Outdoor entertainment ideas

16 Outdoor Entertainment Ideas for Top-Notch Hosts

Imagine the warm breeze on your skin, the sound of children playing in the distance and a group of friends gathered on your deck to watch the big game while someone turns meat on the grill. If this sounds like an ideal afternoon, it's time to investigate outdoor entertainment ideas. From outdoor TVs to comfortable seating areas, this post will give you tons of ideas for creating the ultimate outdoor or backyard entertaining space.

1. An Outdoor TV 

When you host a party or gather with your friends and family to watch the big game, you’ll want a TV that’s up to the task. That’s why it’s important to pick the right one. A living room TV is likely not going to cut it, since it was designed for indoor use. If you place an indoor TV outside, chances are it will get wet or be exposed to dust and insects. So, think twice before you set up a card table on your patio and plop your living room LED TV on it. Outdoor televisions are designed to withstand the elements, so you can install them and leave them in your outdoor space for whenever you want to use them.

How to Pick the Right Outdoor TV

Furrion Aurora® TVs are built to provide a better outdoor entertainment experience year-round. Each TV has an IP54-waterproof rating to withstand precipitation, UV rays, snow, dirt, dust, insects and humidity, as well as extreme operating temperatures from -24°F to 122°F. In addition, the partial-sun and full-sun models are equipped for protection against flying baseballs, lawn mower debris and more with XtremeShield™ IK08-rated impact-resistant screens.

Excellent resolution and brightness are also essential to a good viewing experience. While outdoor TVs are best used in partial or full-shade environments, you still want a screen that can compete with bright outdoor light during daytime viewing. If you've ever tried to use a standard laptop outdoors, you know it can be almost impossible to get work done when you're staring at your own reflection on the display. Each Furrion outdoor TV is calibrated for a specific setting, so you can enjoy a glare-free viewing experience in 4K ultra-high-definition with HDR10 that offers vivid colors and a deep contrast.

Furrion Aurora outdoor TVFurrion Aurora outdoor TV

When shopping for an outdoor television, don't just consider the brightness. Outdoor light conditions are ever changing, and your TV must be able to keep up. Look for options with auto-brightness control, so your screen evolves with the movement of the sun or cloudiness of the day. Auto-brightness control on Furrion Aurora outdoor TVs uses an ambient light sensor to measure the brightness of the environment and change screen lighting levels for optimal viewing experiences at any given time.

Additionally, you can say goodbye to dumb TVs — after all, it’s the 21st century. Furrion outdoor smart TVs are equipped RangeXtend™ external antennas for boosted signal strength and feature integrated smart functions that allow for easy streaming of your favorite shows and movies without additional streaming devices.

2. A TV Mounts

Installation is a key component to ensuring long-lasting satisfaction with your outdoor television. You might see people sharing outdoor TV ideas where they set their television up on a stand as they would indoors, but this is less than ideal. A gust of wind could send your outdoor entertainment centerpiece crashing to the ground, and while Furrion Aurora outdoor TVs are robust enough to withstand temperature changes and dust, they're not designed to take a direct hit with concrete or even grass-covered ground. Instead, plan to mount your patio TV on a wall.

Purchasing the right TV mount just depends on how much viewing flexibility you need. If you simply need to tilt the TV up and down by a few degrees, you’ll want a fixed tilt mount. If you want a full range of 90° motion, then a full-motion mount will be better suited for your needs. For a 360° viewing experience, consider purchasing a celling full-motion mount with tilting arms that allow for adjustments for 0° up and 15° down.

Where to Mount Your Outdoor TV

Choosing the right backyard or patio TV and mounting location involves understanding whether your space is fully or partially shaded. An outdoor area that is fully covered, such as a screened-in porch or a deck with a cover that extends over all areas requires a slightly different TV than a partially covered patio. It comes down to the amount of direct sun that might hit the area where your TV is located. In a fully shaded area, the TV doesn't have to work as hard to outshine the ambient light.

To understand whether a television meets the needs of your space, check its specs and look for the number of nits. The more nits a screen has, the brighter its image.

3. An Outdoor Soundbar

Now that we have your viewing experience covered, let’s talk about sound. To get a fully immersive experience that’ll impress even your most selective friends, you’ll need an outdoor soundbar that can deliver explosive sound while also keeping up with the outdoor elements. Furrion Aurora outdoor soundbars perfectly complement your Aurora outdoor TV. Speakers and a subwoofer in each soundbar offer up crisp, clean sounds that are perfect for large and open-air settings. The Bluetooth functionality and RCA/coaxial inputs even let you easily pair your soundbar to your mobile device, which is great when music fits the mood of the party rather than a movie or TV show.

Each Aurora soundbar boasts an IP45-rated waterproof housing that protects it from rain, dust, insects, snow and humidity, so you never have to worry about Mother Nature ruining your equipment.

4. A TV Cover

When buying your outdoor television, don't forget to invest in a cover. Furrion Aurora TVs come with great built-in protection to keep elements and debris out. But you might still have to wipe down the screen or casing periodically for aesthetic reasons. Using a cover minimizes cleaning and maintenance, so all you have to do is uncover the unit, turn it on and enjoy.

Each Furrion TV cover is built from premium, robust material to withstand fluctuating temperatures and UV rays, as well as resist mold and mildew for year-round protection. These covers even feature a built-in specially fitted pocket to safely store your TV remote in the summer and through the winter.

5. Outdoor Furniture

There’s no better way to cozy up a space than by adding comfortable outdoor furniture. From full patio sets to supportive camping chairs, your selection of outdoor furniture choices is endless. Try a few different styles of chairs and sofas to find the combination of furniture that is best suited for you and your space. That way, you can always be comfortable for your outdoor gathering or date night under the stars.


6. An Outdoor Rug

Laying down an outdoor rug is the perfect way to tie together your outdoor entertainment space. It adds a dash of style to your decor while making your space cozy and keeping it clean. Be sure to get a patio mat or outdoor rug that is made for the outdoors with mold and mildew-resistant fabric that can withstand rain, accidental drink spills and UV rays. It’s also a great idea to consider washability because it’s likely to get dirty with foot traffic from your family or guests.

7. Pillows & Blankets

Blankets for an outside movie night are a must, right? You and your guests can cuddle up on your patio furniture and settle in for a great night of backyard entertainment. Throw pillows are also a great way to add comfort and personality to your outdoor space. The only question your guests will need to ask is, “Where’s the popcorn?”

8. String Lights

Outdoor lighting adds an ambience that makes your outdoor space feel even more homey. String lights are a great way to add a touch of modern above your pool, hot tub, dining area or seating area, while adding a functional way to light up your space for safety. String them across your pergola or along your fencing for an upscale backyard look.

9. Privacy Fencing

Speaking of fencing, adding privacy to your outdoor space is almost never a bad idea. Even if you don’t want to fence in the whole yard, you can add a privacy wall around your patio or porch to ensure a cozy reprieve from your neighbors’ prying eyes.

10. A Fire Pit

What’s an outdoor gathering without a fire pit to circle around and roast some marshmallows? Fire pits and fire tables make a great hangout space for your friends and their kids, especially on chilly nights when you need a little extra warmth.

11. A Gazebo

Without a covered porch, you’re going to need some way to stay out of the sun on hot summer days. Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes and can be permanent or temporary installations. You can make your gazebo fit in with your landscaping or get a portable popup gazebo that you can set up at your convenience for large family gatherings or parties. If you go with a popup option, be sure to get compatible wind panels, so you can shield your guests on especially bluster days.

12. Landscape Speakers

Earlier we mentioned a soundbar for your TV, but have you considered getting a full landscape audio system? High-performance systems like the Furrion Aurora Veranda and Terrace Series are made for big or small spaces and give you full backyard audio coverage. The speakers and subwoofer can be hidden in your landscaping, attached to your deck or mounted on the trees in your yard.

With the pivoting arm assembly, you can enjoy 150 degrees of vertical rotation, allowing you to adjust your outdoor speakers to just the right angle. The subwoofer features a multi-mount design, meaning you can mount it above-ground, in-ground or on your deck.  In addition, this landscape speaker system is expandable, so you can add up to eight satellite speakers and two subwoofers, depending on the size of the amplifier. This will allow coverage of up to 3,500 sq. ft.

Additionally, these systems are fully weatherproof and feature an acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) construction with a fluorocarbon textured finish that offers maximum UV protection that won’t fade in the sun or chip and peel. They can also withstand harsh outdoor temperatures from -15°F to 160°F.

13. A Hammock or Tree Swing

Have you thought about hanging around in your yard... literally? Hammocks and tree swings are a great way to decorate your trees and offer functional sitting space. You can lounge around and read a book on the weekends or have a place for your guests to lay in the breeze after they get out of the pool. Either way, adding a hammock or tree swing to your backyard is an instant win and a great source of relaxation for everyone.

14. Plants

There’s something about plants that instantly make a relaxed outdoor space feel more welcoming. Plus, some plants are great for repelling biting insects like mosquitos. If you’re not up for planting a full-blown garden, consider scattering some potted plants around your porch or patio to liven it up. Even people with zero green thumbs can spruce up a space with a succulent or two.

15. Tiki Torches or Mosquito Repellant

Okay, so you’re not into plants... we get it. But let’s address those biting insects again. Nothing will make your guests leave your barbecue faster than a few itchy mosquito bites to the skin. Ward them off with tiki torches that you can stick in the ground or battery-operated bug repellers that you can keep on your patio table.

16. A Game Area

Last on our list of fun outdoor entertainment ideas is a place for your family and friends to have some friendly competition on summer nights. Creating a game area in your outside space is a great way to get your guests active, especially when the conversation dies, and you’re left wondering what to do next. Choose easy-to-setup backyard games like cornhole, jumbo Jenga or ladder toss for stress-free crowd pleasers.