Thomas Payne Easy Zzzs RV Bedding Set

Easy RV Bedding

One of the best parts of any vacation is relaxing while leaving the to-do list behind. Unfortunately, some of life’s responsibilities are unavoidable, namely, chores. Tidying up is especially important for vacationers hitting the road in an RV, where space is often limited. Speaking of small spaces, if you’ve ever wrestled with getting a fitted sheet over an RV mattress, you know how tricky making the bed in an RV can be. Luckily, we have an easy RV bedding solution that will have your bed set up for slumber in seconds!

Introducing the Thomas Payne Easy Zzzs RV bedding set! This all-in-one, attached design takes the hassle out of making the bed each morning.

What is the Thomas Payne Easy Zzzs RV Bedding Set?

Most standard bedding for RV campers on the market today leaves you only dreaming of a restful night’s sleep. Thomas Payne Easy Zzzs RV bedding set is a total gamechanger. The fitted sheet, flat top sheet and quilt are all conveniently attached together at the bottom, so your bed can be made in seconds! The quilt is also designed with long sides to hide the sheets, for a pulled together look that will leave you feeling accomplished.

Easy Zzzs RV Bedding Components Easy Zzzs RV Bedding Components

Available in King, Narrow King, Queen and Short Queen sizes, you don’t have to go searching high and low for RV sheets that fit your camper’s mattress. Made from durable, lightweight and hypoallergenic material, this silky-smooth bedding set will have you feeling cozy at night and refreshed in the morning. Plus, the sheets and quilt are stain-resistant, machine washable and dryer safe, so you can always have fresh bedding while you’re camping. We offer our easy RV bedding sets in three neutral colors including grey, navy and tan, so you can perfectly match your RV aesthetic. 

What’s Included in the Easy RV Bedding Set? 

The Easy Zzzs RV Bedding Set includes everything you need for a restful night’s sleep.

For a perfect fit, this set is available in King, Narrow King, Queen and Short Queen. The set includes:

  • One bottom fitted sheet*
  • One top sheet*
  • One quilt*
  • Two pillowcases

*The sheets and quilt are conveniently sewn together on one side for easy bed making.

Easily make an RV bedEasily make an RV bed

Easy RV Bedding Features

These great features allow you to ditch the chores for the great outdoors!

Easy to Use

This is the easiest RV bedding set on the market. Simply spread out the flat sheet and quilt from the foot of the bed and you’re all set!

Innovative Design

The high-quality sheets and quilt in this set are all sewn together at the bottom, so making the bed in the tight quarters of your RV is easier than ever.

Ultimate Comfort

Designed with easy-to-clean, soft polyester material, our easy RV bedding set feels nothing short of luxurious against your skin.  

Easy RV Bedding Detail Easy RV Bedding Detail

Thomas Payne Collection

The Thomas Payne mattress and RV bedding collection is designed to help you enjoy a good night’s sleep in your RV. We offer mattresses, mattress covers, RV sheets and bedding sets to help you enjoy bedtime in your rig.