RV Mattress Replacement

Easy RV Mattress Replacement with Accurate RV Mattress Sizes

Let’s be real, some RV mattresses simply don’t make the cut. Whether you bought a new RV equipped with a mattress that leaves a lot to be desired, or it’s time to ditch the thin, worn-out mattress you’ve been sleeping on for years — replacing your RV’s mattress is, and should be, a big deal, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road. 

That’s why we’re sharing real-life reviews and everything else you need to know about the Thomas Payne® Premium Mattress, so you can upgrade to comfort with total ease.   

RV Mattress Sizes

First things first, before ordering just any mattress for your RV, you have to make sure you get one that’s actually going to fit. As most RV owners know, the king mattress you install inside your camper isn’t always the same size as the king mattress you put in your house. This is why the Thomas Payne mattress is available in multiple sizes, so you can find one that fits your exact sleeping needs. Below, we will explain RV bed sizes in inches so you can see the diiference between residential and RV mattress sizes and find the right RV and travel trailer mattress size specific to your needs. 

Thomas Payne RV Mattress Sizes: 

RV Queen Mattress Size DimensionsRV Queen Mattress Size Dimensions

RV Queen Mattress Size

Short Queen Mattress Size DimensionsShort Queen Mattress Size Dimensions

Short Queen Mattress Size

RV King Mattress DimensionsRV King Mattress Dimensions

RV King Mattress Size

Narrow King Mattress DimensionsNarrow King Mattress Dimensions

Narrow King Mattress Size

Excellent mattress, specific for RVs

Gerrado G, Lippert Scout

“Fast delivery, (5 days including weekend) The mattress is clearly thought for RVers. From packaged in a way that will fit inside the RV and bedroom doors with ease, to the perfect fitting in our narrow king. We are full-timers, so a good mattress is critical.” 

What to Look for in an RV Mattress

Now it’s time to talk about the good stuff. When you’re investing in a new mattress for your RV, you want something that’s going to give you a good night’s sleep, and let’s be honest, not all RV mattresses are created equal. Many of the mattresses out there will leave you dreaming of a good night’s sleep rather than actually getting one. We developed the Thomas Payne® Mattress with exactly that in mind. Our mattresses are designed to provide comfort, coolness, and support, so you’ll get a restful night’s sleep, no matter where the road takes you. 

#1. Comfort Backed by Science (and Memory Foam)

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress? Well, for starters, it molds to your body and distributes your body weight evenly, responding to the pressure and temperature of your body. Then, when you get out of bed in the morning, it will return to its original shape. That makes memory foam especially comfortable. The Thomas Payne mattress isn’t only designed with extra-comfy memory foam, it’s also made with the same moisture-wicking materials used in athletic performance wear — keeping you cool and dry all through the night.

Check Out the Benefits of a Thomas Payne RV Mattress 

#2. Ships Compressed for Quick Installation 

If you’ve ever installed a mattress in an RV, you know first-hand that squeezing a giant piece of furniture through your entry doorway, isn’t so easy. With the Thomas Payne mattress installation is a breeze. This mattress ships compressed and double-bagged in a box, so you can maneuver it through the door and down the hall of your camper, hassle-free.  

Check Out How Easy It Is to Unbox and Install This RV Mattress

Easy Setup

Trent Westmeyer, Lippert Scout

“Setup was so easy with the way this mattress was shipped. A narrow box that easily fit through the RV door with only one person. With everything removed, place the box on the platform and slide the mattress out. Then simply carefully cut away the plastic and put it in place as it expands. Which didn’t take long at all. Seemed fully expanded within an hour.” 

#3. Make Sure There’s a Quality Guarantee

And lastly, one of the major differentiators that sets the Thomas Payne RV mattress apart from the rest is that it comes with an impressive 10-year warranty, and a 6-month compression guarantee — ensuring that you’re happy with your sleeping choice for years to come.  

Best RV Mattress!

Sandra C.

“We are really picky about our mattresses and our original RV mattress was the first thing we took out when we bought our RV because it was terrible so we chose to use our own mattress we had. This is the first RV mattress we try out and boy is it comfy! We love that it comes in a box so it fit right through our RV front door. After a few hours out of the box the mattress took its shape. My first night I woke up refreshed and with no back pain. (I have a sensitive back so if I don't have a good mattress I feel pain in my lower back). I'm very happy and I love the narrow king option for the RV because it gave us a few extra inches in our bedroom. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Thomas Payne RV Mattress FeaturesThomas Payne RV Mattress Features

Thomas Payne RV Mattress Features

  • 10” Dual Foam Layer  
  • 1” Top Layer made of 2.2 lb. Memory Foam, Infused with Charcoal Cooling Gel 
  • 9" Comfort and Support Base Layer made of 1.56 lb. Foam 
  • Smart Temperature, Moisture-Wicking Materials 
  • Eco Flex, Fiberglass-Free Mattress Barrier 
  • Ships compressed and double-bagged in a box for added protection and easy handling
  • 6-Month Compression Guarantee 
  • 10-Year Warranty

Perfect mattress for full-timers!


“Comfort: The feel of a foam mattresses is definitely unique, especially if you’ve only slept on traditional ones! This model has a super soft upper layer and a firmer lower layer, which when combined, creates what I would call “medium” firmness.  The heavy parts of your body instantly sink into the soft layer, which molds around you like a custom orthotic. The firm layer beneath, which is also thicker, keeps you from sinking too far into the soft one and kicks in to provide all of the support. I probably have a tendency to sink into foam mattresses more than most as I’m 6’ 4” 275lbs, but so far I feel fully supported and comfortable. I can now comfortably sleep not only on my back, but also on my side and my stomach, which was not possible for more than 5 minutes on the stock mattress!”