas Payne® mattress is taking a spot on our best camper accessories of 2023 list. 

Comfort, coolness and support are the cornerstones of this mattress. Crafted with specialized materials that respond to your body's temperature, this mattress ensures you stay cool and dry throughout the night. No more tossing and turning due to overheating. The intelligent moisture-wicking components, akin to those found in high-performance athletic wear, react to your body heat, offering a cool and relaxing slumber. 
The dual-layered design is a fusion of technology and comfort. The top layer comprises a 1" memory foam infused with charcoal and cooling gel, while the sturdy base layer offers a substantial 9" foundation. Together, they provide the ideal balance of cushioning and support, delivering that dream-worthy sleep you've been craving. 
Moreover, the infusion of charcoal and gel in the top layer doesn't just offer comfort; it's a natural odor eliminator, moisture absorber and heat dissipater. This allows the mattress to breathe, managing moisture and temperature for an uninterrupted sleep experience.

30. An RV Air Conditioner

RVers were looking to beat the heat while on the road this year, and an RV air conditioner was the key to keeping their journeys as cool and comfortable as possible. Enter the Chill HE RV roof air conditioner — a powerful and innovative system designed to transform your RV's interior climate. 

Engineered with precision, this air conditioner packs a punch. Its dual-fan setup doesn't just cool your RV; it does so with 40% increased efficiency while keeping the noise levels in check. The strategic design not only pumps cold air into your RV but also ensures consistent circulation, eliminating hot spots and optimizing airflow. 
Weather can be unpredictable, but this air conditioner is built to handle it all. With a weatherproof and UV-resistant shroud, it shields the unit from rain, harsh sunrays and whatever else nature throws your way. But it's not just about protection; the insulated heat exchanger inside efficiently extracts heat during operation, improving performance while the mid-profile design cuts through air drag, making it a fuel-efficient choice for your journey. Vibrationsmart™ technology shields it from shocks and vibrations, ensuring its longevity and reliability. Plus, its unique Climatesmart™ design lets it withstand extreme temperatures. 
With the Chill HE RV air conditioner, maintaining the ideal temperature in your RV is no longer a hassle — it's an effortless part of your journey. Whether you're cruising through warmer climates or seeking respite from the heat, this system ensures your RV stays cool and comfortable wherever the road takes you. 

31. An RV Fireplace

So, we’ve got the sweltering hot days covered, but what about the frigid winter ones for all the year-round campers? Well, we’ve added an RV fireplace to our list just for that reason! 

With the capability to heat up to 500 square feet, the Furrion built-in electric fireplace brings warmth to your RV's common area, offering both functionality and a stylish centerpiece. You can choose from three flame color options — orange, blue or red — to match your mood or complement the season. With four flame brightness settings, you have the reins to set the ambiance exactly as you desire.  
Premium features like Climatesmart and Vibrationsmart technology are integrated into this system, ensuring stability even amidst fluctuating temperatures and rugged road conditions. 

Refreshing RV Water Solutions

Water is essential, and these solutions were there to ensure campers had clean and reliable access on their adventures all year long. Explore these water purifiers, heaters, pumps and drain-down systems for a worry-free fresh water experience in your RV. 

32. An RV Water Purifier

Having clean and safe water is non-negotiable while you’re camping. That's where a water purification system steps in — not your average water filter, but a powerhouse purifier specifically designed for RVs. It's the ultimate solution to ensure your water is free from harmful contaminants. 

What makes the Acuva Wanderer™ 2.0 RV water purifier stand out is its technology. Utilizing UV-LED tech, the Wanderer 2.0 isn't just filtering your water; it's purifying it. This means eradicating not just sediment and chlorine but also bacteria and viruses that could potentially lurk in your water supply. The result? Water that's not just clear and odorless but truly safe to drink. 
With this system, installation is a breeze. It's designed to fit seamlessly under your sink, so it won't take up precious space in your RV. The package comes complete with a smart faucet and all the necessary components for straightforward installation, making it a hassle-free addition to your water system.

33. An RV Water Pump

The right water pump makes all the difference when it comes to your RV plumbing. The Flow Max™ water pump stands out from the crowd, delivering a reliable and steady water flow that ensures you never run dry during your adventures. 

What sets the Flow Max apart? It's all about performance. With an average of 50 PSI and over 3.0 gallons per minute water flow, it's designed to keep up with the demands of larger RVs. One of the best features of the Flow Max is its quiet operation. There's nothing worse than a noisy water pump disturbing the peace of your camping experience. Flow Max provides disturbance-free operation that won't disrupt the tranquility of your outdoor haven. 
And let's talk about value. Despite its exceptional performance, the Flow Max comes in at a price point that's friendly on the wallet. Offering top-notch functionality and reliability, this water pump presents an affordable option without compromising on quality. 

34. An RV Drain-Down System

When it comes to winterizing your RV for the colder months or ensuring a smooth water system, one product emerges as a front-runner. An RV drain-down system, like Floë®, allows you to effortlessly manage your freshwater system without the need for professional help. 

Floë revolutionizes the process of draining your RV's water system. Forget about the hassle of paying someone else or struggling with intricate procedures. With Floë, you're in control. This system empowers you to swiftly drain your fresh water system whenever the need arises, ensuring that your RV is ready for action or safeguarded against potential frost damage during colder months. 
What's remarkable about Floë is its user-friendly design. Available in a couple different models, this system is engineered to be simple to install and even easier to operate. Whether you're relying on a 12-volt power supply or have access to a main AC outlet, Floë is adaptable to your setup. Its user-centric design puts the power of efficiently managing your water system right in your hands. 

35. An RV Water Heater 

The RV water heater stands as an essential component for your on-the-road adventures, keeping your RV water at a comfortable temperature. In 2023, the choices in water heaters offered several features, catering to various needs and preferences. 

Consider the Furrion tankless gas water heater — an exemplary choice for those seeking consistent, on-demand hot water in their RV. With an impressive output capacity of 2.4 gallons per minute and a robust heating capacity of 60,000 BTUs, this heater is designed to meet the demands of an active family on the go. Its Vortex technology ensures steady water temperatures by continuously blending water, minimizing cold spots and reducing the risk of scalding — promising both comfort and safety for users. 
Furrion's tankless water heater boasts an exquisite blend of aesthetics and functionality. The modern wall thermostat, complete with an LED temperature display and softly illuminated touchscreen, not only adds a sophisticated touch to your RV interior but also offers easy control over water temperature settings. Safety features abound, including over-temp protection, a pressure relief valve and automatic shut-off.  
Another notable option is the Girard tankless RV hot water heater. This system guarantees endless hot water at your preferred temperature. Boasting an onboard microprocessor that monitors water temperatures and flow rates, it ensures a steady and precise hot water flow. Installation is a breeze, fitting seamlessly into any tank water heater opening without adding excess weight to your rig. 
The Girard water heater's user-friendly features shine through its interior wall-mounted digital controller, allowing temperature adjustments and offering visual diagnostics for effortless troubleshooting. Parents can take advantage of its pre-set options for lower water temperatures, providing an added layer of safety for families on the move. 

Super Cool Shade Solutions

One theme that stood out with campers and RVers this year was beating the heat with shade solutions. From outdoor gazebos offering a gathering space to RV awning replacements and slide topper awnings, these solutions offer shelter and comfort in any camping scenario. 

36. RV Awning Replacement Fabric

When it comes to upgrading your RV, the awning is often an overlooked yet vital component. RV awning replacement fabric is a top pick in the world of camper accessories for 2023, promising durability, versatility and customization options that redefine your outdoor experience. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Solera's fabric stands out due to its premium construction. Heat-welded seams reinforce critical areas, ensuring sturdiness where it matters most. The heavy-duty, 13-1/2 oz. vinyl base is cold-crack tested at -25°F, making it resilient against harsh weather conditions and a reliable choice for various climates and seasons. 
What truly sets Solera apart is its compatibility with leading brands, like Dometic® and CareFree™ awnings, offering a universal fit without compromising quality. This compatibility factor significantly simplifies the replacement process, eliminating guesswork and providing a seamless upgrade for your RV.  

37. An RV Awning Fabric Support Kit

An awning fabric support kit was an essential addition to elevate RV shade solutions this year. Designed with camper comfort and awning longevity in mind, this kit revolutionizes the way you enjoy outdoor living spaces. 

Compatible with most standard and XL projection awnings, as well as Solera screen rooms and family rooms, the Awnbrella™ kit stands out for its design and functionality. Say goodbye to the hassles of awning sagging or water pooling at the center, potentially causing damage — this kit has your back. 
Crafted from rust-resistant aluminum, the kit includes two adjustable tension bows that work harmoniously to ensure your patio awning stays taut and firmly in place. By lifting the fabric to an optimal angle, it facilitates effortless water and debris runoff, preventing any buildup that might compromise the awning's integrity. No more worrying about wear and tear due to wind or adverse weather conditions — this support kit keeps your fabric taut and safeguarded. 

38. A Slide-Out Awning

For RV owners looking to safeguard their RV slide-out from the elements, a slide topper awning emerged as a must-have camper accessory for 2023. This impressive slide-out awning doesn't just protect; it seamlessly integrates with your RV's design, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Crafted from heavy-duty 13.5-ounce vinyl and rigorously tested to withstand temperatures as low as -25°F, the Solera 5000 Series slide topper assures top-tier protection for your slide-out. Its robust construction, featuring heat-welded seams, offers a leak-proof barrier against dirt, leaves, branches, bird droppings and even water infiltration.  
Additionally, this slide topper operates in sync with your RV's slide-out, effortlessly extending and retracting while ensuring that protection is always at hand without any manual adjustments. Its enclosed head design and sleek, flat-oval-shaped crossbar contribute to an integrated, streamlined appearance for your RV. 

39. Outdoor Gazebos

Alright, so what about shade solutions not connected to your motorhome, 5th wheel or travel trailer? Well, popup gazebos brought convenience and comfort to outdoor gatherings. These gazebos allow campers to create an enclosed, bug-free space for hosting friends and family. 

Designed with a smart hub system, each gazebo in the Picnic collection makes setup and teardown a breeze. No more wrestling with complicated poles and instructions — simply pop it up and start enjoying your bug-free haven. But that's not all; each gazebo's breathable mesh ensures you revel in the fresh air and the outdoors without the annoyance of insects or harsh sun exposure. 
Portability is key for any adventure, and this gazebo nails it. Whether it's a weekend at the campground or a beach day trip, the Picnic popup gazebo comes with a carry bag for easy transportation. Worried about stability? Not with this gazebo! It includes tie-down ropes and durable, all-terrain tent stakes, ensuring it stays put while you entertain. 
Looking for extra privacy or weather protection? The Picnic gazebo wind panels provide an easy solution. Crafted from water-resistant, flame-retardant material, these panels attach seamlessly to the gazebo walls, shielding you from the wind and offering shelter from the sun during your outdoor escapades. 

40. Outdoor Sun Shelters 

So, the gazebos made the list, but what about those times when you don’t need something quite that large? A shelter for yourself, perhaps? Luckily, the Picnic popup sun shelters also made the list!  

Crafted from durable and water-resistant materials, these sun shade tents are your go-to for protection against the elements. With a UPF 50+ rating, these shelters shield you against the sun's rays, ensuring you enjoy your outdoor adventures without worrying about harmful UV exposure. These shelters also have integrated mesh screens that allow for optimal airflow, letting you relish the breeze while maintaining a clear view of your surroundings.  
Since ease of setup is a top priority for most, each sun shelter boasts a hassle-free hub system, enabling you to set up and tear down in seconds. No more wrestling with complicated poles — whether you're on sand or grass, this popup tent can be effortlessly placed anywhere you desire. Plus, its integrated groundsheet ensures added comfort and protection from the ground. 
And here's the best part: versatile storage options make this sun shelter a standout accessory. Once set up, you can utilize the mesh side pockets to store your essentials, like phones, keys, wallets and more! 

Cozy & Functional Outdoor Camping Furniture 

Let’s explore more of the best camper accessories of 2023, but let’s make it about you, the camper, instead of your RV. To make your campsite the ultimate comfort zone, you’ll need a range of cozy and functional camping furniture options. From the reliable camping chairs offering comfort around the campfire to versatile camping couches and practical camping tables, these essentials make your campsite feel like a home away from home. 

41. Camping Chairs

When it comes to setting up the perfect outdoor haven, comfortable camping chairs play an essential role in letting you kick back for total relaxation. The wide variety of choices available ensures you can customize your outdoor space to suit your style and preferences. 

Camping chairs have evolved beyond basic functionality and have become a canvas of comfort and personal expression. From plush folding chairs to extra-wide couches and reclining loungers, these seating options provide a spectrum of choices for every outdoor enthusiast.  
Consider the versatility of your outdoor space. For a cozy evening by the fire pit, a pair of reclining camp chairs might be the ideal choice. These offer relaxation and support, perfect for unwinding after a day filled with adventures. Or opt for a set of foldable chairs that can easily be moved around and adapted to various activities, from dining alfresco to stargazing. 
Remember, the right camping chair isn't just about sitting. It's about creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for socializing, enjoying nature or simply taking a moment to relax. So, explore the variety of styles available to create the perfect outdoor seating arrangement that complements your camping experience. 

42. Camping Tables

A portable camping table is an absolute must-have for creating a comfortable and functional camping setup. These tables are designed to be lightweight and effortlessly unfolded, making them an indispensable accessory for any camping enthusiast. 

Picture having a sturdy, reliable surface to set up your campsite kitchen, organize your camping gear or simply enjoy a meal outdoors. Portable camping tables provide the perfect platform for food preparation, dining or setting up board games under the open sky. 
Look for tables with adjustable legs, allowing you to customize the height according to your needs. This feature ensures that your table is not only convenient for adults but also accessible for younger campers who might want to join in the fun.

Fun & User-Friendly Campsite Accessories

It’s about time we get to the good part, right? Lucky for you, this section is all about having fun around the campsite! Campers and RVers were excited to elevate their camping game this year with an array of ingenious accessories designed to make their stay both enjoyable and hassle-free. From tablecloths with bench covers adding a touch of style to the campsite to the sheer relaxation of a hammock swaying under the trees, these accessories enhance every aspect of your outdoor adventure. 

43. A Tablecloth with Bench Covers

Picture this: a serene outdoor setting, a sumptuous meal spread across your picnic table, laughter echoing in the air — until a gust of wind swoops in, threatening to sweep away your tablecloth and ruin all the fun. Enter the supreme solution: a vinyl tablecloth and bench cover set, your steadfast ally against the whims of Mother Nature. 

What makes these tablecloths and bench covers stand out? Their fitted, elastic nature ensures a hassle-free setup for your outdoor dining experience. No more wrestling with unruly tablecloths in the wind — these covers stay snug and secure, no matter what weather tantrums come your way. 
Crafted from premium BPA-free PEVA material, these tablecloths are the epitome of durability and functionality. Spills and stains? Not a worry! These covers are waterproof, stain resistant and a breeze to clean. Simply wipe down all three pieces in this vinyl table cover and bench set, and presto! They're ready for your next meal, crafting session or that long-awaited family game night. 

44. A Hammock

Okay, so you're nestled amidst nature, surrounded by serene landscapes, and all you need is that perfect spot to unwind. Wouldn’t a hammock be perfect for your campsite? 

What makes this hammock stand out is its hassle-free setup. Bid adieu to tedious knots. With reinforced nylon tree straps, hanging your hammock is a breeze. In minutes, you're ready to kick back and soak in the outdoors. 
Here's the cherry on top: it’s a conscious choice for the environment. The thick, eco-friendly tree straps ensure you leave behind memories, not footprints. Unlike knotted ropes that can harm trees, these straps preserve nature's beauty. 

45. Sleeping Bags & Nap Sacks 

When it comes to camping with kids, comfort and imagination go hand in hand. This collection of sleeping bags and nap sacks is designed to elevate their camping experience to new heights! 

Let's start with the sleeping bags. Picture your child lounging by the campfire or nestled in their sleeping space, snug as a bug in a rug. These camping sleeping bags provide that warm, cozy haven thanks to comfortable padding and soft, enveloping fabric. Equipped with a zipper for easy access and heat retention on chilly nights, they're as practical as they are playful. And when it's time to move on to the next adventure, just roll it up, grab the built-in tote handle and off they go! Plus, these machine-washable and dryer-safe sleeping bags make cleaning a breeze. 
Now, let's talk about nap sacks. Envision a plush, cuddly friend that unfolds into a cozy sleeping haven. These nap sacks, available in three charming characters, transform from playful toys into warm sleeping bags in seconds. They unfold effortlessly, providing a snug space for your little ones to crawl into and drift into dreamland during camping adventures. And when playtime beckons again, a simple fold turns these nap sacks back into adorable toys. Plus, just like the sleeping bags, these nap sacks are machine washable and dryer safe, ensuring they stay fresh for every camping trip. 

46. A Trash Bag Holder 

You're out in nature, soaking in the beauty, when the need arises to dispose of your trash or recycling. But let's face it — dealing with flimsy bags or lugging around bulky trash cans is far from ideal for the modern adventurer. A lightweight, durable and oh-so-convenient trash bag holder is the best solution. 

No matter your outdoor pursuit — camping, boating, tailgating or a beach day — this trash bag holder is a must. Crafted for convenience, it boasts an injection-molded construction that's both lightweight and sturdy. Assembly takes mere seconds once you've reached your destination, ensuring you spend less time setting up and more time relishing the outdoors. 

47. An Apron

In 2023, tried-and-true kitchen aprons became trusty, multi-purpose sidekicks around the campsite. Crafted from durable 100% cotton twill, this apron is not just for the kitchen — it's a trusty companion for all your endeavors, from culinary ventures to gardening and creative projects. 

What sets this apron apart? It's the functionality. Say hello to a handy towel loop and front pockets — your on-the-go storage solution for everything from phones and recipe cards to art supplies and gardening tools. Worried about messes? Don't be! The Lippert Scouts apron is machine washable and dryer safe, ready to tackle any spills or stains and emerge fresh for your next adventure. 

48. A Portable Grill 

Campers decided to elevate their outdoor dining game this year with a portable grill and experience the joy of flavorful meals on the go without compromising on taste or convenience. The Odyssey™ portable grill delivers that smoky, flavorful taste wherever your adventures take you. 

Bid farewell to the hassle of lugging around hefty grills ill-suited for travel. This grill is your easy-to-carry solution, perfect for campgrounds, beachside gatherings or even sailing on the water. Crafted for only the best grilling experience, this all-in-one unit boasts a durable outer bowl made of powder-coated steel, ensuring longevity and sturdiness. Its stainless steel basin, accompanied by a grill plate, barbecue grate, ignition plate, charcoal container with a cover and gripping tongs, equips you for seamless outdoor cooking. And here's the kicker: the flavor-packed charcoal grilling experience you cherish? Expect it in abundance. 
This grill is as versatile as it is practical. The included carry case not only holds the grill components but also features a bonus cooler attachment. Now, you can transport everything needed for your outdoor feast without the hassle of multiple bags. And if you don't need the cooler, simply detach it and continue your adventure. 

49. Collapsible Water Bottles & Coffee Cups

Space is precious, especially in small campers where every inch counts. That's why this line of collapsible water bottles and coffee cups takes its place in our list of the best camper accessories of 2023. No more bulky items taking up RV space; our silicone, collapsible design is a convenient space-saving solution. 

These water bottles are not just about space efficiency; they're also about convenience and versatility. Whether it's cold water to quench your thirst on a hike or a warm beverage to cozy up around the campfire, these bottles are your steadfast companions on any journey.  
And then there are the collapsible coffee cups — a dream come true for coffee aficionados. These cups bring your favorite brew along for the ride and keep your beverages at the perfect temperature. 
The beauty of collapsible drinkware lies in its adaptability. When not in use, these cups and bottles collapse effortlessly, becoming compact additions to your camping dishes.  

50. Soft-Sided Camping Coolers 

Soft-sided coolers are the unsung heroes of any adventure, especially if you’re trying to keep your drinks frosty on the move. Adventure Pro coolers are designed to revolutionize your on-the-go chilling experience. 

These coolers are all about convenience and exceptional ice retention, thanks to the innovative ChillPro™ technology. Whether you're trekking trails, lounging at the beach or cheering from the sidelines, these insulated coolers keep your drinks refreshingly cold for the long haul. 
Durability? Check. These coolers boast tough outer shells and puncture-resistant linings, ensuring they're built to withstand the rigors of your adventures. From rugged terrains to bustling sidelines, they're your reliable companion, ready to endure the journey alongside you. 
But what truly sets these soft coolers apart is their portability. Easy to transport, they effortlessly adapt to your travel plans. Their soft-sided design also allows for flexible packing into tight spaces. 

51. Electric Coolers

Okay, so you need something a little more high-tech than a regular soft-sided cooler. We get it. That’s why we have another cooler option on our list of the best camping accessories of 2023. Of course, it’s the Furrion eRove® electric cooler.  

Versatility and cutting-edge technology put the eRove on a different level than competitor brands. With flexible power options, from 12V DC to 120V AC outlets, this cooler adapts to your power needs seamlessly. Charge it up with an ePod battery for extended cooling periods during those longer trips. 
But let's talk about performance. This cooler boasts a whopping 50 quarts of storage space and unrivaled insulation technology, setting the standard for extended freshness. Its compressor technology and the ePod battery ensure an iceless cooling experience for up to five days, thanks to its low energy consumption and intelligent presets. 
And the best part? Portability meets sleek design. Equipped with a wheel kit, this cooler effortlessly navigates any terrain, regardless of weather conditions. It's the epitome of convenience and reliability on-the-go. 

52. Patio Mats & Outdoor Rugs

Life on the road brings its own joys, but sometimes you crave a space that's free from dirt and debris — a comfortable haven outside your RV. That's where outdoor rugs and patio mats step in, elevating your campsite and entryway into a comfortable and stylish gathering space in an instant. 

Let's start with the patio mats — a versatile solution for creating a clean, welcoming space. Crafted from 100% polypropylene, these mats offer durability and style in one package. Their reversible, colorful patterns infuse a dash of excitement into your outdoor area, and the option to flip them over for a new look is a bonus. These mats are soft yet rugged, perfectly suited for all weather conditions and a breeze to clean. A quick hose down and air dry, and they're good as new. UV-resistant fabric ensures colors stay vibrant under the sun, while the rug edges add a neat finish to the overall look. 
Now, let's talk about the outdoor rugs — designed for comfort and sophistication. Constructed from 70% PVS and 30% polyester, these rugs exude refinement. The tight weave and finished edges, combined with soft, refined colors, bring a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Like their patio mat counterparts, these rugs are resilient against weather elements and effortless to clean. Mold, mildew and UV resistance make them reliable, rain or shine. The reinforced metal grommet corners allow for staking down during windy days. 
Both the patio mats and outdoor rugs come with their own matching carrying bags, making transport and storage a breeze.  

53. A Collapsible Travel Wagon 

When it comes to packing for outdoor adventures, bringing along all your essentials just got easier. This collapsible, portable travel wagon is the perfect gear hauler! 

Crafted for convenience, this utility wagon is designed to fold effortlessly, ensuring compact storage when not in use. Its collapsible nature means it won't hog space in your car or RV, making it the ideal companion for any adventure, big or small. 
But it's not just about convenience — it's about durability too. Made from sturdy polyester materials and a robust steel tubing frame, this wagon stands the test of time. Whether you're hauling beach gear, camping supplies or sports equipment, it's up to the challenge, providing a reliable solution for transporting your belongings. 

54. Ebikes

Electric bikes, or ebikes, are making waves in the world of RV adventures, and for all the right reasons! Imagine exploring more, traveling light and relishing the great outdoors with a touch of style and convenience — this Li-Series ebike is your ticket to an enhanced RV journey. 

Efficiency and portability define ebikes. They're a space-saving alternative to traditional flat-towing vehicles, offering you greater mobility at your destination without the hassle. Compact and easy to transport, ebikes redefine the way you navigate your RV destinations. 
Engineered with an advanced lithium-ion battery system, the Li-Series Skyline ebike by Lippert empowers your adventures with up to a 45-mile range per charge, depending on power level and load. Just three hours of charging time, and you're back on the road, ready to explore. With six power levels, adaptability is at your fingertips — ride at speeds of up to 18 mph, embracing the journey at your pace. 
Bluetooth capabilities paired with the Lippert eBikes app provide real-time insights on speed, travel distance and more, all accessible from your smartphone. A convenient phone holder ensures easy viewing, allowing for hands-free riding while keeping track of essential stats. 

55. Bike Racks

An ebike may be your ticket to exploration, but you also need a reliable bike rack to carry it along. And let’s not forget about your regular bikes, too! That’s why the CURT aluminum tray-style bike rack is making our list of the best camper accessories of 2023. 

Designed for adaptability, this bike rack is a game-changer, effortlessly mounting onto any industry-standard 2-inch x 2-inch receiver. It's not just about securing your ebike, though; it's also about ensuring a snug fit for a variety of bike sizes and styles. From 20-inch to 29-inch diameter wheels, fat tires up to 4 inches wide, kids' bikes, women's bikes and ebikes, this rack caters to them all. 

Pet Travel Products for Your Four-Legged Friends

Now that we’ve talked about you, let’s talk about the arguably most important members of the family. Your furry companions deserve the best travel experience, too! Explore portable pet playpens for their safety and comfort, along with travel dog beds designed to keep them cozy wherever your journey takes you. 

56. A Portable Pet Playpen

When you're exploring the great outdoors, why leave your furry companions behind? A portable pet playpen should be your go-to accessory for bringing along your canine or feline friends on every journey. 

This foldable playpen is designed with their comfort in mind. Constructed with soft sides and breathable mesh windows, it ensures plenty of airflow for your pets, allowing them to bask in the cool breeze during those hot days at the campground. Not to mention, the mesh design offers a view of the outside world while letting you keep a watchful eye on your beloved pet. 
Ease of access is key — the side entrance with a fabric tie-up and the zippered, removable top grant you effortless entry to your furry friend whenever you need. Plus, cleaning is a breeze! Crafted from 600D polyester fabric with PVC coating, this playpen is easily spot cleaned, ensuring it stays fresh and inviting for your pet's next adventure. 

57. A Travel Dog Bed

Your furry companions deserve comfort on the road just as much as you do. Enter the portable travel dog bed — an absolute essential for RV or camping adventures with your canine pals. 

These beds are the epitome of convenience, offering a plush sleeping space for your furry friends without monopolizing precious room in your vehicle. They're designed to be portable and space-efficient, folding up easily when not in use. What's more? They come with a clever zippered feature that allows you to store your pet's favorite toys right inside the bed when it's zipped up — talk about smart packing! 
Equipped with convenient carry straps, these travel dog beds are your pet's home away from home on all your adventures. Whether it's a camping trip or an RV journey, these beds are hassle-free to bring along. 

See Some of These Camper Accessories in Action!