Lippert Trailer ABS

Introducing the Lippert Anti-Lock Braking System for Trailers and RVs

It doesn’t matter if you're towing a utility trailer or an RV, we strive to make products that make towing safer. Whether you're driving in slippery road conditions or on a beautiful day, keeping whatever you are hauling under control is imperative, and Lippert has your back. We are constantly researching new and innovative technology to make sure you can enjoy your ride without all the worries. The latest in our line of towing safety products, the Lippert anti-lock braking system is a ground-breaking initiative that offers confidence to any driver towing a travel trailer, 5th wheel or utility trailer while facing less-than-perfect environmental conditions.  

Developed to Create an Industry First Safety Solution

The Lippert anti-lock braking system (ABS) works with your trailer’s brakes to prevent wheel lock-up and enhance control over the vehicle-trailer combination, particularly in slippery or abrupt braking situations. When you encounter an emergency braking situation while towing your trailer, instead of the trailer fishtailing off to one side and pulling the vehicle into a dangerous drift, the Lippert ABS system helps the driver maintain traction and control, bringing the vehicle and trailer safely to a stop.

Anti-lock brakes are standard on most, if not all new passenger vehicles. Why is it not standard on all trailers? We answered this question with a solution. Through our innovative team of product designers and engineers, we developed this product with the goal of making this a new industry standard. Safety is always a top priority when it comes to our products. Talk to your RV dealer to find out if Lippert ABS is included on your rig or, if you're buying a new utility trailer with electric brakes, why not talk to them as well?

Designed to let you haul safer and smarter than ever

The Lippert trailer ABS is prepped to work with the OneControl™ app, so it can be paired with your smart phone to monitor speed, status and more. The system also operates independently from the vehicle’s brake controller. Whether a brake controller is installed or not – and whether it’s a factory controller or aftermarket – Lippert trailer ABS will function to keep the trailer wheels from locking up, and the non-intrusive system also will not interfere with the controller’s gain settings.

Lippert OneControl AppLippert OneControl App

Watch a demonstration of how a trailer ABS system protects you, your tow vehicle, and your trailer or RV

Lippert Cares About Towing Safety

Our new anti-lock braking system is the latest innovation in our series of towing safety products. We offer several categories of products to keep you safer on the road. View our full line of RV safety products or continue reading for a sample of how we are infusing safety into our product offerings.

Towing Safety Products

Curt Weight Distribution HitchCurt Weight Distribution Hitch

Weight Distribution Hitch

Our weight distribution hitch collection allows you to choose the solution that perfectly fits your needs and preferences. We offer trunnion bar hitches and round bar hitches. Both are available as standalone options or as kits with a pre-torqued trailer ball and sway control included. Not sure where to begin? Check out our complete guide to weight distribution!

Sway Control

The CURT sway control kit is designed to attach to your vehicle and trailer at the coupling point and counteract any lateral movement in your trailer, keeping your tow load straighter on the road and giving you more control over your vehicle.

Curt Sway ControlCurt Sway Control
Tire Linc Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemTire Linc Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Linc Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Tire Linc is an easy-to-install, always-on tire pressure and temperature monitoring system that ensures you’re always ready for the road. Integrated with the OneControl app, you can monitor your 5th wheel RV, travel trailer, motorhome or towed vehicle’s tire pressure and temperature right from your smartphone.

Safety Chains

No matter how far you are planning to drive — down the street or across the state — using safety chains when you tow is smart, safe and required by law. Without safety chains attached, there is a serious risk of danger if your trailer becomes uncoupled from your trailer hitch. We have a few different options when it comes to securing your trailer. Our safety chains are fitted with durable latch hooks that provide extra security and safety while towing. Each safety chain assembly connecting your trailer to your vehicle must meet or exceed the gross trailer weight.

Safety ChainsSafety Chains
Echo Brake ControllerEcho Brake Controller

Echo Brake Controller

The CURT Echo mobile trailer brake controller is a Bluetooth-enabled device that wirelessly connects to your smartphone and allows you to control and monitor all trailer brake activity right from your device. It features a simple, plug-and-play installation, a portable design to easily switch between vehicles and a highly durable construction to outlast the elements. The Echo brake controller brings your towing experience into the modern age. Powered by Bluetooth, it wirelessly connects to your smartphone without any extra wiring harnesses or modules required. Simply download the Smart Control app on your Apple iOS or Android OS device, plug the Echo into your vehicle and you're ready to start towing.

Wheel Chocks

The CURT wheel chock lock is an excellent way to protect an unattended trailer or camper. It is a quick and simple lock to apply, clamping over the wheel and remaining secure until it is unlocked using one of the two provided keys.

Wheel ChocksWheel Chocks