How To Replace RV Awning Fabric

How To Replace RV Awning Fabric

If your RV awning fabric is worn, torn or sagging, then it might be time for you to replace the fabric. Replacing your RV awning fabric might sound like quite the task, but in reality, this can be a simple, DIY project with just a few tools and the help of a friend. And better yet, by upgrading or replacing your camper awning fabric yourself, you can save time and money taking your RV into the shop or paying for a total awning replacement. Pretty cool, right? Let’s get started!

How to Replace RV Awning Fabric on an Electric Awning

10 Steps to Replacing Your RV Awning Fabric

STEP 1: Extend Awning and Secure Head Assemblies

Extend your awning out about 12”, and then secure the head assemblies on each side of your awning. We recommend using zip ties to secure your assemblies. Once you’ve secured the head assemblies, remove the polycord screw on both sides of your awning assembly. This screw is placed about 1” from your awning fabric on both sides.

STEP 2: Take Roll Tube Off

Now it’s time to take your roll tube off. This is where you’re going to need a friend or two to help you remove the tube safely. Simply detach the tube from the head assembly on both ends, feed the fabric tube through the awning rail and place it on a clean, level surface to replace your fabric.

STEP 3: Unroll the Fabric from the Roll Tube

Choose one side of your roll tube to remove the tube’s end cap. Typically, there will be 3 screws that need to be removed to complete this step. Once the cap is off, you can start unrolling the fabric from the roll tube. This step is easier if you have another person’s help.

STEP 4: Detach Fabric from the Roll Tube

Now that your fabric is unrolled, you should remove the polycord screw attaching the fabric to your roll tube. There will be a screw on both ends that need to be removed. After screw removal, have one person hold the fabric on an end while the other pulls the roll tube away from the fabric. Now you’re ready to put your new fabric on!

STEP 5: Prep Fabric Track for Installation

Before installing your new fabric, we recommend using a silicone spray to lubricate the fabric track before installation, and then be sure to inspect your new fabric for tears and rips before adding it to the track. Next, find the polycord that’s on the side of the fabric where the valance is located, this is the end that you will be installing into the tube first. Be sure that the bottom side of the fabric is facing the roll tube when installing.

STEP 6: Roll New Awning Fabric onto the Roll Tube

Feed the polycord through the track so that your fabric is completely on the roll tube. Next, you’ll want to center the fabric and attach it to the polycord on both ends with your screws. Once secured, you can begin rolling your fabric onto the tube. You’ll want to make sure the fabric is staying tight as you’re rolling and that it’s remaining flat and not telescoping out on either end.

STEP 7: Reinstall Roll Tube End Cap

Now that your fabric is rolled tightly, you can reinstall the roll tube end cap with the same 3 screws you previously removed. Before installing the tube back onto your RV, use a flathead screwdriver to widen your awning rail a bit for an easier installation. You should also lubricate the rail just like you did the fabric track, so that your tube slide on easier.

STEP 8: Test to Ensure the Fabric is Centered

With help on both ends, slide the polycord tube through the railing, then reinstall the tube into your awning’s head assemblies on each side. Before reinstalling your final polycord screws, we recommend extending and retracting your awning a few times to ensure that your fabric is centered on your roll. You’ll need to remove the zip ties to complete this step.

STEP 9: Reinstall Polycord Screws to the Awning Tube

Once you extended and retracted your awning a few times you can go ahead and screw in your last polycord screws using the previous holes for installation. Install the screws on both sides of your awning tube.

STEP 10: Enjoy Your New RV Awning Fabric

Congratulations! You’ve just replaced your RV’s awning fabric! Now you can get back to enjoying your RV’s patio area with renewed shade and privacy.

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