Lippert Adventure Pro Coolers

Refuel & Refresh with Adventure Pro Coolers by Lippert

There’s nothing worse than leaving home to explore for the day, then feeling parched and famished midway through. You had the foresight to pack up the same old-school, hard-sided cooler you’ve had sitting in your garage for the last 20 years, but when you reach for your cold-cut deli sandwich, it’s soggy from swimming in melting ice water. Gross! Giving up on the sandwich, you reach for a cold one and pop the top off. Unfortunately, rather than gulping down the ice-cold beverage and quenching your thirst, you’re met with a lukewarm drink that you’d rather not swig. This outdoor adventure just got way less exciting.

What you need is a cooler that can keep up with your outdoor lifestyle, and Adventure Pro coolers do just that.

What Are Adventure Pro Coolers?

It’s all in the name. Adventure Pro soft-sided coolers by Lippert allow you to take drinks and food on-the-go wherever your adventure takes you. They are designed for long-lasting ice retention to keep your contents cold, whether you’re catching rays on the water, hitting the trails, or cheering on your child from the sidelines. Durable and easy to transport, these soft cooler bags will be your favorite go-to accessory for spending the day outdoors.

Why Do You Need One?

Adventure Pro coolers have a variety of great features that are hard to ignore when you’re shopping for the best outdoor insulated coolers.

ChillPro™ Insulation

Never worry about your food or beverages getting warm again! You can enjoy ice-cold beverages and chilled meals from these soft cooler bags for days. They are equipped with closed-cell ChillPro technology designed to keep your ice from melting quickly on hot days.

Efficient Storage

Depending on the Adventure Pro model, you can store up to 24, 30 or 40 cans inside the cooler. Then, you can pack other necessities like napkins, utensils and can koozies in the front storage pocket for added convenience.

Convenient Transportation

The Adventure Pro 24 and 30 coolers come with a padded shoulder strap and handles so you can easily carry them to your destination. The Adventure Pro 40 is uniquely designed with wheels, an adjustable pull-out handle and padded carrying straps so you can roll it along your route without fatigue.

Easy Access

All the Adventure Pro cooler models have wide-mouth openings, allowing you to unzip and easily refresh with an ice-cold drink. The openings also let you easily view and access your cooled contents without the hassle of digging around the bag to find what you need.


With a puncture-resistant lining, water-resistant soft cooler shell and water-tight zipper, you don’t have to worry about outside elements getting into your Adventure Pro cooler bag. Each model is made to keep your chilled items fresh all day long.

Adventure Pro Soft Cooler Differences at a Glance

If you’re wondering about the differences between each cooler model, we’ve put together this handy chart so you can quickly and easily see what features make each cooler unique.


Aventure Pro 24

Adventure Pro 30

Adventure Pro 40

Can Capacity

24 Cans

30 Cans

40 Cans

Ice Capacity

15 lbs.

20 lbs.

30 lbs.

Water Capacity

18 qts.

22-1/2 qts.

37 qts.

Outside Dimensions

14” x 10-1/2" x 15-1/4”

20” x 8-1/4” x 17-1/2”

17” x 14" x 19"

Inside Dimensions

11-1/2” x 7-1/2” x 12”

17-1/2” x 5-1/2” x 13-1/2”

13" x 11" x 15"

Padded Handle




Shoulder Strap








Pull-Out Handle




Empower Your Outdoor Living

Whether you’re boating, camping or taking on any number of outdoor activities, Adventure Pro soft-sided coolers by Lippert will keep you refreshed, hydrated and ready to explore. If you’re looking for more accessories to empower your outdoor lifestyle, be sure to check out the campsite accessories collection in our online store!

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