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Paws for Love Recommends: Gifts for RV Campers Who Have Everything

Are you shopping for the RVer you love that has everything? That one friend or family member that you spend hours thinking of a gift for, but you always come up with… well, nothing?

I’ve got good news for you! That RVer you love isn’t getting cozy socks or a gift card this year. Nope! We’re here to help guide you in choosing some wonderful gifts they’re going to be thrilled to unwrap (and gifts you’ll be proud to give).

If you’re anything like Sean and I, you’re always looking to buy gifts for your family and friends that they will not only love but also use. Maybe it’s just the RV minimalist in us, but every gift we give (or receive) should be useful and benefit someone’s life.

Here are our TOP 5 recommended products for you to gift to the RVer in your life who has everything:

Screen Defender ($)

The screen doors on our RVs aren't made to withstand much pressure, so if your loved one has kids or pets, this is a perfect gift for them. The Screen Defender is an easy add-on product that keeps kids and pets safe from falling out and tumbling down the stairs. We’ve had the Screen Defender on all our RVs. All you need are their RV door measurements, and you can order this for them. Any RVer will love this thoughtful and purposeful gift.

Sad Dog Screen Door ProtectorSad Dog Screen Door Protector
RV Screen Door Protector Dog Proof GiftRV Screen Door Protector Dog Proof Gift

Scouts Folding Chairs ($)

Every RVer loves a good, quality camping chair, and these Scout folding chairs deliver! These chairs come in dark grey or khaki and are great quality. So, if the RVer you love is looking for an upgrade, grab a pair of these to wrap for under the tree. I promise, they will love them. They’ve been tested for over a year in our home-on-wheels, and they are some of our favorites!

RV Scouts Rally Folding Camp Chairs LippertRV Scouts Rally Folding Camp Chairs Lippert

Solid Step® with Lift Assist ($$)

You might be thinking… Christina, you are suggesting I get my friend / family member stairs for Christmas?

Yes… I am! ;)

Just think, not only will this be incredibly useful, but they’ll also think of you (and thank you) every step they take in and out of their RV. ????

For us, we do everything we can to keep our two Golden Retrievers comfortable while we travel full-time in our RV. When we started RVing, we noticed they didn't care for our traditional fold-in RV stairs. The Lippert Solid Step with Lift Assist was one of the first things we modified to make getting in and out of the RV easier for our pups. We added some Velcro carpet to these steps as well, which has made our pups so much more at ease. So, if you’re looking for someone with pets or someone with mobility issues, these Solid Steps would be a huge blessing!

You’ll just need to do a little research for what size their RV needs, but once you have that information, you’ll be set! Bonus points if you can install them!

RV Dogs Happy Door StepRV Dogs Happy Door Step
Puppy Dog RV Steps Solid Step LippertPuppy Dog RV Steps Solid Step Lippert

Tire Linc® ($$)

To me, this is the perfect gift for ANY RVer –- whether they travel occasionally or full-time. The Lippert Tire Linc system is something every RVer needs. No questions asked. 

We always heard horror stories about tire blowouts on the road, so we knew we wouldn't go without Tire Linc, especially traveling full-time. Our Tire Linc saved us from a blowout last year by immediately alerting us when one of our tires started to lose significant pressure. We got the alert, pulled over at the next safe spot a few miles down the road, and realized there was a huge gouge of rubber missing from our tire. Even though we thoroughly check our tires and our tire pressure before a travel day, anything can happen out on the road (even without you knowing). The Tire Linc system is a non-negotiable to us to help keep our family and our RV safe while traveling. We installed the sensors on each of our tires, and our Tire Linc Monitor lives on our truck dash for all our adventures for easy viewing.

This is an easy gift to purchase for a loved one and is a simple install that shows how much you love them and value their safety. You can’t go wrong gifting this!

RV Cab Driving Dash Dog RideRV Cab Driving Dash Dog Ride

Auto Leveling ($$$$)

This would be a unique, but amazing gift to an RVer with an RV that doesn’t have an existing auto-level system on their RV!

When we hit the road as full-time RVers, we moved into a 38' travel trailer that we loved. We were traveling fast and moving often, and the one consistent pain was leveling our RV. It took forever and caused us so much headache every time we parked! Once we got the auto-leveling system installed on our travel trailer, it changed the game for us. We put together a video of our install that we think you’ll love too! We were able to get our entire setup done within 15 minutes and it alleviated so much stress for us. We even started to call this the "Marriage Saver!" :) The auto-leveling system prolonged the time we lived full-time in our travel trailer too, otherwise we would have purchased a 5th wheel much sooner.

This gift is pricey and would require a trip to a Lippert factory in Elkhart for installation, but this would be the ULTIMATE GIFT for someone! This changes the camping game immensely!

Lippert RV Auto-Leveling Control Panel WiresLippert RV Auto-Leveling Control Panel Wires
Lippert LCI Leveling Jack StabilizersLippert LCI Leveling Jack Stabilizers

Additional Gift Options:

If you’re looking for some additional options that require less work or research on a loved one's RV, you can’t go wrong with a Thin Shade (for much needed privacy on RV doors), patio mat (for an upgraded outdoor camping space), or the hybrid camping table (for a compact and easy way to add more tables to an RVers outdoor entertainment space). These seem simple, but really add such value to an RVer's camping adventures.

We hope our list of suggestions not only gave you some gift ideas for the RVer in your life that has everything but has also inspired YOU to get out on the open road and experience why we love the RV lifestyle so much. ???? We have a feeling you’ll love it too. Maybe ask Santa for the RV you’ve been eyeing? ;) Wishful thinking!

Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner's Manual.

Paws for Love Conlon Family RV with Dog Christina SeanPaws for Love Conlon Family RV with Dog Christina Sean

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