Data Supports RV Camping as an Affordable Alternative to the Annual Family Vacation

The Surprisingly Affordable Cost of Owning an RV

Planning all-year for that one, big family vacation is exciting! However, the thrill is over when things don’t go as planned and/or the experience wasn’t as great as you’d hoped. To add to the misery, the credit card bills are still being paid months later.   

It is no surprise that with the potential for unpredictable COVID-19 shutdowns and social distancing as the norm, families are looking for more affordable and flexible family vacation and weekend getaway options.  

Perhaps you have always thought owning an RV was an unaffordable and/or expensive proposition? Historically, RV ownership has gotten a bad wrap. And, yes, just like any vehicle or vacation home, there are maintenance and occasional upgrade costs to factor in. However, the data does not support this perception. According to the RV Industry AssociationAn RV vacation can be 60% cheaper than a traditional vacation at a hotel, bed and breakfast, or similar type of accommodation.  

Here’s the research on family vacation costs

$5,075 is the average cost for a family of four ($1,268 per person) to go to Disney World.

74% of people say they've gone into debt to pay for a vacation, to the tune of $1,108, on average ... and a quarter of survey respondents said they spend 15% or more. 

The average vacation costs $1,145 per person. This means a family of 4 would need $4,580. 

Financial experts suggest that the average family vacation costs between 5-10% of your total income. 

What's the average income of an RV owner? 

The typical RV owner is 48 years old, married, and has an above-average annual household income of $62,000. If your family is in that average of $62,000 per year income range, then your annual family vacation budget is likely $3,100-$6,200, or more. 

Perceptions and demographics are changing 

"The RV industry has been consistently growing year after year. In the last few years, the industry has seen millennials living in RVs, retirees swapping to the RV life, and the age 35-55 crowd taking a larger market share than the typical 60+ buyers." According to the, where they also shared the following stats:

40 million people in the U.S. go RV camping, drive around 4,500 miles each year in their RV and take at least 3 trips with their RV

38% of RV owners are millennials

54% of all owners bring their pets with them

Calculating the cost of owning an RV 

You will find a zillion blogs about the cost of owning an RV. However, the one thing to remember is the possibilities are almost endless. Do your research, talk to your local dealer, join a couple of the many Facebook RV Camping Groups out there. To get you started, we thought this blog, How Much Does It Really Cost to Own an RV? by, provided a thorough overview of the options to consider and how to calculate or estimate all things related to RV ownership.

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