Smart RV Products Are Here | The Future of RVing

Smart RV Products Are Here | The Future of RVing

“Smart” products are everywhere. They’ve changed the way we watch television, listen to music, turn on the lights in our homes, keep an eye on our pets while we’re at work and so much more — and now, they’re changing the way we travel in RVs. Like a home, your RV can be equipped with products that make it smarter, safer and easier to hit the road. Take a peek at a few gadgets currently at the forefront of “smart” RVing.  


When it comes to RV connectivity, OneControl takes the cake. Some of you might already have experience with this technology, but for those unfamiliar, imagine being able to operate your slide-out, leveling system, awning, lights, thermostat and generator (just to name a few things) right from your phone or tablet with the push of a button — sounds nice right? With the OneControl smart system, you can operate multiple functionalities of your rig in one place and receive helpful notifications for things like RV rallies, promotions and travel tips from your RV manufacturer — making life on the road a little smarter and a lot more convenient.

Tire Linc® Tire Pressure Monitoring System

For smart products that pack a safety punch, Tire Linc TPMS keeps you in the know on the status of your tires so you’re always ready for the road ahead. Unlike cars and SUVs, RVs don’t come equipped with systems that alert you when your tire pressure or temperature are out of normal range. With this tech-savvy gadget, you can keep a close eye on up to 20 tires simultaneously (towed and trailer) — plus, it can be integrated with OneControl so you can receive tire notifications straight to your phone. You can even add extra sensors and an alert indicator to receive tire updates when your phone is off.

CURT® BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale

Hauling a 5th wheel or travel trailer? This smart RV accessory might be tiny in size but can add a ton of safety to your next trip. Bluetooth-enabled and ultra-easy to install, the CURT BetterWeigh by Lippert®, wirelessly connects to your phone to give you real-time weights for both your trailer and vehicle — streamlining the towing setup process for any vehicle-trailer combo and helping to maximize your safety on the road. That’s what you call a high-tech win, win.

CURT® Echo® Mobile Trailer Brake Controller

With this tech, the future of towing is at your fingertips. Seriously. The Echo mobile brake controller is powered by a Bluetooth-enabled system that connects right to your smartphone — turning your phone into a brake control monitoring unit you can view from the comfort of your vehicle’s cab. There is no need for extra modules, controls, buttons or knobs. Plus, it can be installed in minutes for smart tech that’s hassle-free.

Solera® Smart Arm™

If you’re looking for shade, security and simplicity, then check out the 12V Smart Arm Awning Kit. Compatible with Solera awnings and other leading brands on the market, this smart system lets RV owners operate their awning from an easy, one-touch panel integrated into the awning arm. You can extend, retract, lock and turn on your awning lights without going in and out of your rig. But one of the highlights of this system is that you can add-on security accessories like the wind sensor or infrared security kits to give you added peace of mind at your campsite.