Beat the Heat with RV Shade

7 Super Cool RV Shade Ideas

Staying cool and comfortable becomes priority-one for many RVers in the summer months. To go beyond just the usual advice – wear a hat, put on sunglasses and park in the shade – here are seven super cool RV shade ideas to get you through the sweltering dog days.

1. Make Sure You Have a Patio Awning

RV awning shading campsite patio womanRV awning shading campsite patio woman

An RV awning is virtually a non-negotiable for any travel trailer, 5th wheel or other camper. Most RVs come with an awning factory-equipped. If your RV doesn’t have an awning or your existing awning isn’t up to snuff, it’s time to upgrade. There are tons of options, including power or manual, as well as various sizes and colors. The right awning on your RV can make all the difference in the world, whether you’re adventuring under the beating sun or weathering a downpour.

2. Add Shade Panels to Your Awning

RV awning shade with screen panel patio chairsRV awning shade with screen panel patio chairs

One of the best awning upgrades for increased shade around your RV is a shade panel. A shade panel hangs from your patio awning, creating a screen wall that helps block direct sunlight and increases privacy for your patio space. You can add panels to the front of your awning and on either side.

3. Go for the Whole Screen Room

Popup camper with full screen room shadePopup camper with full screen room shade

Like a shade panel, an RV screen room attaches to your awning and provides extra protection against sunlight, as well as privacy. However, a screen room is the complete package, covering all three sides of the awning space and creating an outdoor room of sorts. It’s also great for keeping out bugs and other pests. A screen room allows breeze to pass through, helping to keep you cooler and more comfortable.

4. Keep Your Interior Cooler with Window Awnings

RV window with white awningRV window with white awning

Direct sunlight beaming through your RV windows can increase temperatures inside substantially. To help combat this while maintaining your scenic view, you can add window awnings. RV window awnings are similar to patio awnings, being able to fold out as needed. They’re also available in multiple sizes and colors, letting you keep a consistent look across your rig.

5. Upgrade Your Entry Door with Thin Shade

Thin Shade is a simple RV door attachment with a built-in, pleated blind. Pull the shade down for more shade and privacy or push it up to let in more light. Some RVs are actually sold off the lot with a prepped entry door ready to accept the Lippert Thin Shade. Others can be upgraded with a DIY kit that replaces the entire entry door window.

6. Add a Popup Gazebo

Picnic gathering in popup gazebo on grassPicnic gathering in popup gazebo on grass

A great way to add more shaded area around your campsite, especially if you’re parked in an open space, is with a popup gazebo. Campground pavilions and shelters are nice, but they’re not always available and personal space to relax is not guaranteed. The advantage of a popup gazebo is that you can quickly set it up pretty much wherever you’re parked, instantly providing extra space to relax in the shade. The screen walls also let cool breezes in while keeping pests out.

7. Update Your AC

Black rooftop RV air conditioner from FurrionBlack rooftop RV air conditioner from Furrion

It’s not exactly a shade solution, but it is worth including in your list of ideas to consider. If your RV AC is getting older, it may be time for an upgrade. The Furrion Chill air conditioner offers high capacity, high efficiency, quiet operation and durable components that are made uniquely for life on the road. It is available in various sizes and capacities to fit any RV model.

Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, or trailer. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual.