Taylor Made Towable Tubes

Enjoy the Ride with Taylor Made Towable Tubes  

Today’s forecast, sunny with a high chance of excitement and speed! There’s still a bit of summer left, so grab your friends and get ready for fun on the water with Taylor Made towables. With our collection, thrill-seekers have their choice of tube styles, including seating options, colors and more!

Taylor Made Nebula Towable Tube

This round, bright multi-colored towable tube with sublimated graphics on the top fits up to three riders and offers a fast and floaty ride on the water.

Taylor Made Nebula Round Towable TubeTaylor Made Nebula Round Towable Tube
Taylor Made Wild Wave 3-Person TubeTaylor Made Wild Wave 3-Person Tube

Taylor Made Wild Wave Towable Tube

This towable tube offers two versions, the Wild Wave 2 for two riders and Wild Wave 3 for three riders. This deck tube is versatile and can provide a thrilling adventure taking on the wake action or used as a relaxing floating island for a leisurely day at the lake.

Taylor Made Chaos Towable Tube

This towable tube offers a two-person and three-person option. The Chaos has an inflatable topside stability fin that helps keep riders on board no matter the conditions.

Taylor Made Chaos 3-Person Towable TubeTaylor Made Chaos 3-Person Towable Tube
Taylor Made Tidal Wave 3-Person Towable TubeTaylor Made Tidal Wave 3-Person Towable Tube

Taylor Made Tidal Wave Towable Tube

Both the two-person and three-person tubes are available, and the Tidal Wave offers an easy swap from traditional to couch-style seating.

Taylor Made Shockwave Towable Tube

This towable tube is ideal for up to three riders for both an exciting and comfortable day riding the waves with its inflatable cockpit seating and backrests.

Taylor Made Shock Wave Towable TubeTaylor Made Shock Wave Towable Tube
Taylor Made Booster BallTaylor Made Booster Ball

Taylor Made Towable Tube Booster

The Taylor Made booster ball is also available, minimizing any drag and enhancing the tube’s performance on turns and slides.

Taylor Made Tow Rope

You don’t want to forget the tow rope! We have options for two to four riders with adjustable lengths from 50 feet, 55 feet and 60 feet.

Taylor Made Towable Tube Rope 2KTaylor Made Towable Tube Rope 2K