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Is Your RV Water Heater Too Hot?

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My Wife Is Complaining That the Hot Water in Our RV Is Too Hot!

Dear Gary, I need help with Atwood GC6AA 10E troubleshooting, please. It’s a six-gallon gas/electric combination unit. My wife is complaining that the hot water is too hot. I have read the manual and done a lot of internet research, but cannot figure out if or how I can turn the temperature down. What I read on the Internet is that you cannot, but the manual also says I can turn down the temperature control lever (White Rodgers) or dial (Robertshaw). Problem is it doesn’t say where these are located or which one I have. Any suggestions? — Jason B.

The RV Doctor's Orders

Jason, your water heater is a direct-spark-ignited model, which does not have an adjustable thermostat; it has a pre-set, thermal disc thermostat. The White Rodgers and Robertshaw (see photo), gas valves you mention are for pilot models that indeed have an adjustable dial/ lever thermostat. Though the set thermostats on the electronic models are non-adjustable, an adjustable direct replacement thermostat for your Atwood is available through any reliable RV dealer or accessory store. I cannot recall the actual part number of the replacement thermostat, but any knowledgeable service shop should be able to order one for you. Or to be sure, contact Atwood customer service directly.

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Thanks again for your post. Let us know how it works out.

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