EasyGuide Boat Trailer Guides

Introducing EasyGuide™ Boat Trailer Guides by Taylor Made

Stop wasting time launching and loading your personal watercraft (PWC) or boat with EasyGuide boat trailer guides by Taylor Made! An innovative, easy and safe way to launch and load boats and personal watercrafts under 1,500 lbs., the EasyGuide by Taylor Made intuitively guides your vessel using durable, injection-molded nylon floats.   

This innovative product revolutionizes both launching and loading watercrafts in and out of the water, with no damage to the sideboards or bunk boards. The durable, sturdy floats stay at the water line when the trailer is up to three feet under water for fast entry or exit. The floats hold the stern down and center the trailer for a seamless launch or load in crosswinds and current. 

What is EasyGuide Boat Loader? 

Originally designed by a boater fed up with the frustrations that came with launching and retrieving his boat, the EasyGuide boat loader by Taylor Made is a loading system that makes it possible for one person to easily launch and load a small boat or PWC. EasyGuide boat trailer guides are built to handle the wear and tear of launching your boat or PWC, season after season. Made from a durable injection-molded nylon that is lightweight yet tough, the floats keep your watercraft centered on the trailer.

EasyGuide by Taylor MadeEasyGuide by Taylor Made

What’s Included in the EasyGuide?

The EasyGuide comes as a kit that includes EasyGuide floats, attachment arms (four sections), and all mounting hardware including stainless nuts and bolts (1/4"), trailer plates and sealant. Installation takes 30 minutes or less before you’re good to get your boat or PWC in or out of the water. The only thing you will need are basic tools.

Check out this Installation guide where we show you exactly how to install EasyGuide boat trailer guides and what tools you need to get the job done.

EasyGuide Features

These great features provide hassle-free launching and loading! 

Easy to Use

The EasyGuide by Taylor Made lets you launch your boat safely and easily into the water without damaging the sideboards. The EasyGuide kit includes easy-to-follow instructions that will have you launching and loading your boat with no issues of damaging your boat of PWC.

Made Tough

These boat trailer guides were designed by a boater who wanted to stop the frustration and worry of loading and unloading their boat for a day on the water. The boat guideposts are made from a durable injection-molded nylon that withstands the wear and tear of taking your boat in and out of the water. You will enjoy effortless launches and loadings for many boating seasons.   

Works in Any Conditions

You no longer have to worry about the current or wind when getting your boat in or out of the water. The boat trailer guides are sturdy, strong and stay in place the first time.

EasyGuide InstallEasyGuide Install

EasyGuide at a Glance

Check out the EasyGuide in action!