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Less Junk More Journey Recommends Practical Gifts for RV Owners

The following blog post is from Lippert Brand Ambassadors Marissa and Nathan Moss, a.k.a. Less Junk More Journey.

Well, it is that time of year when you are trying to figure out what to get your friends and family who live in their RV! The most challenging part of choosing a gift for them is knowing that they are limited on space. If you are looking to purchase a great gift that will make their life easier, then you have come to the right place! We are sharing our top five ideas. We have used all of these and want you to know why they will make great gifts for your family and friends, and even for you if you decide to treat yourself to a great product!

1. Furrion Tankless Water Heater

Have you ever gotten into the shower and got your hair full of shampoo just to run out of hot water? Having thick, long hair makes the need for longer showers a necessity. The Furrion tankless water heater was a game changer! It has an instantaneous and consistent supply of hot water without having to wait for your tank to fill up between each shower. The Furrion tankless water heater makes showering in your RV just as amazing as if you were in a hotel or at your house.

This product honestly changed our lives and how we shower in the RV. Not only can we take a long hot shower without running out of steam...literally, but we don’t have to plan our showers out and wait 20 minutes between each individual shower. We can now shower back to back and not disrupt our daily routine. Like I said, game changer!

Furrion Tankless Water Heater RV Install BlackFurrion Tankless Water Heater RV Install Black
Furrion Water Heater Control Board ThermostatFurrion Water Heater Control Board Thermostat

2. Acuva Water Filtration

As you travel around the country or even into other countries in your RV, you have to think about the quality of the water that is coming into your faucet. As you pull into the RV park and connect your water hose to the spigot, you just assume the water is good! But, is the water always safe to drink, and does it taste good? The only way to tell is to drink it! Raising children has made me more conscious of what they eat and drink. I do not want to risk their health with contaminated water, but I also do not want them to not like drinking water just because it does not taste good!

With the Acuva water purifer we have solved both problems. Installing the Acuva has allowed our family to have clean drinking water no matter where our travels lead us. We no longer have to buy plastic water bottles, which saves the environment and also saves our bank account. It fits under the kitchen sink also saving your counter space. No more bad tasting water and water bottles! That’s what I call a win-win!

3. CURT Tow Bar & Baseplate

Are you getting ready to hit the road for your big journey? If you have a class A or class C and you are looking to tow a vehicle behind your camper, look no further! Using the CURT tow bar with a baseplate is a great solution for you to flat tow your vehicle. We needed a way to tow our Jeep behind a class C for our west coast adventure, and the CURT tow bar made that simple and safe for our family. It was the perfect solution for us, and we were able to go exploring beyond the campground in our Jeep.

4. Camping Loveseat

As you are just finishing setting up your campsite and you want to go out and enjoy your campsite, where do you sit? We started with separate camping chairs that had to be packed up and took up so much room, so we looked for an alternative.

The Lippert camping loveseat was a great option. We enjoy sitting together and watching the kids play as we relax. Also, what better way to sit by a campfire than in a loveseat! It is nice to snuggle up with each other, and the kids just climb up in our laps for extra cuddles. The camping loveseat is not only comfortable, but it allows for easy portability of not one but two seats. This chair has it all!

5. Furrion Backup Camera

We all have had to figure out how to get into those tough camping spots. As we got to different campgrounds, we would sometimes struggle to squeeze into the sites. We were waving at each other and giving directions the best we could, but it was not always easy. What if I told you there is a better way than having to try and communicate with each other using hand signals?

The Furrion backup camera is a great tool for backing into those sites. It's like having an extra set of eyes. Those extra eyes come in super handy for backing up into your campsite as well as helping you safely change lanes while driving. The Furrion backup camera allows us to keep an eye on our bikes on the rear rack as well. When it comes to traveling, you need all the extra eyes you can get.

Furrion RV Backup Camera Solitude Grand DesignFurrion RV Backup Camera Solitude Grand Design

Additional Gift Recommendations

Another great purchase is the Solid Step. Coming in and out of the RV can be tricky with stairs that wobble or move as you climb up and down. The Solid Step gives you the stability and safety that helps you enter and exit your RV. We have loved knowing that our kids can run in and out, not having to worry about the stairs causing them to trip or fall.

The Tire Linc pressure monitoring system has really been a great purchase. As we drive from place to place, it is so challenging to keep up with all of the RV systems. The Tire Linc pressure monitoring system has really given us a peace of mind knowing that it will warn us when our tires are too hot or running low on air. With the Tire Linc you can also extend the life of your tires and prevent dangerous blowouts.

One other safety feature that gives us comfort are our Lippert axles with disc brakes. There are parts of the RV that you never think about until it is too late. Using Lippert axles with disc brakes is another great way to make your journey safe!

Our first Christmas after moving into our RV was tough because our family didn’t want to give us things that would just end up in storage. They also knew that we had limited storage, so even some great items that we could use outside while camping would not be practical. As they asked about gifts that we would need and appreciate, we began to think about items that would make our journey even better. The items we have listed above have made it possible for us to go out and enjoy traveling with our family. We hope that this list helps you decide what great gifts to purchase. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner's Manual.

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