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Locating the VIN Number on a 5th Wheel Trailer

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Where Is the VIN on My 5th Wheel?

I have been given a 5th wheel trailer that has no title. I am in the process of obtaining that, but need to know where I can find the VIN number. An internet search has proved fruitless and those responding often tell me to look on the tongue next to the bumper hitch. Obviously, they don't know what a fifth wheel trailer is. I'd truly appreciate your help. I do enjoy your information coming to my inbox every week- I'm learning loads! thank you in advance. — Tina G.

The RV Doctor's Orders

Tina, for towable recreational vehicles, 5th wheels and conventional travel trailers, the Federal certification label with the manufacturer’s VIN is typically found on the left, roadside front corner of the coach, near the bottom of the sidewall. In some cases, it may also be posted inside a cabinet door or even on the entry screen door. But the required spot is at that front left corner, down low on the sidewall.

If you're asking, "Where is the VIN number on a trailer?" The answer is the same — on the left, roadside front corner of the coach, near the bottom of the sidewall. 

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