RV Campsite Setup Ideas - How to Customize your Outdoor Space

RV Campsite Setup Ideas: Make Over Your Patio & Beyond

Do you find yourself scrolling through your social media feeds, envious of the picture-perfect campsite setups that other RVers create? You are definitely not alone. Making your RV patio look like a picturesque view fit for Instagram can be tough. That’s why we’ve created a simple list of RV campsite setup ideas — many of which can also be used as RV deck ideas — that will help you put together a hassle-free, customized look, so you can post with confidence.

1. Add protection with shade panels or a privacy room.

While the sun on your face can churn up a warm and fuzzy feeling you can only get outdoors, you’ve probably found that sometimes, you just need to escape from the heat. Attaching shade panels directly to your awning provides a quick and easy way to get protection from the sun while also keeping bugs and the outdoor elements away from your belongings. Adding a full privacy room is just like a shade panel, except it provides full privacy from your neighbors, perfect for some family time.

Shade panels and screen rooms are also a great way to make your RV feel a little bigger. They act as an extension to your living space which can be great for outdoor eating, game nights and spending quality time with your family.

Need more shade? Find the perfect RV awning for your rig.

Privacy Room on an RV PatioPrivacy Room on an RV Patio
Photo provided by Instagram user @itsawanderlustfullife

2. Decorate with lights.

Outdoor lights add an ambience that will make you feel right at home while you’re sitting under the stars. String lights offer a modern look that can also add a calming yet functional way to light up your campsite. LED RV awning lights are perfect for brightening up the space around your rig, particularly near the entry steps that can be precarious to walk around in the dark. Whatever lights you choose, they are sure to enhance your outdoor setup.

While lights are a great way to accessorize your RV campsite setup, make sure you use caution when hanging them so that neighbors are not disturbed during the night by their brightness. Try to hang them in a way that they won’t shine into neighboring coaches, and if you’re not using them, it’s a good idea to turn them off so others can get a restful night’s sleep.

RV patio with string lightsRV patio with string lights
Photo provided by Instagram user @lets.head.wherever

3. Deck it out... literally.

Attaching a deck to your RV entryway can add a cozy front porch feel to your campsite setup. Imagine standing on your front porch to take in the fresh morning air with a steaming hot cup of coffee. Sounds nice, right? We think so! A deck can also bring you a sense of security because installing one adds more stability than traditional entryway steps while getting in and out of your rig.

We recommend buying an RV deck that can be easily installed within a couple of hours. That way, it’s no problem when you want to set it up for a weekend trip, then easily take it down when it’s time to go home.

Complete setup with RV DeckComplete setup with RV Deck

4. Keep it clean with an outdoor rug or floor tray.

Laying down a rug, mat or shoe tray is a great campsite setup idea because it customizes your space while also adding an opportunity for you, family and friends to wipe off their feet before entering your camper. Outdoor rugs and mats come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your style without compromising your outdoor aesthetic.

We recommend buying either a rubber shoe tray or an all-weather rug that is resistant to mold and mildew because it will probably get rained on. It’s also a great idea to consider washability because it’s likely to get dirty with all the foot traffic it will have to sustain. Either way you choose to go, you’ll be happy to have a stylish solution that will help you keep dirt, leaves and other unwanted things from nature out of your RV.

Outdoor rug on an RV PatioOutdoor rug on an RV Patio
Photo provided by Instagram user @you.me.andwillowmakes3

5. Add weather-resistant furniture for maximum comfort.

Relaxing around the fire at your campsite wouldn’t be possible without ultra-cozy camping chairs. There’s nothing quite like taking a load off after a long day on the trails and having supportive seating to put you into ultimate relaxation mode. There are so many different types of camp chairs on the market that we recommend trying out a few different styles to see which one works best for you. Sometimes you might need the padded luxury of an oversized camp sofa and other times, you might be more comfortable in a zero-gravity lounger that gives you a more weightless feeling. No matter which route you choose to go with your chair, it’ll surely add to the charm of your campsite setup.

Dog sitting on a camping chairDog sitting on a camping chair
Photo provided by Instagram user @pawsforlove

6. Accessorize with comfy pillows.

Throw pillows are a great way to add a little personality and comfort to your RV patio. When it comes to styling options, the sky is the limit, as there are tons of different, fun and unique patterns that can make a big statement or add subtle flair. The great thing about weather-resistant novelty pillows is that they can be used anywhere you want – around the campsite patio or inside your RV.

Camp pillows for campsite setupCamp pillows for campsite setup

7. Make it convenient with a folding table.

Whether the kids need to get some schoolwork done or you need a handy place to lay out food for mealtime, a lightweight, portable folding table can make a great addition to your campsite setup. You can simply place it wherever you want when you’re ready to use it, then easily carry it to a different spot or fold it up and put it away for another time. Some styles even come with a carrying case so that you can adventure beyond your campsite and take it with you on the trails or to the park.

Folding Camping TableFolding Camping Table

Whether you own a fifth wheel, travel trailer, toy hauler or pop-up camper, you can transform your RV patio into a functional, Instagram-worthy oasis with these simple ideas. What other RV park setup ideas come to mind when you think about customizing your outdoor area?