RV shower upgrades

The Top 5 Refreshing RV Shower Upgrades

So, you want to do a minor shower upgrade? No problem! The options are endless when it comes to the different materials, styles and colors you can use in your RV shower. You can access a variety of aftermarket upgrades that offer functionality while also creating a comfortable environment with an updated look.

Let’s take a deep dive into RV shower upgrades and look at some of the aftermarket products that are easy to install and will improve the overall style of your shower.

1. The Faucet & Shower Head

Let’s start with the products that you rely on the most when it comes to delivering a steady stream of water to your RV shower: the faucet and shower head. There are a few upgrades out there that can make a significant impact on your shower experience with minimal effort on your part to complete the upgrade.

One such option is this RV mobile home shower faucet from Amazon. It’s a faucet/shower head combo that comes in a brushed nickel finish and is perfect for a modern RV. Not only is this a sleek and stylish single handle lever shower valve, but it’s also a simple DIY project that would not require you to hire a plumber.

RV shower head upgradeRV shower head upgrade
RV shower wall surround upgradeRV shower wall surround upgrade

2. The Shower Surround

There are many RV shower surround upgrades out there that will significantly improve the look and feel of your shower. They are available in a variety of assorted colors and imitation marbles, and they even come with different shelving configurations to fit your needs.

Lippert offers a full lineup of shower and bathtub wall surrounds specifically designed for RVs, whether they’re travel trailers, 5th wheels or motorhomes. Each surround is constructed from scratch-resistant ABS acrylic, so you don’t have to worry about wear over time, especially with kids.

Just like a faucet or shower head upgrade, shower surrounds offer a fashionable and stylish bathroom update and are easy to do as a DIY project to save on installation costs.

3. A Shower Seat

For true comfort, especially if you have difficulty standing in a wet shower while soaping up, you might consider adding a shower seat. They are easy to install and significantly improve your shower experience if you prefer to sit comfortably during your shower.

There are many aftermarket upgrades to choose from, but one option is the Autumn Lane wall-mounted folding shower seat that you can purchase on Amazon. The benefit of this type of shower seat is that it can be folded up and out of the way so that other family members can stand and shower without the chair obstructing their very limited RV shower space. When installed, this particular model will hold up to 350 pounds and is super easy to clean due to the smooth material of the seat.

RV shower seat upgradeRV shower seat upgrade
RV shower curtain upgradeRV shower curtain upgrade

4. The Shower Curtain

One of the simplest and quickest ways to update your shower is changing out the curtain. There are so many colors and styles out there, and you can find bathroom rugs and toilet seat covers in colors that match your curtain, giving your whole bathroom a more modern look and feel.

A Gibelle RV shower curtain is a super stylish upgrade that comes in a wide range of different colors, from muted tones to more vibrant hues. These are easy to find online or in any large RV supply store.

5. A Shower Caddy

Another very quick and simple upgrade to your RV shower is to add a shower caddy. These come in many sizes and styles, ranging from the suction cup type of shelving or hook holders to the taller, multiple shelf type of tension pole caddy.

A relatively inexpensive option is this corner shower caddy with a tension pole design from Amazon. It’s super quick and easy to install and can hold up to 15 pounds of your soap collection without sliding.

RV shower caddy upgradeRV shower caddy upgrade

These are just a few of the many options available to you if you feel the need to update the shower in your RV. They will add a refreshing touch and modern aesthetic to any rig. What RV shower upgrades are you planning to do this season?