ARIES LUVERNE side bars and running boards for winter season

How to Choose the Right Running Boards for Your Truck this Winter

Every truck needs a good set of running boards — they give your truck style and a secure place to step up into your rig. They improve traction when entering and exiting and are perfect for inclement weather, especially in the wintertime. The right set of running boards will provide a sturdy place to secure your step when it's wet, muddy, or icy out, and provide a stylish look that will set your rig apart.

When the time comes to choose the right side bars for your pickup truck or SUV, however, choosing the right set can be quite tricky. There's a lot of aftermarket truck side steps to choose from and many varying styles with differing features. If you're in the market for a good set of side bars that will provide a sturdy step in slushy winter weather, look good and last many seasons — we've got you covered.

This running board guide will walk you through the best features available from ARIES and LUVERNE for winter weather and help you to decide which style is best suited for your truck and needs this season.



LUVERNE SlimGrip and Grip Step running boards offer exceptional tractionLUVERNE SlimGrip and Grip Step running boards offer exceptional traction

LUVERNE SlimGrip™ & GripStep™ Running Boards — the Best for Exceptional Traction & Rugged Design

LUVERNE SlimGrip and Grip Step running boards are made to provide the best traction possible in any kind of weather. These running boards are tried-and-true, commercial grade running boards that are designed for unbeatable traction in the worst kinds of weather. They're the perfect addition for those who desire fleet-grade safety and a rugged, utilitarian look that is ready for any kind of weather.

Perfect for wet, muddy, icy or snowy conditions, these steps feature expanded metal treads which provide a grated, grooved surface that provides maximum traction for extreme conditions, whether you're at work or play. The expanded metal surface also runs the full length of the running board and can provide a stable stepping surface from wheel-to-wheel for the front and rear doors, as well as the truck bed.

An additional feature, which is beneficial for preventing dirt, mud and ice from entering your truck is the open-tread design. The grated metal surface helps to knock dirt and debris off your boots when stepping into the cab and allows the debris to pass through the treads and fall to the ground, keeping your interior clean, tidy and professional.

These steps also come in widths and are perfect for matching the style of your truck with your personal preference. The SlimGrip running boards are just 5" wide and provide a minimalistic style that fits snugly against the truck body, while providing excellent traction.

For a larger stepping surface, our Grip Step running boards feature the same expanded metal design and are 7" wide, the perfect balance between size and utility. The Grip Step 7" running boards provide a larger stepping surface and provide moderate width for more traction and grip, while still retaining a rugged, clean look.

To help you tackle tough jobs and extreme conditions, SlimGrip and Grip Step truck running boards are constructed from 5052 aluminum alloy that balances strength and weight while providing superior corrosion resistance. For even greater resilience, the aluminum is finished in a highly durable textured black powder coat finish that maximizes corrosion resistance.

SlimGrip and Grip Step running boards also mount with the ARIES VersaTrac® bracket system. These brackets mount to the vehicle frame and allow you to quickly install different running boards and side step bars quickly and easily, without cutting or drilling. With VersaTrac you can quickly change your running steps for differing looks or seasons!



ARIES ActionTrac powered side bars automatically raise and lowerARIES ActionTrac powered side bars automatically raise and lower

ARIES ActionTrac™ — Best Powered Running Boards That Automatically Raise & Lower

What better tech to have in slushy winter weather, other than powered running boards that automatically lower to provide two gradual steps to elevate you into your truck cabin?

ARIES ActionTrac boards are the next generation of power running boards and are perfect for your truck and winter weather. These running boards automatically tuck away, shielding them from muddy, icy or snowy roads when you're driving through inclement weather.

Upon your entry or exit, ActionTrac running boards will automatically retract from the stow away position to provide you with a low, stable step that will allow for a gentle and relaxed entry into your rig, ideal for cold, slippery weather. When the truck door opens, the 3" wide power step deploys down, providing an 8" drop from the 4" wide top step, allowing for a more gradual stepping experience, with less distance in between each step.

ActionTrac running boards can also be mounted 15" beneath the doorsill, perfect for large, lifted vehicles with oversized tires. The two combined steps make ActionTrac the perfect running boards for lifted trucks by offering a safer, easier entry and exit from the vehicle, with two full steps in between the ground and the doorsill.

ActionTrac side bars are also ideal for families with young children and elderly passengers. The step-within-a-step™ design provides a low and gradual step-up to prevent unexpected drops or falls. For added safety and visibility, each set of power running boards is equipped with integrated LED lights that illuminate the power side steps upon opening, providing a lit surface for you to step down onto.

ActionTrac electric running boards are also constructed with extruded 6061-T6 aluminum, making them lightweight, non-corrosive and very durable. They also feature a carbide black powder coat finish to maximize corrosion resistance. This enhanced construction, together with the contoured design of the running boards, provides extra protection for the sides of the vehicle from small rocks and other road debris that might scratch or mar the vehicle's finish.



ARIES RidgeStep side bars are perfect for winter weatherARIES RidgeStep side bars are perfect for winter weather

ARIES RidgeStep® — the Best Heavy-Duty Steel Construction with Raised Steel Treads

ARIES RidgeStep running boards are some of the toughest, most uncompromising around and feature a utilitarian design that complements their rugged style — perfect for cold, icy wintertime weather.

RidgeStep running boards are constructed with steel and feature circular, raised steel treads that provide enhanced traction when the weather and conditions are not in your favor. The 6-1/2" wide steps provide a large surface to step onto when entering and exiting your truck, and a raised edge spans the backside of the running board, working as a support to prevent your foot from slipping through the backside of the step.

Built entirely from steel to ensure maximum strength and longevity, these running boards will stand up to heavy-duty work on the job and will provide a stable, grippy surface to support your step in inclement, cold weather.

RidgeStep running boards also add a bold accent to your truck, featuring an angular design. They're built with definitive edges and the welded, angular end caps give them an aggressive, rugged look.

RidgeStep running boards also feature a two-part finish, that provides exceptional rust protection that goes the distance. First, an E-coat is applied for an initial layer of rust resistance. Then, the E-coat is covered with a durable, textured black powder coat that further protects from resistance and prevents chipping, scratches and sun damage. This textured finish helps hide minor scuffs, scratches and grime and cleans easily to keep your truck looking clean and professional.

All ARIES RidgeStep running boards work with the ARIES VersaTrac system that mounts to the vehicle frame and allows you to quickly install different running boards and side step bars quickly and easily, without cutting or drilling.



LUVERNE side bars are built to lastLUVERNE side bars are built to last

The Best Running Boards for Winter Weather Provide Traction & Stability

With ARIES and LUVERNE running boards, you'll be confident friends and family can step onto them when loading into the truck on a cold, icy day. They will last on the salty, slushy roads season after season, and will handle the tough jobs you have to complete when long, summer days eventually come.

A good set of running boards are an investment in your truck and will protect and keep you safe while also looking sharp long after the winter season ends. With varying features, price points and styles, it's important to pick a set of running boards that will last.

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