RV Furniture Replacement Guide

RV Furniture Replacement Guide

There are many reasons why RV owners choose to upgrade and replace their furniture. Some may have put many miles on their RV over several years, so their furniture is either aging or outdated. Others are looking to increase their sleeping capacity or make their space more functional for their RV lifestyle. New RV owners may have bought a used rig and want to upgrade the old furniture for function and style.

Whatever the situation, there are tons of good reasons to upgrade the furniture in your rig. In this post, we’ll cover RV furniture replacement, what you should consider before you upgrade and some of the options available to you as an RV owner.

Make a Plan Before Replacing Your RV Furniture

Just get the right sized furniture to replace the old — it should be that simple, right? Not necessarily. Before replacing your furniture, you should take some things into consideration, especially if you’ve been living in your RV for a few years.

Thomas Payne swivel pushback chairThomas Payne swivel pushback chair

The floor plan doesn’t have to stay the same.

If you’re looking to replace your RV furniture, it’s the perfect time to reconsider your floor plan. Is your space working for you? Would you like to rearrange to make it flow in a better way? Feel free to reimagine your RV living room and other areas to modernize, refresh and customize your space.

Furniture pieces don’t need to be exact-match replacements.

If you want to increase the sleeping capacity in your rig, consider replacing your old RV couch with a jackknife sofa or tri-fold sofa. These options allow you to convert the couch in your main living area to an extra sleeping space at night.

Maybe that extra bedroom in your RV is useless for you as a single RVer who works remotely. Consider transforming that space into an office area with a desk and a comfy pushback recliner.

Measure your space, and then measure again.

Once you decide on the configuration of your room, measure your space multiple times to ensure you’re picking out the right furniture. Nothing can squash the excitement of an upgrade project like ordering the wrong pieces that don’t end up fitting in your space.

Pick RV-Specific Furniture

While technically you can replace your RV furniture with regular residential furniture, you should be very careful when doing so. RV furniture is made for a few very specific reasons which you should consider before kicking it to the curb:

  • Size: RV furniture is made to fit around tight corners and in the weirdly shaped areas of a coach. RV manufacturers keep your cramped quarters in mind when designing their furniture.
  • Weight: You never want to overload your RV with too much weight! RV furniture is specifically designed to be lightweight, so you don’t overburden your rig.
  • Durability: RV furniture is made to withstand the wear and tear of travel and regular use. Residential materials may not hold up the same way, especially for full-timers with pets and kids.
  • Security: If you’re going to upgrade with residential furniture, you’re going to need some way to secure it. Furniture in your RV should be bolted to the floor or secured in a way that will not cause damage to anything or anyone, especially in emergency stop situations.
  • Features: RV furniture is often designed to be multifunctional. RV manufacturers take limited space into account, so they will integrate extra storage space and versatility into the pieces they design.
Thomas Payne Tri-fold SofaThomas Payne Tri-fold Sofa

RV Replacement Furniture Options

If you’ve read this far and want to replace your furniture with RV-specific pieces, you’re probably wondering what your options are. The truth is: you have a lot of them! From different sofa configurations to multifunctional recliners, you can get everything you need by shopping the Thomas Payne RV furniture collection.

RV Sofas

Each sofa in the Thomas Payne collection comes with easy-to-clean PolyHyde fabric and color options as well as a woven fabric option. The PolyHyde fabric encases high-density foam padding and comes with a five-year Hydrolysis Warranty.

Jacknife Sofas

As we mentioned earlier in this post, jackknife sofas allow you to transition your couch to a comfortable sleeping space for nighttime use. Other features include a fold-down center cupholder and a kickboard. You can also choose from a wide variety of different sizes and colors to perfectly suit your space.

Tri-Fold Sofas

Tri-fold RV sofas offer the same style and functionality as jackknife sofas, allowing you to convert the couch into a bed in just four steps. Unlike traditional hide-a-bed-sofas, the Thomas Payne tri-fold doesn’t have support bars that poke through and cause discomfort. Other features include a large storage space integrated into the base of the sofa and a removable back for easy installation.

Theater Seating

If you want to upgrade your RV living room to a home theater, you should strongly consider Thomas Payne’s theater seating. Like the other sofas in the Thomas Payne collection, you can choose from multiple sizes and colors. However, these pieces are decked out from top to bottom with premium upgrades.

Theater seating in the Heritage Series features chaise-style footrests, manual recline functionality and removeable chair backs for quick and easy installation.

Seismic Series theater seating comes fully equipped with power recline and lumbar functionalities, heated seats, massage options, chaise-style footrests, LED underlighting and lighted cupholders. Each piece also has a removeable back for hassle-free installation. Best of all, Seismic Series theater seating features the Thomas Payne power port that allows you to equip your furniture with optional add-on accessories like a wine holder, wireless phone charger, reading light, fan and more.  

RV Recliners

Just like the sofas in the Thomas Payne collection, you can choose from multiple configurations, fabrics and styles so that your RV recliner fits your space perfectly.

Euro Style

The compact Euro recliner comes with a 360° swivel, footrest and easy-to-operate, manual recline that extends to 59". It also features a padded headrest and armrests, as well as a contouring backrest for ultimate comfort while you lounge in your home on wheels.

Swivel Glide

Residential recliners can be a pain to move and rearrange because of their weight. The swivel glide recliner will easily fit inside your rig and is equipped with an easy manual recline to a 62" depth. With swivel and glide functionalities, you can rock, turn and stretch out just like you would at home.

Swivel Pushback

Like the swivel glide recliner, the swivel pushback chair is also lightweight and easy set up in your RV living space. In one swift motion, you can push back in this chair and recline while keeping the convenient functionality of the 360° swivel and glide actions.

Watch How Easy It Is to Replace Your RV Furniture

RV furniture replacement isn’t all that hard, especially when you’re working with the Thomas Payne collection. Watch the video to see how the 1st Class RV Adventures clan easily upgraded their RV couch.