Lippert Odyssey portable grill

Introducing the Odyssey Portable Grill by Lippert

Picture this: You just spent the morning enjoying the outdoors and taking on a rugged hiking trail with your family. Your hike takes you to a clearing in the trees that reveals a breathtaking landscape. As you put your hiking pack down and grab a quick swig of water, you realize this is the perfect spot to take a much-needed break and take in this gorgeous view.

Your stomach gurgles and after a few minutes go by, you realize you’re hungry for lunch. Some of your family members have expressed that they are hungry, too. You have a few granola bars with you, but you wish you had real food – a burger, hot off the grill. You’re now torn between going back to your campsite for lunch and wanting to stay in the picturesque clearing you just discovered.

If you had the Odyssey™ portable grill from Lippert, you wouldn’t have to choose.

What is the Odyssey Portable Grill?

Compact and portable, the Odyssey grill was made for life on the go. It’s easy to carry and is the perfect cooking solution when you want to enjoy your day outdoors without the hassle of lugging around a full-size grill and a cooler for your food.

Odyssey portable grill componentsOdyssey portable grill components

This portable camping grill is an all-in-one grilling unit that comes with:

  • An outer bowl made of powder coated steel
  • A stainless steel basin
  • A grill plate
  • A grill grate
  • An ignition plate
  • A charcoal container with a cover
  • A pair of gripping tongs
  • A carrying case with a zip-on cooler attachment for food

How Does the Odyssey Portable Grill Work?

The Odyssey portable charcoal grill is super easy to use. In just a few easy steps, you’ll have a delicious meal in no time at all.

To light the portable charcoal grill and cook on it:

1)     Simply place it on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area.

2)     Then, put a small amount of starter gel on the ignition tray and turn the ventilator on using the knob on the front of the grill.

3)     Ignite the starter gel with a lighter.

4)     Fill the charcoal canister with charcoal and place it on the ignition tray where the starter gel is lit.

5)     Place the BBQ grate in position and secure it using the lock clamps on the sides of the grill.

6)     Control the temperature with the knob on the front of the grill. 

7)     Get ready to eat in five to 10 minutes!

Once you're finished cooking:

1)     Allow the coals and ash to cool.

2)     Empty the ash.

3)     Pack the grill away in the carrying case to transport it back to your campsite.

4)     Wash out the inner stainless steel basin.

5)     Put it back in the carrying case to store until your next adventure.

Why Do You Need One?

The Odyssey portable grill will be your favorite must-have camping accessory with these great features:

Easy to Carry

It’s super easy to take this lightweight travel grill and your food on any adventure. The grill comes with a carrying case that has a padded handle, adjustable strap and zip-on cooler attachment to keep your food cold.

Odyssey portable grill carrying caseOdyssey portable grill carrying case
Two basin design of the Odyssey portable charcoal grillTwo basin design of the Odyssey portable charcoal grill

Innovative Design

With integrated ventilation technology and a double-walled outer bowl, this portable outdoor camping grill stays cool to the touch, which means you can pick it up and place it on any surface without worrying about burning your hands.

Convenient Temperature Control

Quickly light this grill and heat it up to a consistent cooking temperature with the temperature control knob and fan that’s powered by four AA batteries or a USB connection.

Temperature control knob on the Odyssey portable grillTemperature control knob on the Odyssey portable grill
Smokeless cooking on the Odyssey portable grillSmokeless cooking on the Odyssey portable grill

Less Smoke

With an integrated fan that controls the airflow to the grill and increases efficiency for less charcoal consumption, you can reduce the amount of smoke you create. Plus, the design prevents grease from spilling on the charcoal, which eliminates flame flare-ups and decreases smoke emissions — efficient and environmentally friendly.

Flavorful Charcoal Taste

You love the taste of food from a charcoal grill. The Odyssey grill delivers the same delicious flavor as foods from a full-size charcoal grill. Taste is certainly not sacrificed with this powerful and portable grill!

Charcoal being poured into the Odyssey portable grillCharcoal being poured into the Odyssey portable grill

Small Product, Lots of Great Features

The Odyssey portable grill is packed with features that you’ll love. When hunger strikes on the trails – or even during your day boating on the water – you can rely on this grill to deliver a freshly cooked, hot meal for the whole family.