RV Camping as a Safer Travel Alternative During COVID-19

RV Camping is a Safer Travel Alternative During COVID-19

Looking for ways to avoid crowded attractions, busy hotels, packed planes, and cramped cruise ships during the COVID-19 outbreak? Many view RVing as a safer alternative to other types of travel.

Especially for older adults and those at risk, attempting typical travel methods during periods of heightened infectious illness or pandemics is a non-starter for the following reasons:

Air travel is the obvious choice to get somewhere far away faster. However, the benefits stop there. Cramped and uncomfortable seating and long lines at check-in and security expose us to a myriad of germs. For example, the Atlanta airport averages 275,000 passengers a day with 2,700 arrivals and departures daily. Once you board your plane, on average, you’ll be sharing recycled cabin air with 150-300 passengers — for hours.

Car travel is oftentimes a convenient and cost-effective means of travel; but, it typically requires you to book overnight accommodations, requiring encounters with check-in counters, elevators, public hallways, and the hotel room — all previously occupied by other guests and maintained by hotel staff. According to USAToday, the average hotel has 115 rooms, which could add up to 230-460 guests per night at full-occupancy.

Being all-inclusive and offering something-for-everyone are attractive aspects of cruising. However, the average cruise ship has 3,000 – 6,000 passengers according to cruisemapper.com. It's possible that a certain percentage of those passengers will embark with an infectious illness already developing.

Top benefits of RV travel

OK, you get the idea ...

Here is our list of top reasons RV travel is an attractive alternative:

Flexibility to pick-up and leave whenever you want to travel to your next destination.

Socialization with others at safe distances is much easier and less risky when outdoors, cooking-out, and sitting around the campfire.

Home-sweet-home and Fido travel with you. No unwanted guests or germs. Enjoy your morning coffee with a view.

Luxury, comfort, and private bathroom facilities are just steps away. First class upgrade, no status required.

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