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How to Correct 5th Wheel Chucking

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say they're experienced chucking? More importantly, what can be done if you are experiencing chucking?

Here's a Short Video That Explains 5th Wheel Trailer Chucking

How to Correct 5th Wheel Chucking...

If you're having problems with your 5th-wheel trailer chucking, Lippert offers an excellent solution. Lippert's line of upgraded CURT 5th wheel pin boxes are designed to eliminate that annoying (and dangerous) trailer chucking like you see in this video.

Without an upgraded pin box, chucking and the like are common due to potholes and other road hazards and can eventually damage your coach and tow vehicle.

Get an Air Ride™ Pin Box by Trailair® for Your 5th Wheel

As one of the leading manufacturers of RV products, parts, and upgrades in the industry, we understand that RV owners are looking for different types of accessories in the summertime than other seasons throughout the year.

Pictured: CURT M19 Air Ride™ Pin Box - 21,000 lbs