Jim Tanner reviewing the Flow Max Water Pump

Jim Tanner, an experienced RV do-it-yourselfer, reviews the Flow Max Water Pump, including features and setup info.

Lippert Flow Max Water Pump Review

The Flow Max features impressive water pressure performance, boasting an average flow rate of 3.2 gallons per minute (GPM), a full 35 percent higher flow than other competitors’ average GPM. With higher than average pressure and flow rates, the Flow Max is ideal for larger RVs with extended plumbing systems. The pump’s heavy-duty motor is corrosion-resistant and built to resist damage if the pump runs dry. Flow Max also features a quiet, disturbance-free operation and is well-suited for use in RVs and boats as well as for residential housing purposes.

Check out this awesome vlog review the Tanners created after using our product, The Flow Max Water Pump. Below you will see their recommendations and aspects of the product they see beneficial to all users. See why this product is the right one for you! 

Like the Review? Get the Flow Max Water Pump...

Compared to other water pumps on the market, Flow Max delivers superior pressure performance, averaging 50 PSI with an average 3.0 gallons per minute water flow. This is especially important on larger RVs that have extended plumbing running between the source point and the pump. Flow Max also features the quiet, disturbance-free operation campers need.

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