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How to Flush RV Water Lines with Floe instead of an Air Compressor

An air compressor has always been one of the most effective ways to remove water from an RV fresh water system. Now, Floë makes this process easier and more convenient than ever... 

No more stagnant water sitting in your RV's fresh water lines when you're off the road for a bit. When you're on the road, no more paying a campground when it's time to swap the water in your system for fresh. And, no more paying a professional to winterize your RV. Now, you don't have to go through the process of blowing out your water lines with an air compressor. You can do it yourself in no time, preventing frost damage to your RV water lines and fresh water tank.

Watch This Video to See How Easy It Is To Flush Water Lines Using Floe Instead of an RV Air Compressor

Meet Floë

An industry-first water drainage system that cleans your RV’s fresh water lines and tank with the flip of a switch.

Why Flush RV Water Lines with Floë?

  • Stale, stagnant water left in the RV’s water lines can encourage harmful bacteria growth.
  • Floë solves this concern by pushing compressed air through your RV’s fresh water lines.
  • And, it saves you time and money winterizing your RV professionally.
  • With Floë, you can ensure that your RV’s fresh water is always safe for your family, friends and pets to use.

How Does Floë Work? 

Floë makes cleaning camper water lines simple. It uses mobile compressed air technology to quickly drain your RV's fresh water system. Floë was engineered and designed to work with your RV’s 12-volt electrical system, so it is easy to install and even easier to operate. Here’s how it works.

How Easy Is It to Install Floë? 

  1. Prior to installation, shut off all of the water in your RV.
  2. Then, attach your Floë system to a solid, secure surface in your RV preferably near the water heater storage area and the main cold water outlet hose.
  3. Once attached, cut your main outlet hose line, and using the provided T-attachment, connect the main hose to the hose on your Floë.
  4. Next, connect Floë directly to your RV’s 12V power source.
  5. And just like that, you’ve successfully installed your Floë.

Wasn’t that easy?

How Do I Flush My RV's Fresh Water System with Floë? 

Now, you’re ready to drain your RV fresh water system. In the following steps we'll walk through how to blow out RV water lines using Floë.

  1. Before turning Floë on, disconnect any external hose attached to your RV’s city water inlet.
  2. Next, identify all of your RV’s fresh water sources, such as sinks and showers, turn on both the hot and cold water valves, and completely drain out all fresh water from the lines. Once the water stops flowing, close all of the valves.
  3. Now it’s time for Floë to get to work!
  4. Floë will immediately begin to build the appropriate air pressure threshold.
  5. Once the pressure is built, you can open one valve to release your first water line. Hot and cold water lines will need to be drained separately.
  6. When the water line completely drains, turn the valve off to let Floë rebuild pressure. When pressure is rebuilt in the system Floë will shut off.
  7. Repeat this process for every hot and cold-water connection inside your RV.
  8. After the last hot and cold-water fixture has been drained, go back and test each line one more time to see if any more water exists. If there is still water present, repeat the flushing process again. Once every line is completely empty, Floë has done its job!

Clean, Worry-Free Fresh Water for Your RV

With Floë , you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’ll have clean, worry-free water for your next camping trip, whenever that may be!

Get Floë for Your RV

Floë Integrated Drain Down System

Floë is an industry-first, integrated water drain-down system by Lippert that lets your flush RV water lines, anywhere, anytime. Flushing an RV water system has never been easier.


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