Lippert Captains Community

Lippert Captains: A Marine-Centered Community

Ahoy, mateys! Did you know that Lippert Captains is now officially full throttle on the Lippert Communities app? This marine-centered community is here to give you, the most enthusiastic marine Captains, a place to talk all things boating. What does that mean? It means we’ll discuss products, improvement ideas, get some real-world reviews and feedback and truly innovate the future of marine from the ground up — all with the help of the ones who know boating best!  

But the biggest benefits of joining Lippert Captains on the app? You’ll not only get to meet other boaters just like you and make more of those personal connections that truly make the boating lifestyle what it is, but you also get the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive added benefits, found only on the app, like product testing, special announcements, one-of-a-kind content and the ability to engage directly with the product and research team to have a direct effect on the products we bring to market!

And how, you might ask, do you find this amazing group of boaters? Well, that’s easy! You can join us on the app via iPhone, Android or the web!

What is Lippert Captains?

Lippert Captains officially launched exclusively in the app in July of 2022, creating a space for those who want to share their feedback with the people that need it most — the ones that make the products! When we understand our customers, and what boaters truly want, we can do better, and it really is that simple!

Whether we’re talking about any Lippert product, like a Taylor Made fender, a SureShade bimini, a Lewmar anchor, or even, perhaps a product that doesn’t yet exist, we want to hear about it! When we learn from the first-hand experiences of the people who are using the products (that’s you!) in the real world, we get a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t, and in turn, you help truly define what the future of boating looks like for everyone!

Why Join the Lippert Captains?

How much time ya got? Because there are so many reasons to join us! Shaping innovation, getting support through the Lippert Customer Care Center, building community, being part of exciting announcements, product testing and so much more! And while we could go on and on about why joining Lippert Captains is a great idea, the best way for you to find out is to check it out yourself and see what all the hype is about!

Who Can Join the Lippert Captains?

Anyone is welcome to drop anchor in Lippert Captains. If you have a live-aboard, you’re a weekend warrior or you’re thinking of purchasing your first boat, you’ve come to the right place to find your boating tribe! It takes all kinds, and the more information we share together, the better we make boating for everyone, from the novice to the very skilled sailor; we’re all always learning!

So come aboard Lippert Captains, found exclusively in the Lippert Communities app, and find out why some of the very best boaters find their way here (no, we’re not biased)!

(A note for all deckhands: if you still want to join us on Facebook, too, you can do that in our public-facing group, Lippert Captains: The Community! It’s a place for more general conversation, boating tips and other marine tricks. You’ll find different content and new faces, so you’re always welcome to join the crew there!