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Simon Crew Recommends: 5 Perfect Gifts for First-Time RV Owners

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Are you a first-time RVer ready to embark on a journey of adventure, exploration and a nomadic lifestyle? To make your RV experience more enjoyable and comfortable, you need the right gear and equipment.

In this blog post, we'll explore five products that make perfect gifts for new (and seasoned) RVers, each offering unique benefits to enhance your travels.

1. Portable Camping Table

A portable camping table is a versatile and indispensable accessory for any RVer. The right camping table can set the stage for an epic campfire cookout, or it can entertain crafty kids for hours. Lippert offers a range of durable and compact camping tables that are easy to transport and set up. These tables provide the perfect space for outdoor cooking, dining or even as a workspace for games and hobbies.

New RVers will appreciate the convenience and practicality of a portable camping table, which can turn any campsite into a comfortable and functional outdoor living space.

Simon Crew RV Setup Camp TablesSimon Crew RV Setup Camp Tables

2. Furrion Built-in Fireplace

If you're looking to enhance the coziness of your RV interior, consider a Furrion built-in fireplace. This innovative product not only adds warmth to the RV but also creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

This electric fireplace is energy-efficient and adds a touch of luxury to the RV's interior decor. You can enjoy a warm and inviting ambiance, whether you're on a chilly mountain retreat or relaxing at a cozy beachfront campsite.

Simon Crew RV TV Fireplace FurrionSimon Crew RV TV Fireplace Furrion

3. CURT Air Ride™ Pin Box

Safety and stability are extremely important when towing an RV, and the CURT Air Ride pin box offers both. This advanced hitch system provides superior cushioning and reduces jarring and bouncing during travel. You will appreciate the improved ride quality, reduced stress on the RV's structure, and the ability to protect your valuable cargo during transit.

The CURT Air Ride pin box is an excellent gift for anyone looking to ensure a smooth and comfortable towing experience. No more jarring bumps on the open road – just you, your RV and the thrill of the journey ahead!

4. Lippert Axles with Disc Brakes

Safety first, though! Lippert axles with disc brakes bring a peace of mind that's as comforting as a hug from a campfire buddy. The performance of an RV's braking system is crucial for safety on the road. These axles improve the RV's braking efficiency, reduce maintenance needs and provide better stopping power and more reliable performance compared to traditional drum brakes. You will feel more confident and secure knowing that you have a reliable braking system, making your travels safer and more enjoyable.

Trust us, your brakes have never had it so good. Say goodbye to the old drum brakes and hello to reliable stopping power.

Simon Crew on Adventure Ram Truck 5th Wheel RV FamilySimon Crew on Adventure Ram Truck 5th Wheel RV Family

5. Portable Power Station

Now, let's talk power – portable power, to be exact. A portable power station is a versatile and essential tool for any RVer. The Furrion Trekker™ portable power stations make excellent accessories for off-grid camping excursions, emergency situations and power outages. You will appreciate the peace of mind and convenience that a portable power station brings, ensuring you have access to essential power wherever you roam.

Lippert offers a wide range of products that can greatly enhance the RVing experience for new travelers. From versatile and practical camping tables to the luxury of a Furrion built-in fireplace, the safety of a CURT Air Ride pin box, the performance of Lippert axles with disc brakes, and the convenience of a portable power station – these products are perfect gifts for new RVers. They not only improve comfort and safety but also add a touch of luxury to life on the road. When it comes to enhancing the RV lifestyle, Lippert products are a perfect choice for new adventurers looking to make the most of their journeys.

So, here's to you, the intrepid road warrior, embracing the spirit of adventure! Get out there, explore, and make memories that'll last a lifetime. Adventure awaits, and Lippert is here to make sure it's an unforgettable one.

Simon Crew Ram Truck Towing 5th Wheel Open RoadSimon Crew Ram Truck Towing 5th Wheel Open Road

Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner's Manual.

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