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  1. The Ultimate Guide to RV Terms & Definitions

    RV Terms and Definitions

    The Ultimate Guide to RV Terms & Definitions 

    Online RV forums and manuals can be hard to decipher when you’re new to RV life. The Lippert RV Terms and Definitions Guide will help you expand your RV vocabulary and knowledge so you can navigate the world of RVing with ease.

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  2. Easy RV Mattress Replacement with Accurate RV Mattress Sizes

    RV Mattress Replacement

    Easy RV Mattress Replacement with Accurate RV Mattress Sizes 

    Replacing your RV mattress should be a big deal, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road. Follow our complete buying guide to find the right RV mattress sizes for your rig and your needs.  

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  3. Costly RV Maintenance Mistakes

    Costly RV Mistakes to Avoid

    Costly RV Maintenance Mistakes

    Nate Axness of ProjectTrek has been a full-time RVer since 2016. From properly preparing a rig for storage to keeping up with preventative maintenance, Nate knows a lot about costly RV maintenance mistakes to avoid.

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  4. Types of Boat Hulls

    Type of Boat Hulls

    Types of Boat Hulls

    The boat’s hull is the section that sits in the water. The type and design of the hull determines the type of ride in the water, which can be either choppy or smooth. Learn about the types of boat hulls in our blog.

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  5. Must Have Jeep Accesssories

    Jeep Wrangler with Accessories

    Must Have Jeep Accessories

    Owning a Jeep means there are some must-have Jeep accessories that are absolutely essential – because leaving it basic is just plain boring. Get to know the “Garage Couple” and find out which ones are some of their favorites!

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  6. Guide to RV Internet Options

    Studying with video online lesson

    Guide to RV Internet Options

    With an uptick in people working from home and children learning virtually, a reliable internet connection is more important than ever. For you digital nomads, a strong signal is a must have and shouldn’t require an alternate route to chase a connection.

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  7. RV Campsite Setup Ideas: Make Over Your Patio & Beyond

    RV Campsite Setup Ideas - How to Customize your Outdoor Space

    RV Patio & Campsite Setup Ideas

    Looking for some simple campsite setup ideas that will transform your space into an Instagram-worthy oasis? We’ve put together a simple list of RV patio ideas that will help you create a hassle-free, customized look, so you can confidently post to your social media feeds.

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  8. Boat Sayings That Will Shiver Your Timbers

    20 Boat Sayings that will Shiver your Timbers

    20 Boat Sayings That Will Shiver Your Timbers

    Did you know that many of the words and sayings we use today originated from the nautical world? Yes, it’s true. Learn how these boat sayings began and their meanings.

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  9. Flat Towing a Jeep Wrangler

    Flat Towing a Jeep Wrangler

    Guide to Flat Towing a Jeep Wrangler

    Traveling the open road with your RV is quite the experience, and it’s even sweeter when you bring your Jeep Wrangler! Learn all about the steps and equipment needed to successfully flat tow a Jeep Wrangler. 

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  10. RV Buying Guide

    RV Buying Guide

    RV Buying Guide: Which Type of RV is Right for Me? 

    In the market for a new or used RV? Even if you have previously owned an RV the choices out there can be overwhelming. In this blog post we will break down the different considerations you should think about and research in an easy-to-use guide that will help you decide your next home on wheels.  

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