Luxury RV Accessories & Camper Accessories for the Modern Adventurer

8 Luxury RV Accessories & Camper Accessories for the Modern Adventurer

We can probably all agree that camping isn’t what it used to least if you own an RV. Gone are the days of hiking uphill both ways to set up and tear down your campsite. You’re no longer limited to the simple necessities of “roughing it.” You don’t have to pitch a tent, and you certainly don’t have to go tech-less.  
With the popularity of RVing full-time and the itch to have all the comforts of home close by, you’ve likely become a modern-day camper with modern-day needs. You aim to make life on the road easier. After all, you probably got into RVing to make your life a little more worry-free.  
The Campoholics know a thing or two about 21st century camping. We recently caught up with them at an RV rally and asked them to share their secrets about eight luxury camper accessories that make their camping experience better. 

Who Are The Campoholics?

As Brand Ambassadors for Lippert, Mike and Missy Cook (better known as The Campoholics) are full-time RVers who sold it all a few years ago to exchange it for life on the open road. They believe life’s too short not to go out and adventure. Mike and Missy share the love of travel and are always looking to spread the word about RV products that make camping experiences more enjoyable for everyone.  

What The Campoholics Have to Say About Lippert

Over the last year, Mike and Missy have built a relationship with Lippert and hope to continue sharing their camping experiences and product success with RVers around the country. 

“It’s truly an honor and it makes us proud to be associated with such a great company. The support behind Lippert and the products they put out is outstanding,” Mike said. 

Missy added, “The community, the volunteering — everything that they do... we’ve just really enjoyed this last year of being Ambassadors and look forward to many more opportunities working with them and sharing their products.”

When we talked with Mike and Missy at the rally, they were happy to share their thoughts on quality and detailed their favorite RV products.

“Lippert products are just quality made,” Missy said. “They want to make your camping experience just as good as whatever brand of RV you have. They don’t care, they’re just trying to make your experience best and make things fit your needs as an RVer. They care about what you think, they make quality products, and I mean, we have almost everything that they make right now. We absolutely love it, and it makes our experience RVing much more enjoyable.”  

Luxury RV Accessories by Lippert

So, what products do Mike and Missy love the most? While they have a whole slew of aftermarket products they’re excited about, they identified eight that take the cake when it comes to convenience. 

1. Thin Shade

More shade. Less heat. Mike and Missy like the Thin Shade window kit because it keeps the sun from heating up their rig on hot days. The kit includes a tinted glass window and a compact horizontal blind that fits right into the window frame. The blind also doesn’t have handles or cords, so it’s super easy to push up or pull down with your hand. The installation of the Thin Shade is so simple, all you need is a screwdriver. The kit comes with all the other necessary components and hardware to get the job done in a flash. 

2. Screen Defender

If your RV adventure includes four-legged fur babies, then Mike and Missy say the Screen Defender is a must. It protects your RV entry door screen as well as your pet because it has a powder coated aluminum screen perfect for keeping your original screen door intact. 

3. Screen Shot

Take it from Mike, the Screen Shot is the best luxury RV entry door accessory for keeping you out of trouble with your partner. “Close the door” is a phrase of the past with this product that shuts your screen door automatically, every time. You can keep unwanted pests out and your air conditioning or heat in with the easy-to-install Screen Shot door closer. 

4. Screen Assist

Falling right in line with the other screen door accessories is the Screen Assist. It’s a screen door push bar that allows you to easily exit your rig. Even when your arms are full with hot pots from the stove, camping gear or a tired kiddo, the Screen Assist allows for minimal effort while pushing open your screen door and offers a safe way to climb out of your RV.  

5. Thomas Payne RV Mattress

Mike and Missy both love the Thomas Payne premium mattress. But, why? Because standard RV mattresses just don’t deliver when it comes to comfort and cooling technology. This mattress has a memory foam layer on top of a thick support layer that allows for ultimate comfort while you sleep. The memory foam is also infused with charcoal and gel to naturally eliminate odors, promote air circulation, regulate temperatures and absorb moisture. Because it ships double bagged and is compressed in a box for protection, the Thomas Payne mattress is easy to handle through doorways and around corners in your RV. 

6. RV Patio Mat

While this next product doesn’t go inside your RV or attach to it, it’s still a great luxury item for outdoor comfort. Purchasing an all-weather patio mat is the best way to elevate your outdoor space while keeping it clean and free of dirt. Each Lippert patio mat is reversible, so you can easily change the look of your campsite whenever you want. They are made from durable polypropylene fabric and are resistant to UV rays, mold and mildew, making them perfect for taking on the outdoor elements. 

7. Solid Step

Traditional “diving board” steps are definitely a thing of the past for modern RVers. Mike and Missy enjoy their Solid Step because it offers a stable, secure and safe way to enter and exit their RV. They don’t need to unfold manual steps and they don’t need to worry about their steps wobbling or bouncing. The Solid Step is packed with safety features like an extra-wide top step and anti-slip aluminum treads. One of the great things about the Solid Step is that you can choose from a full lineup of add-on, luxury RV accessories like a handrail, lift assist kit, storage box or floor tray. 

8. Camping Chairs

This is the 21st century, which means camp chairs have come a long way when it comes to materials and design. Mike and Missy like to relax by the fire just like any other modern RVer, and you can never go wrong with an extra-cozy camp chair to help you decompress. From zero-gravity, weightless feeling lounge chairs to extra-wide, padded camp couches, you can find a seating solution that’s just right for you in the Lippert outdoor furniture collection.  

Comfortable, Convenient and Luxurious RV Camping

It’s easy to see that for many people, camping has changed dramatically over the years. If you want, you can have all the comforts from home right at your fingertips, making life on the road convenient and stress-free.  
If you want to keep up with Mike and Missy’s RV adventures, you can follow them on social media!  
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