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Must Have Jeep Accessories Feat. YouTube Influencers “Garage Couple”

Being the owner of a Jeep is special. Jeeps are known for being sporty, fun, ready for adventure and can even become the center of attention with the unique upgrades and features that are available specifically for them. What’s not to love?

With so many awesome ways to make your Jeep yours, from bull bars and grille guards down to brighter, cooler-looking LED lights, there’s really no reason to leave it basic (booorrinnggg!) We spoke with Greg and Aleen, also known as YouTube hit sensation “Garage Couple,” who are well-known by their 18,000+ subscribers for their decked-out Jeep Wrangler TJ and JK Unlimited, and the time they spend together making them look so cool.

Jeep Wrangler on MountainJeep Wrangler on Mountain

With today being Valentine’s Day, we’re hopeful that the Garage Couple’s spectacular content will give you not only some superb gift ideas for you or the Jeep owner in your life (now and at any point in the year), but will also suggest some extraordinary ways to spend time with your sweetie on February 14th and beyond. Take a look at some of their must-have Jeep accessories and find out how they could be great enhancements for your Jeep, too!

ARIES® Jeep Tube Doors

Jeep Wrangler Aries Tube DoorsJeep Wrangler Aries Tube Doors

The first thing on the Garage Couple’s must-have list is the ARIES Jeep tube doors. They are a fave of theirs due to their functionality, light weight, and durability while providing plenty of breathing room compared to others on the market. The duo mentioned that they have tried various tube doors and many were pretty restrictive, not offering that sense of “freedom while remaining protected” that these doors provide.

Another feature they love about the ARIES tube doors is that they are sturdy and keep still while driving, even on extremely rugged roads. Compared to the others they have tested, the Garage Couple praises ARIES tube doors for their quiet operation - no rattling, no metal clanking, just a peaceful ride with fresh air on the open road.

Jeep Wrangler on Mountain with Tube DoorsJeep Wrangler on Mountain with Tube Doors

ARIES® Fender Flares

Jeep Wrangler with ARIES Fender FlaresJeep Wrangler with ARIES Fender Flares

The next item on their list of must-haves are the ARIES fender flares. They mentioned that they are not fans of Jeep’s stock fenders due to their weaker material and because they simply do not look the greatest, and they also noted that the color wears off easily. They love the ARIES fender flares for their high-end quality, light weight, and finished, professional-grade look.

ARIES Jeep Wrangler Doors Close UpARIES Jeep Wrangler Doors Close Up

Greg and Aleen are also major fans of these fenders due to their clearance offering – especially compared to the stock fenders. They mentioned that upgrading to larger tires can be troublesome with the stock fenders as their lack of clearance causes the tires to rub against them. When they upgraded their tire sizes to 35”, they would rub against the original fenders which was pretty problematic. When they made the switch to the ARIES fender flares, tire rubbing became a thing of the past – even when they went bigger with 37” tires!

The couple stated, “When we go off-roading and need more flex with our tires, these fender flares give us an ample amount of clearance and don’t cause any rubbing, which we greatly appreciate!”

ARIES® Roof Rack Crossbars

ARIES Jeep Crossbars with full Roof RackARIES Jeep Crossbars with full Roof Rack

The Garage Couple is all about premium quality products that make upgrading fun yet convenient, and the ARIES roof rack crossbars are one of their favorite Jeep upgrades for that exact reason. They wanted a roof rack that did not require drilling into the frame for installation. The couple was also concerned about clearance as Aleen has a 3” lift kit installed on her Jeep and didn’t want to mount a roof rack that is difficult to take out.

The crossbars fit into the rain gutters of the Jeep, making installation, and removal if needed, simple and quick. In addition to the easy setup, they like the crossbars for their strength and sturdiness. They mentioned that they appreciate how the crossbars offer a terrific amount of space and incredible weight capacity without being cumbersome, providing an ideal solution for exactly what they were looking for.

ARIES Jeep Roof Rack CrossbarsARIES Jeep Roof Rack Crossbars

ARIES® ActionTrac™ Running Boards

Another one of the Garage Couple’s favorite Jeep accessories are the ARIES ActionTrac™ running boards, as they help their family and friends easily get in and out of their colossal Wranglers.

Actiontrac Running Boards on Jeep WranglerActiontrac Running Boards on Jeep Wrangler

ActionTrac powered running boards automatically retract and descend when the doors are opened, providing a solid, step-within-a-step platform to easily step into the lifted Jeep. Once the riders are inside, the steps raise back up – so they are ideally functional without sacrificing clearance compared to similar running boards that hang low and don’t offer a ton of space. The ActionTrac running boards also contain integrated LED lights, making it easier to see where to step when nightfall is underway, ultimately increasing safety.

ARIES Actiontrac Running BoardsARIES Actiontrac Running Boards

“These steps have been a game changer for us for our older family members! They make it so much easier for them to spend time with us without having to worry about how they’re going to get in and out of our huge Jeeps without any trouble.”

Power Pro Max Portable Pressure Washer

Power Pro Max Cleaning TiresPower Pro Max Cleaning Tires

One last accessory for your Jeep that the Garage Couple deems as a must-have is the Power Pro Max portable pressure washer. Hours of traveling on countless dirt roads, trails, and highways can take a toll on the cleanliness of their Jeeps, and when they’re ready to get them back to squeaky clean and shiny, the Power Pro Max is their go-to.

Declared an “essential travel accessory” by the Garage Couple, the Power Pro Max is a battery powered pressure washer that allows anyone to clean like a pro whenever and wherever. The power washer’s hose drops into any water source (bucket of water, garden hose, lake, pool, etc.) without any power cords or fuel tanks required, and it even has an ECO setting that is perfect for washing cars. Their favorite part about the Power Pro Max is that it is totally portable, so giving their Jeeps a much-needed bath is only a few steps away while at home, on the road, or wherever their adventures lead them.

Power Pro Max in usePower Pro Max in use

Now that you’ve learned about the Garage Couple’s favorite, must-have Jeep accessories, it’s time to start upgrading your own Jeep! Visit the ARIES website or the Lippert store to find the equipment they recommended, or do some browsing to find your own faves and give your Jeep the upgrades it deserves!

About the Garage Couple

Garage couple with Jeep WranglerGarage couple with Jeep Wrangler

When Greg and Aleen first started dating, they spent a ton of time in their garage together although Aleen did not know much about cars. Greg encouraged her to get involved and learn new things, and she was willing and eager to do so. They started with simple tasks such as fixing their A/C unit together, then they began growing and moving on to larger, more complex tasks, such as installing a lift kit together. Once they realized how much fun they were having, they decided to begin recording their garage sessions to share their experiences online with a goal of helping other people who are interested in DIY Jeep projects at home.

“Jeeps are like a puzzle, and there’s a huge community of people that like to work on their Jeeps at home – so we decided to jump in and share what we do, too. We love showing that this is something anyone can do and get involved in, even if it’s not their profession.”

Along with their goal of helping others with DIY Jeep projects, Aleen mentioned that she loves being a female in this industry and has a goal of empowering women to do the same.

“I love what I do, and I really love being a female doing it because it shows other women that this doesn’t have to be a male-driven industry or be a language that only men can speak. We can roll up our sleeves and get in the garage to make our Jeeps pop, too!”

Keep up with the Garage Couple on their YouTube channel for all of their adventures and Jeep-related content!

Jeep Wrangler with Lippert ProductsJeep Wrangler with Lippert Products