Seven Ideas for RV Security

7 Smart Ideas for Increasing RV Security

Security is something every RV owner needs to consider. Whether you’re protecting precious cargo on the road or leaving your rig parked and unattended, there are several things you can do to make safety a priority. Here are seven different ideas to consider for increased RV security and peace of mind.

1. Upgrade Your Entry Door Lock

A keyless RV lock adds security and convenience to your entry door. Not only can you enter without a key, this device places the security of your RV under a numerical combination that only you know. You can program it to any code you want, and it’s relatively easy to install.

2. Lock Up Your Trailer Coupler

When your trailer is parked, it’s a good idea to add some theft deterrence by installing a coupler lock. The tri-ball lock is an innovative trailer lock from CURT that fits any standard trailer tongue (5th wheel pin boxes excepted, of course). The tri-ball component inserts into the coupler and is actually designed to snap off at key breaking points to keep the coupler secure, even if a potential thief should get aggressive.

3. Add Visibility with an RV Observation System

While they can get pricey, backup cameras and observation systems are well-worth the investment, especially considering the overall value of your RV (not to mention pricelessness of your loved ones). The Furrion Vision S system not only functions as an RV backup camera, but it is engineered to be a full RV security observation system too, giving you eyes around the perimeter of your rig and even providing features like motion detection and night vision.

RVer Checking RV Security Camera RVer Checking RV Security Camera

4. Light Up Your Outdoor Space

Nothing deters a burglar like a well-lit entryway or home. You can help stop thieves in their tracks by adding light to the outside space around your RV. One of the best ways to do this is with awning lights. You can add a light strip that’s built into your awning or go with string lights. Additionally, you can upgrade your awning lights to make them photosensitive to body heat and motion. That’s right! The Solera infrared sensor integrates with your Solera awning and lights to automatically light up your camping space when triggered.

RV Awning Lights Over Entry Door RV Awning Lights Over Entry Door

5. Get Your Own RV WiFi

If you haven’t heard by now, using public WiFi is actually quite risky no matter where you are. Unfortunately, hackers can use it to steal personal information right off your device. Instead of jumping on the local public WiFi wherever you’re parked, you can upgrade your RV to have its own WiFi. You’ll need the right gear and a data plan, but once set up, you can enjoy internet access wherever the road takes you without having to worry about security risks.

6. Install an RV Alarm System

There are tons of options out there for adding an alarm system to your RV. Many have cameras, like we already mentioned above, while others use audio alone to alert you of unwanted door or window entry. You can also use a system that provides multifunctionality for either a residential home or RV.

7. Get a Dog

Yep, man’s best friend is still one of the best ways to keep your home more secure, and that includes your home on wheels. Having the right dog along for the ride not only helps deter potential break-ins, but it also provides a faithful companion to share the adventure with.

Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual.