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Restless Russells Recommend: Gifts for RV Campers

One question we get asked all the time from friends and family is what gift can I get for RV campers? If you’re an RVer, you know that anything that comes into your home-on-wheels must be intentional, functional, and if it is going to take space up, it has to spark some serious joy in your life.

Here are just a few of our must-have items that are perfect gifts for every RV camper.

1. Furrion Convection Oven

In 2018, when we bought our first RV camper, we went through a long period of time where we had to figure out how to cook in our easy-bake RV oven and how to conserve propane when doing so. It was a learning curve for sure. Fast forward to our third RV with upgraded appliances and an added convection oven (which we’ve never had before), talk about game-changer!

I will never own another RV without a convection oven. If I’m being honest though, I was hesitant to even use it. I didn’t think it would cook my meals or bake my goods properly and after 4.5 years using our old setup, I had my system down. Let me tell you, once I started using our Furrion convection oven, I didn’t look back. In fact, two years into having it, I primarily ONLY use it. I finally have something that cooks my meals and baked goods evenly, and the fact that I’m not burning through propane when doing so, it has become such a saving grace for our full-time RV lifestyle.

If you’re looking to gift an appliance to any RVer, get them a convection oven. They will love the fact that they’re saving money on propane and finally able to bake a cake evenly in their RV!

Furrion Convection Oven RV Kitchen Restless RussellsFurrion Convection Oven RV Kitchen Restless Russells

2. CURT Premium Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

We are a family of adventurers who love to be outside doing all of the things, including riding our bikes. We are also a family who lives full-time in our Class A motorhome, so packing our bikes in the back of our truck is not an option.

We searched for bike racks that could accommodate our four bikes safely, but we struggled finding quality bike racks that could withstand the weight of multiple bikes. At some point, we thought we found one that could accommodate our needs, but soon realized the lack of quality when it broke during our travel day, causing us to lose one of our bikes.

In 2020, we were sent our CURT premium hitch-mounted bike rack and installed it on our second RV without any complications. Our bikes fit on it perfectly and even gave us extra room to hang our hunny pot on travel days! When we upgraded our RV in 2022, this was one of the only upgrades that we took with us, and we are so glad we did.

If your RVer is an adventurer, they need something to protect their bikes when they hit the road. CURT’s premium hitch bike rack is the gift that can do so!

Restless Russells Rear Hitch RV Bike RackRestless Russells Rear Hitch RV Bike Rack

3. Collapsible Travel Wagon

Look, if you think you don’t need a collapsible wagon, you’re wrong. I was someone that was hesitant about getting one because, “do I really need it?”. And the answer is, absolutely!

As RVers, we are always talking about items being multi-functional, and this wagon checks all the boxes. We’ve used it to haul our camp chairs to campfires, run laundry or our trash across the campgrounds, and we have used it several times to lug our beach gear across the sandy beaches.

One of my favorite things about the Lippert’s collapsible travel wagon is it collapses flat and compact, allowing us to store it perfectly in our motorhomes bay without it taking up a ton of space. This is definitely one camping gift accessory that every RVer needs.

Ocean Beach Collapsible Wagon for CamperOcean Beach Collapsible Wagon for Camper

­4. Adventure Pro Cooler

Every RVer needs a cooler, but we need one that is soft and compact, that does not take up a ton of space, and that works!

Enter Lippert’s Adventure Pro cooler line! They are fantastic and keep your drinks and food cool and ready for you after a long adventure. They even have multiple options to choose from to accommodate every adventure seeker.

We’ve been taking ours on adventures all over the U.S., and it has yet to fail us. Our Adventure Pro cooler has been such a great addition to our RV travels, and we know it would make a perfect gift for every RVer.

Mountain Lake Lippert Cooler Restless Russells RVersMountain Lake Lippert Cooler Restless Russells RVers
Pontoon Boat Couple Soft Cooler Lippert AdventurePontoon Boat Couple Soft Cooler Lippert Adventure

5. Lippert Camping Dining Table

Our Lippert camping dining table is one of our newest additions to our RV lifestyle, and it is one of our most used camping products. We started with the smaller Lippert table that was perfect for our Blackstone and added extra space to the campgrounds picnic table (when we had one). We still use and love that one, but when I attended the Heartland Rally this past summer and witnessed this table in all its glory, I knew I had to have one!

The table folds up perfectly to fit nicely under our bay and pops up so easily that both of my kids can handle it with ease. No longer do we have to worry about not having an outdoor table or using the dirty campground picnic tables because everywhere we go, we will always have this portable dining table.

There are so many things I love about this table, but one thing that stands out is the quality. This table is super sturdy and can handle weight as well as the weather. We’re full-timers, so when we stay at a campground for a duration of time, we like to leave certain things out for convenience. This table can withstand the weather, no matter if I’m in the humid east or the dry and hot west. Hands down, the Lippert camping dining table is one of the best gifts you can give any RV camper.

Russell Family RVing Red Rocks CampRussell Family RVing Red Rocks Camp
RV Kid Board Game Large Camping TableRV Kid Board Game Large Camping Table

Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner's Manual.

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