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The Absolute Best of the Best RV Gifts from the Lippert Brand Ambassadors

What is the best gift for an RV owner? If you have a loved one who lives the RV lifestyle, it can be tricky knowing what to get them for the holidays or a special occasion. We asked our Brand Ambassadors – real RVers who live the adventure! -- what they suggested. Here’s what they said!

Best RV Gifts according to The Restless Russells

The Restless Russells RV Family Lippert AmbassadorsThe Restless Russells RV Family Lippert Ambassadors

Who Are The Restless Russells?

The Russells

The Russells are a family of four plus one pup who live and travel full-time in their motorhome. In the five years of traveling, some of their favorite places to roam have been Acadia, all things Utah, the Florida Keys and Yellowstone. Although they love the traveling aspect of this lifestyle, hands down they are grateful for the community they’ve gained.

Restless Russells’ RV Gift Recommendations:

1. Furrion Convection Oven

“Keep your propane use down by adding the Furrion convection oven to your RV. Not only will you save on propane, but your meals and desserts will finally cook more evenly.”

2. CURT Premium Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

“It was a struggle to find a bike rack that could accommodate multiple bikes especially safely to attach to our RV, but the CURT premium hitch has held up for over three years without any problems.”

3. Collapsible Travel Wagon

“If there's one camping accessory you need, it's a collapsible wagon! We use ours for everything from taking our chairs over to a campfire, using it at the beach to haul all of our stuff, and rolling our laundry across the campground.”

4. Adventure Cooler

“If you need a cooler that is a perfect size to use while RVing, the Adventure cooler is the one and only! We've used our cooler for the last two years and it has been such a great addition for all our camping needs.”

5. Lippert Camping Dining Table

“We've been to campgrounds all over the country and the reality is not all campsites come with a table nor are the campground tables clean enough to use. The Lippert camping dining table is compact, lightweight, and large enough to accommodate your family's needs no matter where you choose to camp.” 

Best RV Gifts according to Paws for Love

Paws for Love Conlon Family RV with Dog Christina SeanPaws for Love Conlon Family RV with Dog Christina Sean

Who Is Paws for Love?

Christina & Sean Conlon

We live and travel full-time in our RV with our two Golden Retrievers, Nash and Maverick.  In 2020, we sold 90% of our stuff and moved into our RV with a heart to travel and volunteer with Nash!  What started with us volunteering with Nash on the Paws For Love Tour has blossomed into a beautiful partnership with Lippert and the Lippert Cares team to organize a volunteer database for other RVers to use on their travels, seRV.  We are incredibly grateful to be Lippert Brand Ambassadors and are pumped that you are here and a part of our Lippert Family too!

Paws for Love’s RV Gift Recommendations:

1. Acuva Water Filtration

“Before we started RVing, we never realized how difficult it would be to find clean drinking water on the road. For over a year, we were buying bottled water and refilling 5-gallon water jugs. It was incredibly wasteful, inefficient, and inconvenient. Once we installed the Acuva, it changed the game for us. We are drinking way more water now, wasting less plastic, and we feel so secure knowing how clean the water is, no matter where we are! We'll never go without an Acuva again and I highly recommend this for every RVer whether full-time, part-time, or weekend warrior! You won't regret it!”

Acuva RV Water Purifier Dispenser Filtered FaucetAcuva RV Water Purifier Dispenser Filtered Faucet

2. Auto Leveling

“When we hit the road as full-time RVers, we moved into a 38' travel trailer that we loved! We were traveling fast and moving often and the one consistent pain was leveling our RV. It took forever and caused us so much headache every time we parked! Once we got the Auto Leveling System installed on our travel trailer, it changed the game for us. We were able to get our entire setup done within 15 minutes and it alleviated so much stress for us. We even started to call this the "Marriage Saver!" :) The Auto Leveling System definitely prolonged the time we lived full-time in our travel trailer too, otherwise we would have purchased a fifth wheel much sooner.”

3. Tire Linc

“We always heard horror stories about tire blowouts on the road, so we knew we wouldn't go without Tire Linc, especially traveling full-time. Our Tire Linc saved us from a blowout last year by immediately alerting us when one of our tires started to lose significant pressure. We got the alert, pulled over at the next safe spot a few miles down the road, and realized there was a huge gouge of rubber missing from our tire. Even though we thoroughly check our tires and our tire pressure before a travel day, anything can happen out on the road (even without you knowing). The Tire Linc system is a non-negotiable to us to help keep our family and our RV safe while traveling.”

4. Solid Step with Lift Assist

“We do everything we can to keep our two pups comfortable while we travel full-time in our RV. When we started RVing, we noticed they didn't care for our traditional fold-in RV stairs. The Lippert Solid Step with Lift Assist was one of the first things we modified to make getting in and out of the RV easier for them. We added some velcro carpet to them as well, which has made them so much more at ease.”

5. Screen Defender

“In my opinion, the Lippert Screen Defender is a must if you have kids or pets in your RV! The screen doors on our RVs aren't made to withstand much pressure, so if your kiddo or pup leans against that screen, the Screen Defender is an easy add-on product that keeps them safe from falling.”

Best RV Gifts according to The Campoholics

Campoholics RV Couple Missy Michael CookCampoholics RV Couple Missy Michael Cook

Who Are The Campoholics?

Missy & Michael Cook

Hello! We are Mike and Missy. We are empty-nester retirees from Delaware that sold it all and hit the road for full-time RV life. We travel in our Grand Design Momentum 5th wheel toy hauler with our two dogs, Echo and Buzz. We love chatting with fellow RVers at campgrounds across America. We fly our Lippert Scouts flag proudly. Stop by and say hi! 

The Campoholics’ RV Gift Recommendations:

1. Lippert Axles with Disc Brakes

“Our Grand Design Momentum came equipped with 7K axles and drum brakes. As full-time RVers we knew we had to make a change for negotiating the mountains out west. This upgrade gave us comfort in knowing we had the payload capacity and the ability to slow down and brake on the steep grades in the mountainous terrain.”

2. Center Point® Suspension System

“The abuse of our standard suspension system was being transferred to our RV as we traveled. Items would be thrown around our unit, trim falling off, refrigerator door being popped open. The Center Point suspension system has made a BIG impact on our RV. When traveling I can witness the dramatic change. As I look in the mirror, the RV looks as if it's floating as the Center Point airbags provide comfort to the RV on America's highways.”

3. Level Up Leveling System

“The Level Up leveling system is pure gold! Prior to Level Up, leveling out RV took an additional 15-20 minutes, using blocks, using a level, walking circles around the RV. Now we simply unhook, press a button and BAM! It's level!”

4. Screen Assist

“Opening a door to exit an RV and all your attention and focus is on stepping upon the first step. The Screen Assist is a no focus, screen door opener taking away the distraction of finding a doorknob. We love simply striking the bar, anywhere on the bar, and the door opens!”

Lippert Screen Assist RV Door Opener HandleLippert Screen Assist RV Door Opener Handle

5. Thin Shade

“The Thin Shade gives us shade and security on the interior of our RV. The RV door window was the only window in our RV that did not have a blackout shade. It also provides a morning sunblock allowing us to sleep in!”

Best RV Gifts according to 2 Veterans on the Move

2 Veterans on Move RV Couple Bob Grace Bouchard2 Veterans on Move RV Couple Bob Grace Bouchard

Who Are 2 Veterans on the Move?

Bob & Grace Bouchard

Hey everyone! We're Bob and Grace, retired Air Force veterans who have been traveling full-time with our dog Bailey since early 2019. Before retiring, no specific place really felt like home so we decided to follow our passion for travel and see the country while trying to find the right spot for us to settle down. However, at the end of summer 2021, we found the Lippert Scouts community and decided that we no longer have an 'end date' for the RV lifestyle. For us, finding an amazing group of families and making the effort to grow our community on the road was a huge part of making the decision to continue our travel life. Our hope is to help encourage others through our journey and experiences to live their best life!

2 Veterans on the Move’s RV Gift Recommendations:

1. CURT CrossWing Hitch

“We love our CURT CrossWing hitch because of its all-steel design, how light it is as well as the small footprint it takes up in the truck bed compared to traditional fifth wheel hitches. On travel days it's a breeze to hook up and has a much smoother ride compared to our previous hitch.”

CURT CrossWing Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch in Truck BedCURT CrossWing Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch in Truck Bed

2. Big Bear Chair

“This is the most comfortable and roomy camping chair we have experienced while also still being very lightweight and stores easily.”

3. Picnic Popup Gazebo

“In a matter of minutes, you can set up an additional outdoor living space with this gazebo. It provides shade from the sun and allows us to still enjoy being outside when it rains. Not to mention the mesh walls are tight enough to keep bugs out when closed up too.”

4. Furrion Chef Collection 3-Burner Range

“Love the functionality of the offset burners easily allowing full use of all three burners at once, while also providing a residential style look.”

5. Road Armor Shock-Absorbing Equalizer with Heavy-Duty Shackles

“As full-time travelers, having dependable suspension components is the #1 priority for us. So, we were thrilled to see the Road Armor equalizer and heavy-duty shackles come standard on our new RV because we know that they're reliable parts that provide us the confidence that we will have a smooth ride and will hold up on rough roads.”

Best RV Gifts according to Simon Crew on Adventure

Who Is Simon Crew on Adventure?

Alicia & Wadell Simon

Hi, we are the Simon Crew! We are a family of eight traveling and exploring the U.S.A. in our RV. We took a leap of faith and started full-time travel in August 2020, which means we have been on the road for almost three years! We chose this lifestyle because we wanted to spend more time with our kids and have the opportunity to be their biggest influence. With their ages ranging from 15 to 4, we are all learning lots of new things together! Our family mission is to find a service to give, make new friends, learn about the world around us, take time to just be, and uncover the joy in every adventure!

Simon Crew on Adventure’s RV Gift Recommendations:

1. Portable Camping Table

“We love the sturdy build and portability of the new camping table.”

2. Furrion Built-in Fireplace

“Having a heating option that doesn’t require propane is a plus when we’re camping in cooler temperatures.”

Furrion Fireplace in RV Interior Flames Crystal BedFurrion Fireplace in RV Interior Flames Crystal Bed

3. CURT Air Ride™ Pin Box

“Ever since we had the CURT Air Ride pin box installed our drive days have been much smoother. The design of this box also makes hitching up at any angle a breeze.”

4. Lippert Axles with Disc Brakes

“We feel so much more stable pulling our home knowing that we are equipped with Lippert axles and disc brakes.”

5. Furrion Portable Power Station

“This portable power station has kept us charged and plugged in during times of power outages and in remote locations.”

Best RV Gifts according to Less Junk More Journey

Who Is Less Junk More Journey?

Marissa & Nathan Moss

After becoming parents, we were tired of trading time at the office for time as a family. So in 2015, we sold our house, practically all of our stuff, and moved into an RV to begin our journey of traveling as a family while creating amazing memories. We're a full-time traveling RV family of four who truly believes the family that camps together, stays together. Our mission is to inspire others to live a life of less junk and more journey while showcasing bucket-list experiences and destinations along the way.

Less Junk More Journey’s RV Gift Recommendations:

1. Furrion Tankless Water Heater

“Game changer! This product honestly changed our lives and how we shower in the RV. Not only can we take a long hot shower without running out of steam….literally, but we don’t have to plan our showers out and wait 20 minutes between each individuals shower. We can now shower back to back and not disrupt our daily routine. Like I said, game changer!”

2. Acuva Water Filtration

“No more bad tasting water and water bottles! Installing the Acuva has allowed our family to have clean drinking water no matter where our travels lead us. We no longer have to buy plastic water bottles which saves the environment and also saves our bank account. It fits under the kitchen sink also saving your counter space. That’s what I call a win-win!”

3. CURT Tow Bar & Baseplate

“If you are looking to tow a vehicle behind your camper look no further! We needed a way to tow our Jeep behind a Class C for our West Coast Adventure and the CURT tow bar and baseplate made that simple and safe for our family.”

4. Lippert Camping Loveseat

“What better way to sit by a campfire than in a loveseat! The camping loveseat is not only comfortable, but it allows for easy portability of not one but two seats. This chair has it all!”

5. Furrion Backup Camera

“The Furrion backup camera is like having an extra set of eyes. This comes in super handy for backing up into your campsite or safely changing lanes while driving. It also allows us to keep an eye on our bikes on the rear rack. When it comes to traveling, you need all the extra eyes you can get.”

Furrion Backup RV Camera Monitor WindshieldFurrion Backup RV Camera Monitor Windshield

Best RV Gifts according to Finding Our Someday

Who Is Finding Our Someday?

Jessie & Corey Nickerson

In the fall of 2017, Corey and Jessie sold it all and moved into their Grand Design Reflection with their girls, Lily and Leila, to find their someday! They took this leap of faith after Jessie's dad passed away in 2014 after a long fight with ALS, Lou Gehrig's, at just 53. He didn't get his "someday", so they decided not to wait to find theirs.

Finding Our Someday’s RV Gift Recommendations:

1. Ground Control

“After full-time RVing for the last six years, putting Lippert’s Ground Control leveling system on our Grand Design Reflection travel trailer is the best upgrade that we have ever made, hands down. The addition of an automated leveling system saves so much time and hassle every single time you set up, and the gift of peace and time is priceless in this life!”

2. Furrion 12V Refrigerator

“Anyone who has ever tried grocery shopping for a family of four with only an 8 cu. ft. refrigerator knows the value of space and upgrading to our Furrion 12V refrigerator added so much of that value to our 272 sq. ft. home! This upgrade came with a double bonus: a refrigerator constantly running on solar power (no more propane!!!) and 2 more cubic feet of space in the fridge to play Tetris with!”

3. Furrion Solar Panels

“So many people think you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a solar setup, but we decided to test out our own theories on solar, and here is our advice: try solar panels FIRST! With four Furrion solar panels and two lead-acid batteries, we were able to power so much of our RV. So, test out what solar can do for you to start and work your way into a bigger system from there if you find you need it!”

4. Camping Folding Loveseat

“You haven’t experienced a proper campfire if you haven’t sat around one in the Lippert Camping Folding Loveseat, which we “lovingly” (see what I did there) refer to as our “snuggle chair”!  It folds up smaller than two single camping chairs, is super comfortable and, come on, who doesn’t like to snuggle?!”

5. Road Armor

“Our 2018 Grand Design travel trailer has been our home for the last 6 years and has taken us to places we couldn’t have even imagined, so we are very protective of our sweet little house on wheels. Upgrading our suspension with Lippert’s Road Armor was a quick and easy way to make sure that our home and all that it carries across thousands of miles down the road each year is more protected (especially from those New Jersey potholes)!”

Blue Road Armor Lippert RV Equalizer SuspensionBlue Road Armor Lippert RV Equalizer Suspension

Best RV Gifts according to Chasing the Cashes

Chasing the Cashes RV Couple Tammy Greg CashChasing the Cashes RV Couple Tammy Greg Cash

Who Are Chasing the Cashes?

Tammy & Greg Cash

Hey y’all! We are Tammy and Greg Cash, we retired early to spend more time together traveling full time in our RV. We have been on the road for 5 years and our goal is to inspire other couples no matter their age or income to get out and explore our incredible country.

Chasing the Cashes’ RV Gift Recommendations:

1. Acuva Water Filtration

“We love the Acuva because we no longer have to worry about where our water is coming from. Super easy to install and the water tastes delicious.”

2. Solid Step

“The Solid Step is one of those must-haves when RVing because they make your camping experience so much safer. We love how sturdy and wide they are.”

Solid Step RV Steps Entry for Travel TrailerSolid Step RV Steps Entry for Travel Trailer

3. Patio Mat

“Gosh, we love our beautiful patio mat! The terracotta color is unique, and people are always asking us where we got it.”

4. Screen Shot®

“This is probably one of my absolute favorite Lippert products. It helps us close the door behind us and the sound of a screen door slamming is just so nostalgic.”

5. CURT Slider Hitch

“The sliding hitch makes getting into tight sites so much easier and gives us the peace of mind we need while towing our home on wheels.”

Looking for more RV gift ideas? Find out with the Lippert Scouts picked as their top-10 gift ideas for RV owners!

Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner's Manual.